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janerose- thanks so much for that link, it was incredibly helpful. I'm gonna forward it to some more ladies who are about to give birth so they can get a head start at a positive BF experience.
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One question - how do you know when the baby is "done" with one breast? Mine will come off the breast and look done (ie fall asleep) but 2-20 minutes later she wants more...
i wonder the same thing...the lactation consultant said it is best to try and let the baby drain the breast because the last part is the fattier milk that is good for the baby's brain (or something like that). i wonder how i know when one is almost drained? sometimes at the end of a feeding on a brest it starts hurting a little like a tight feeling and i wonder if that has anything to do with it being almost drained or if that is just her starting to fall asleep and the latch getting crooked or lazy??

maybe someone knows...
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