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Intelligender Test

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I tried searching to see if there were any posts about this, but didn't see anything--so if there is a thread somewhere, I'm sorry!


I just saw this test mentioned in an article today and checked out the website. Has anyone tried it? It's an at-home urine test that supposedly tells you the gender of the baby. The site says it's "over 90% accurate" and can be used anytime from week 10 on. I think it's an interesting concept (and could conceivably prevent unnecessary ultrasounds), but I have no idea if it actually works! I'd be interested to hear what you think. Waste of money, interesting experiment, useful tool? I'll be at 12 weeks when we close on our new house, so part of me wants to give it a try in case that influences our painting plans, but hubby's reaction was, "That's stupid, we're not paying $35 for that!" I guess I could ask for it for my birthday. So what are your thoughts? If you've tried it, did it work (or do you think it worked, if you don't know for sure yet)? If you haven't, would you consider it?
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My instinct tells me it's a scam, because those tests often are and I couldn't find any studies online that backed it up. If I see any evidence to the contrary, though, I'll buy one! It's a cool idea.
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I couldn't find anything on the site that explained exactly WHAT it's testing for, which seemed a bit odd. I may mention it to my midwife in February and see what she thinks. And hey, maybe I'll give it a try and let everyone know!
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Check this out.. there is a lot of info on this thread. It looks like Intelligender has a decent success rate.. seems if they say girl it is but if it says boy it might be a girl..

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just an fyi -- there are currently a *lot* of lawsuits pending against them for refusing to refund $$ if/when they're wrong, false advertising, etc.
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Ishy, I've heard you can hold a thread and needle in front of your belly and if it swings North, it's a girl, South, it's a boy.

p.s. Ishy is my niece and I am teasing her.
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Hey, I heard Draino works the same way as this test. That's cheaper.
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This is a Natural Family Living site and you shouldn't be anywhere near Draino.

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Well, maybe not close enough to pee on it.
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TMOB and intelligender were wrong again!!!!!

Cut and paste from this website:


hi girls,

I'm french and made pink or blue at dna world wide in the UK and intelligender. Both of them said boy : i was depressed all the summer. And now I'm 17 weeks pregnant and two different ultrasound told girl!!!!! I'm so happy!!!^

dont buy those things it's just waste of money!!
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There have been posts on here before about these tests. The last post, IIRC, the poster had 2 tests from the same place (intelligender, I believe) and got 2 different results. Plus, from a scientific standpoint, if it were possible to pee in a cup and determine the gender of your baby that accurately most doctors and midwives would probably use it. I mean, heck, every time I see my doctor I pee in a cup, so why not just pee in 2? It's a waste of money, IMO.
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Holy old post, folks! This thread was from last January. We ended up deciding it was a waste of money and waited for the 18-week ultrasound to find out it was a girl, who was born in September. Needless to say, I also did not try peeing in Draino.
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I had a thread in November but I couldn't find it about Intellingender. I bought 3 test from the company. I took the 1st test at 10 weeks and it said boy...I was so happy and was pretty sure the rest of the test where boys too. at 12 weeks I took the 2nd and I was disapointed to see it was a girl result. I wrote to the company and they asked to take the 3rd test. I did and it was a girl result as well so their response was the most likely the 1st test was default because it was taken too early. Any error will come out to be a boy result. At 13 weeks I went for a NT screen and the tech was very sure it was a boy and took several pic of the nub the was pointing straight up. This week I will be doing the 16 weeks ultrasound to comfirm that indeed is a boy. I was really disapointed with Intellingender. I told them so and they never responded back to me. I told them if 10 weeks is too early maybe they should change the intruction. I won't recomend them at all. I can't wait to see if I'm really having a boy and I will write back to them to proof they where wrong. I won't ask for my money back but they should refund me.
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There is nothing in your pee that will determine gender.
Nor in your blood.
All those tests are scams.

Say you advertised sugar water as a way to guarantee you have a boy. 50% or so would be right. Then, you would manage to have a few people who would just take it for fun and not ask for a refund. If you have enough volume, you'll pull a profit.

Then say people are complaining that they are having girls. You can say "Well when did you take it?" and regardless of what they say, you can say "Oh thats too early/late." No refund. More money.

Its basically the same thing. There are so many lawsuits over these "gender tests" (none of which are more accurate than any other guess) right now, it's so silly
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Originally Posted by sophiekat View Post
just an fyi -- there are currently a *lot* of lawsuits pending against them for refusing to refund $$ if/when they're wrong, false advertising, etc.
I know this post is old, but that is NOT true!! There is NO money back garauntee and there are no lawsuits out against them! And this test is not a SCAM. It is not 100% accurate, nothing ever is. Even ultrasounds are only 98% accurate at their highest accuracy. This test is more than 50% accurate anyways. I hate getting on these message boards and seeing people bashing anything and everything they can off of opinion, not facts!
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My take on things like this is that if you are willing to spend the money, feel a little curious, and KNOW that things may not work out the way the test says they will, then why not? It's clearly not a medical test, it simply is what it is. I've tied my wedding ring to a string and hung it over my belly a few times! Just take it with a grain of salt... it says on the website that it's meant to be a fun thing for Mom's to be, not a guarantee
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It's based on the idea that having a high PH will help you conceive a boy and a low Ph will help you conceive a girl. While that idea is research based, it's only based on the time around conception. The Ph conditions in the vagina during pregnancy can change a lot, so it's not really a valid way to test if you're having a boy or a girl.

If you want to take the test but not buy the kit, just buy some Ph testing strips. If you have a high Ph, intelligender would tell you you're having a boy. If you have a low Ph, intelligender would tell you you're having a girl. Hope that helps!
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One of the birth boards that I am on did a trial. (14 people all due in March). I was one of the people with a correct result, thank goodness.

Out of the 14 tests 3 were incorrect. One of the 3 incorrect ones was pretty inconclusive, though. It exploded.
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I did the test, it said boy. I was already having boy vibes so I expected that. I bought it from a brick and mortar store and they did promise me my money back if its wrong. I saved my receipt and took a pic of the results (holding my receipt next to the results in the pic) so I have PROOF! If this kid comes out a girl, I *will* be getting my money back! lol.

Oh that's cool about the ph strips! I should try that just to see if I get the same result. I have a few of those sitting around
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It was right for me.
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