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I think my baby dropped!

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But I'm only 32 weeks! I don't think happened so early with my first, but it was 11 years ago. All of a sudden last night during my son's birthday party, in fact, I was spending every other minute in the bathroom and I just had to tell my friends, "sorry but I have to get on my hands and knees" - there was no other way. Since then, there is so much constant pressure on my cervix, I am waddling big time and just really uncomfortable, and I'm thinking.....how can I go on like this for another 8 weeks?????? Today at a basketball game where I had to sit on my bum on hard bleachers all day (but I took a couple of walks!) 2 people said to me, "you've dropped!" Part of me would LOVE to have this baby early, but I have a repeat c-section scheduled 3 hours away and so it wouldn't be an easy thing to have a baby sooo early and possibly even far from the hospital.

Anyone else experiencing this? Does this seem too early? Any thoughts? I find I am just turning inward to my baby.
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I thought I dropped before (much earlier) but it was just the position of the baby. Now I KNOW I've dropped since my non-stop heartburn is gone and I am getting that sharp pain in the pelvic area . . .plus, I am 2 cm/50% effaced. I am 35 weeks now. You may not go another 8 weeks . . .hopefully it wll be 5-6 more and you'll be done!
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At my appointment on Friday, my midwife said my baby dropped as well. I'll be 32 weeks on Tuesday. She wasn't concerned, particulary given that my cervix hasn't changed at all. But, I had pre-term labor with DS#1 (32 weeks ptl, 35 weeks delivery), so it all makes my nervous . . . ! The pain and pressure is hard, though. I definately waddle, and my crotch hurts!! Oh welll, as long as this little one stays put for 5-6 more weeks, I'll be happy!
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Wow, hrcmom, we are due at the same time! I have another appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks...I guess we'll see what's going on then.

I am not planning on calling my doctor unless something drastically changes, like leaking fluid or stronger regular contractions, and I will still walk for exercise as long as I am comfortable.

Who knows???? It's all a miracle, no matter how much planning we do! The thought of meeting my son a couple of weeks early is exciting, but really I won't expect it, but will try to be prepared at home just in case!

Here's to happy late pregnancies for all of us!
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didn't see this post - same situation

midwife said baby was engaged at 32 weeks but I actually think it must have happenned about week or 2 before that when heartburn got better. my midwife doesn't do looksies so I don't know about my cervix. I posted the other day for thought also!
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