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Help! I need birthday party ideas.

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Dd is turning 6 in two weeks. The invitations have been sent so I can't back out now. So what can I do with a bunch of 5-6 year olds. If everyone comes, there will be 20 kids here. (God help me.) So far, we thought we'd play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and musical chairs. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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Do you happen to live near a natural hot springs? We just attended the best 4-year-old birthday. Our DD was invited to celebrate her friend's birthday at an Inn with a natural hot springs (30 min. drive from our town). Everyone had a great time. The pool was just deep enough for the children to walk around in. They had a blast! The parents were all able to relax and enjoy themselves.

The parents of the birthday girl paid for the children, and managed to work a deal with the owners of the Inn so that parents were $4 each. Each child came with one or both of his/her parents so safety really wasn't an issue.

After swimming, we went inside to the dinning room for cake and gifts. Everyone was so relaxed. The chocolate cake didn't even have its usual effect on the kids.

Just an idea if it is even possible for you. Have fun!
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Some kind of craft is usually good. You could buy a bunch of pony beads and have them make their own bracelets. Or craft bags and stickers to deciorate their own party bags.
My DD also loves pinatas.

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Of course! A pinata. Why didn't I think of that? I had thought of blowing eggs and letting the kids paint them, sort of a fun, Spring is coming activity, but I don't like the thought of 20 kids running around my house with paint. The beads might work out better. Or, I could let them decorate cookies and take them home with them.

We don't live near a hot spring, at least not that I know of, Friend of Mine, although it sounds like it was a really cool party.
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One thing that we think is great is to ask each guest to bring a new or gently used book to the party. As a craft activity, each child makes a bookmark to go in their book and the books are then donated to a shelter or some other organization that can get the books to needy kids. The bookmarks really personalize the gift and give the kids something fun to do during the party. The party guests and the birthday child both get to feel the goodness of giving.
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My dd and I made a pinata for her 6 yr old birthday party (last fall). We had so much fun making it together and it was a hit at the party. It's a little time consuming though. We often have treasure hunts. The kids decorate a bag with stickers, markers, etc. and the treasure hunt goodies go in the bag. Other ideas: 1. a treasure hunt where each child has a particular color of string or ribbon, it is wound all through the house and they have to try to follow theirs until they reach the end. This can be done to varying degrees of difficulty. 2. Going to a ceramics place where the pieces and glazes are provided for the kids to decorate. The one in our town does a lot of parties, you can take your cake and stuff and do that and presents there as well.

Good luck finding something.

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Thanks for all the good ideas. It's only 5 days until P-day and I've settled on Pin the tail, a pinata, and a treasure hunt.
I like the used book idea, but I don't know most of the parents very well, so I don't feel comfortable doing that. Maybe next year.
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Have fun!!!!

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