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does your bub "feel" low?

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I have the feeling like my bub is getting low - I'm 38 weeks and 4 days. My MW from an external (haven't had an internal) said that the dead was down and there was now no gap between the head and my pelvic bone. That was almost a week ago. Since this morning I've a heavier feeling in my vagina - like everything is just going to fall out! (TMI sorry). I've also had a little but not a lot of mucusy kind of stuff - but I don't think its enough to get excited about. I wish I knew how to do my own internal so I could tell whats going on. All I can feel is "mush"!
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Yep, baby is really low here too. Head is in the pelvice and heartburn is pretty much gone.
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I don't think my babe's head is fully engaged but it's working its way down there. I've got a lot more pelvic discomfort but I still think I have a way to go.
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ugh, i can't even walk today.

if this baby gets any lower, it will be born!!

good thing the tub is arriving today.
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i think if he gets any lower he's gonna fall out and i'm only 36 weeks. i can feel his head just up inside and everything down there is swollen and sore from how low he's laying. however, with ds1, he was up in my ribcage and actually bruised my ribs so i'll take this low feeling over that any day!
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Mine doesn't feel low at all, but his head is currently (well, last night it was) at -2, so I know he's working his way down there. It's weird, because he's certainly felt much, much lower in the past. My pelvis is feeling relatively good, compared to how it COULD feel!
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