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Oh. My. God. The Drama!!

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okay, so my dh is a total drama queen. he is also SO resistant to leaving the heater on on the birth tub for a week, or even fully filling the tub up with water. why, i have no idea, it's just one one of those people that if the recipe says one heaping tablespoon, he uses one scant tablespoon. enough is always too much for him. :

so we are trying to decide what to do about filling up the tub. my idea? fill it up halfway (75 gallons) and leaving it with the heater on and then we can fill it up the rest of the way when i go into labor.

i have had to negotiate every little detail of filling up this tub. every. little. detail. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! !!!!!!!!!

with my son, i went into labor, he got out the kiddie pool filled it up i got in and labor and my son was born.

this time he is driving. me. insane..................
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We aren't going to fill up our pool until I start labor. I did blow the pool up this afternoon, so that will save some time.

You must have a really big pool if it takes 150 gallons. I like your suggestion of halfway then the other half when you are ready.

Maybe DH just isn't ready for baby to be here?? I think my DH is in a semi-denial about my due date (the 5th). He has been really weird the last 2 weeks.
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i rented an aquadoula. it holds 150 gallons.

with our well and our old hotwater tank, it would take longer than my last labor to fill up.

my dh is wierd all the time.....
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I am trying to decide when to fill ours up as well - it is a Spa in a box so holds a bunch as well, and I generally have fairly fast labors.

My biggest concern is that if I fill it up now I would need to keep adding chemicals to keep it clean until I give birth, and I don't really want to have it too overloaded with chemicals by then....

But at the same time getting in it for a good soak sounds really lovely right about now....

Hope you and DH can come to some sort of solution!
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