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RSV or Pertussis

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My friends in the hospital with her baby she has been there since friday,she said for RSV: ...Well I know I dont know everthing when it comes to pertussis but I know most of you on here do..IMHO it sounds to me like thats what her baby has her baby has his 2 month shots :..She told me like 2 weeks ago her 3 month old baby had croup and was giving steriods for that and antibiotics for his ear infection and his couch was basically gone....Well now shes at the hospital for RSV I could hear her baby over the phone and he was couching up a storm hes on oxygen,they have had to suction mucus out and that the xray showed alota mucus in his lungs...I think the drs might be lieing to her about what her boy has,she also said they were quarintend and the drs would come in in plastic suits when they went in her ds room????Now I dont know if this is true but they told her that the rsv virus stuck to her clothes and that she brought it home to her baby..now I thought rsv was a cold gone bad in babys,beacuse she told me to stay home rsv going around and I could get it attacked on me just by going out: Thought someone on here might know or correct me about all this..THANK YOU =)
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moving to health and healing
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Well, I am certainly no expert, but when my son got RSV a week after his second DTaP & HiB shot........they didn't come in wearing protective clothing.

I hope her son is feeling better & goes home soon
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I have never heard of the virus "sticking" to the clothes and contracting RSV that way. My dd had RSV at 3 weeks and nobody ever came in protected clothing... I think doctors are afraid to admit pertussis in a child who just had vaccinations.
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You know the protective clothing thing seems really weird to me also,she also stated that her son turned blue and that hes been on a nebulizer..I just want her to know beacuse I really think the drs are pulling her leg,and your right you get vaxed and the drs think nope it could never be whooping cough...
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I didn't know Pertussis and RSV were the same, I think they're different?

We had Pertussis/Whooping cough here just over a year ago. Even my one son that was vaxed got it, my husband, and I. Our pediatrician told us most the children he has hospitalized for whooping cough were vaxed. : My sons that weren't vaxed recovered much faster even. Strange.
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I didn't know Pertussis and RSV were the same
Yeah there diffrent...I think the drs are telling my friend her ds has rsv when its really something else but I could be wrong just the whole protective plastic suits the drs are wearing while checking her ds have me a little concerned...
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That's really scary. I am so sorry, I'll keep them in my thought and prayers.
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My DD just got over RSV a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty scary to watch, when she breathed her stomach would suck in. But we got a nublizer and used that and seemed she got better pretty quick.

As for the gowning up, it is a precaution because RSV is highly contagious and easily spreadable (I forget what my Ped. said but she said the virus can survive for a long period of time on surfaces). My mother was an RN and she said that she thinks that they gowned up for RSV when going into the room. It is more to protect the other patients then anything else. Because of the easy transmission and having other patients that the nurses see and deal with they don't want to pass along the virus. Especially to patients that are already sick with things. So to me only makes sense to gown up to protect the other patients.

My DD coughed and wheezed. The Ped said it affects the lungs the lower lobes. Therefore; the extra effort to breath (actually they breath that way to push out air) and the coughing to raise the mucus.

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