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help - cracked heel

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nak - sorry =

my heel on my foot is split...it is about 3/4 of an inch and fai8rly deep. very painful. It is because my feetare so rough and dry.

I drink lits of water - put lotion on my feet daily (eucerin) and always wear socks. I have tried this prescription cream (salyx) in the past but it only works as long as i am using it - i want o get to the root of the problem, not just treat it topically.

any ideas?

thank youso much!
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I would add flax oil into your diet.

That way your treating it from the inside out.
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Originally Posted by momto l&a View Post
I would add flax oil into your diet.

That way your treating it from the inside out.
i do eat ground flax seed...is that supposed to help? Also, with the oil consumption - how long before seeing results usually?
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I sure there must be someone who can answer you better but it seem for me it takes a month or two of taking the oil to notice a big improvment.

Am not sure how much seed you would need to eat everyday but I know from a few people who live in a dessert that a couple of tablespoons of oil a day is necessary to get nice skin.
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I just took my dd to dr for this both heals had huge cuts in them. He trimmed away all the dead hard skin on the cuts said they wouldnt heal unless we did so gave her a script which I dont like but it helped so we stopped using it and I am back to a better lotion. I also rub safflower oil on her after a bath which helps her.
Hope they heal soon I know they are painful
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What did he give you a prescription for?

to others;;; Thanks for your suggestions - I actually have used lansinoh in the past - but it doesn't really work. It seem slike nothing really penetrates the skin. I can't imagine getting the dead skin trimmed off though, it is ver painful right near the split I am going to try drinking the flax oil and in the meantime just keep putting eucerin on it i guess.
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maybe i will rub some safflower oil right on it as well. I think i need something to soften the calluses. I don't understand why this happened to be honest. As i said i am well hydrated and my feet are "always" covered.
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Actually, trimming the dead skin away will help, not hurt. I have been dealing with this issue for years. A really good pedicure utilizing a callus razor is the best place to start. Soak your feet in very warm water for about 15 minutes -- I do this in the tub. Then, using a callus razor (sometimes called a corn/callus plane) with a fresh blade, I shave off the dead skin, especially around the open cracks. You'll know where not to shave -- it will hurt, as you said. But removing the dead skin actually allows the cracks to heal without progressing further into live skin.

The VERY BEST thing I have found so far for the cracked heels and dry skin is unrefined, extra-virgin cocont oil taken orally as a supplement and applied topically at least once per day (like after showering or before bed). Seriously, after years of having issues with this, I haven't had a crack at all this winter, when winter is usually the worst.

I've heard of other people having good success with both flax seed oil and evening primrose oil supplements. However, I would steer clear of flax seed oil, personally. It goes rancid very, very quickly after opening, even when refrigerated.

I am always very well hydrated, as well. Personally, I think a lot of it has to do with deeper nutritional issues and gut health, at least for me.

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Do you just drink the coconut oil or do you take it in pill form? also, how do you know if you have deeper nuttrtrional issues? What issues, for example? I am sure I have some, but not sure how to go about finding out what they are. But my body is definitely not working right.
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I use Kerasal lotion, works really good. I use the lotion during the day and then use the ointment at night before bed, only 1 use of the ointment and my heels are 100 times better. I got it at Rite Aid.

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Yes trimming hte dead shin off allows it to heal not crack deeper.
He gave her a Urea cream which I dont care for the ingredients but it is helping till it heals. She said it didint hurt to trim it off at all and she is 10 lol. The dr said if you dont trim it off it wont heal.

We have also used kersol and it helps to

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What heals cracks up pretty good is rubbing grapeseed oil on them at night and put a sock on. Also, drink more water and add flax to diet.
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My mother has them and as long as she wears shoes she does not have a problem but as soon as she wears slippers or just socks the heels crack and break open.

She's tried everything and everything seems to work as long as she also wears shoes with a solid heel for protection. If she does not, no matter what she uses, her heels are right back to where they were - split open and sore.

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I also heard that cracks that don't heal could be fungal, which makes sense as I've been battling this on both of my big toes for about the same time as other fungal/yeast issues, so for me it's definitely connected. I second the coconut oil, it seems to be working but I think oregano oil applied directly is even better. My cracks are healing nicely. The thinckened skin just dried and rubbed off with a little scratching, I didn't need to use scissors. I'm afraid I would infect it so I just waited. But it's been taking weeks for me, possibly because I have not killed off the internal fungi. But it's the first time that my toes are healing. I also have a vertical crack (keeps coming back)in my toenail which I think is connected.
Skin hydration, by the way, comes from saturated fats and not water.
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Possible short-term fix

I'm sure someone will tell me if this is a bad idea, but I've Superglued deep cracks before. I make sure the area is ridiculously clean, then glue that sucker shut.

I do karate on mats, and bandages come right off. Glue is the only thing that's worked for me.
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