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stay in baby!

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Well we have ALL our supplies, the tub, everything is now in the house, BUT my midwife left this morning for the weekend to take her son to a theater audition for college... and well, I interviewed the backup she has scheduled this weekend before I met my midwife, and I wasn't thrilled.

So belly and I had a little chat about staying in until at least late Sunday night, dd and I had the same chat when my last mw went on a cruise the week before I was due.. and well dd stayed in an extra 2.5 weeks past my edd

IF we were to roadtrip this weekend back "home" (we still have a home we haven't sold since moving here in Dec.) then we'd actually be close enough for my mw to come catch this baby... but we're staying here, 7 hrs from where she'll be...

*stay in baby, stay in*

I'll gladly give out my birth vibes to anyone who wants them, in exchange for keep-in vibes back!
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I'll take birth vibes (even though I have a feeling they would be unlikely to do anything at this point!) and I'll happily give you some "Stay closed!!" vibes til your MW is back in town!! I hope it all goes well!!!
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Here are some more stay in vibes for you

I am hoping for a Feb. baby too~
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