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Hot tub after baby?

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I'm just trying to plan a little get-away for me and the baby and dh in-between the insane number of visits we're going to have after baby arrives. There's a really neat hot springs 'resort' near here and so I was thinking that might be nice.
Is there any reason I still shouldn't be getting in a hot tub after the baby's born? Would it interfere with healing of any tears or other 'injuries' I might get during labor / delivery? Just looking for any thoughts / experience ya'll might have on the subject...
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Just quoting "medical advice" here...

After my first birth I got the go-ahead to take baths as soon as my inscision healed and was told it was okay because I had not dialated past 3cm. This time I had a VBAC and was told no baths/swimming/etc. until 4-6weeks pptm because of the slight chance of water making its way all the way into my uterus where the placenta had been attatched and was now a healing wound, blah, blah, blah. Hot tubs can be worse because heat+water+lovely communal bacteria=infection.

Again, just quoting what the docs/nurses told me at discharge. I do know tons of women who have taken baths, gone swimming, etc. after just a couple of weeks pptm.
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I took a nice bath about 20 minutes after dd was born (in the water fwiw) And continued to take baths 2-3+ times a day on the midwife's suggestion.

As to a public hot tub... I wouldn't until post partum bleeding stopped, personally. But public hot tubs are pretty icky. I would say it depends on the resort, but I wouldn't consider it until about a month or so after probably.

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