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Is labor on the way?

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Last weekend and last night big false alarm
the last few days 2-3 I've been getting clear mucus, the type I'd look for when charting my fertility, but no staining.
Did this happen to anyone else?
Does it mean anything?
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It could mean something, but I think it has to be streaked with blood to prove that the cervix is actually changing.
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I had this more and more leading up to labor. But, it probably started two weeks prior. Not what you want to hear, I'm sure! In any case, some people lose their mucous plugs before labor. I lost mine both times right before I pushed. And I only got that streaky mucous after labor was very well established.
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I had clear mucous for about 2 days, then it became slightly bloody, then I had my baby the next morning.
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I hope so for me!
yesterday and today intermitent CX, feels real not like BH but goes away
I am getting so antsy to have my baby
I hope it's a sign!
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