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Not bored anymore!

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My dear little was born at home Tuesday morning after ONLY 4 hours of labor -- MAN THAT WAS INTENSE!!!

He as 9lbs 5 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. He is my 2nd HBA2C. Yeah, I have CPD!!!

I take my bedrest orders from my mw very seriously, hence not posting until today. Also, my dh didn't set the remote access up on the laptop for me until I begged him again this morning!!!

I've been too tired anyway.

Baby likes to scream all night -- and NOTHING seems to help him to calm down and stop. TIME, TIME he will adjust and it will be fine.
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Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Funny how these little ones take care of a boredom problem!

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congrats and easy transtion!

Four hours sounds awesome!!
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CONGRATULATIONS!! My first labor was short and intense. It is very hard, isn't it? You did great!

Consider trying a few drops of rescue remedy on Baby's head (the crown). It is a flower essence that can really help to calm. I used it all through labor when things got really rough. I can also suggest WALNUT flower essence for Baby and everyone else in your family. It helps with transitions and dealing with change. You can give both to Baby at the same time.

Flower essences are simply flower petals distilled in alcohol -- they don't have any pharmacological effect -- they are strictly energetic medicines. Others in your family can take them orally, but for babies, I just put a few drops on the crown of the head.

I hope this helps, and I hope that you are all adjusting soon!
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Congrats mama! Welcome baby! My DD cried like that, it's hard Hang in there!
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i feel your pain on the night screaming....mine is screaming as we speak, but atleast my fiance is home tonight to help out (last night he was at the base and everytime the baby woke up and screamed i just cried too).

congrats on your hba2c!!
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crying hasn't happened for 2 days, my milk came in and he seems much more co(ntent at night now

he is waking up 2X from the time i go to bed which is around 12am. i'm going to try to get back to my routine which is bed around 10pm. he sleeps well in the early evening and i need to take advantage of it. its been difficult to get the other kids to bed by 8pm w my parents trying to help & my dh not helping, for which i'm very irritated w him.

lets just say i've asked daily for the bassinet to be brought down from the attic & its still there --i'm not asking anymore. dh would not go to put my pads in the wash, so against mw orders i did.: And what is he doing instead of helping my parents w the kids or installing the carseat so I can go to the docs? Stupid stupid computer video games.: : :
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