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praying for mamacita and little Bella.
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All of us in her DDC are keeping her in our thoughts/prayers.
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im here. home... baby still intacted...

what happened is.. on Sat Dh was able to come home for about three hours to shower and get cleaned up(He has been in the field for about 12 days.. sooo not thinking that was bad we DtD and right when he started to leave.. i started having CTX..soo i tried getting comfy..DH had to leave..Hummer was waiiting to take him back out...i drank about 48oz water hopfing it would pass, but no such luck....after about 60 min of it.. said enough is enough.. time to go to the hospital.. so i had another solider's wife come over and get my kids and i went to L&D..(im only 32wks and soo to chance a UC /labor IMO isn;t that great) When i got up there.. i was 3cm and 70% effaced...the gave me Terb and started an IV and sent me out to another hospital....The army one doens;t have a NICU and stuff... soo i go to Las Palmas hospital....as soon as i got there i knew i was not in for a pleasent ride..DH was on his way from the field to the hosptial.. immediatly i had a bad feeling...The gave me more terb and wanted to start an Epideral..She said"We have to give you one, you will prolly be having her soon, so we need to place one" 1 hour later she still can;t get in it and she has hit bone several times with the needle... and when she did get it in..it only worked on one side....I slipped and said F$Uk and the nurse fraked out on me...she was soo rude.. never told me with the needle was coming or anything....just kept yelling at me to hold still....im in soooo much pain.. mu back is soo swollen.. then the Doc never saw me that night...in the moring when the Doctor did come in the, he asked the nurse wy i had an Eppy.. she said to him, for PAIN MANAGEMNT...#*&#&^ Excuse me.. i was planning in have a UC.. do you really think i wanted DRUGSS......it was horriable....my back is in soo much pain....i finally stoped laboring and went home.. The hospiatal told me.. i was no longer my Doc patient and i was to go to there hosptail.. hummm HELLL NO... my i went to see my Docotor today and she was SOOO PISSSED.... she freaked out on the staff the gloded me out to the other hospital..sooo she checked my and said YEs i am 2 Cm dialted, but not all the way, i was maybe, barley a 1 at the top.. i had a sono and grow
the scan and she is about 5 lbs 7oz.. soo she is doing good... i got the steroids shot to speed her lungs up.... Soo my plann is to stay prego fpr at least anothe three weeks and from theni will be 36ish Wks and all is fair game from then on... i may not be on the UC path still, but at least my Doctor will to a VABC.. which IMO is much better than a C/S...Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.. i was sooo scared and crying.. but im glad i had ppl thinking about me and our baby..
Thanks you again..
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i'm so glad and thankkful that you are ok and that the baby is still inside and growing. i'll definately keep you in my thoughts over the next three weeks, to help along the process of your staying sealed up until the right time!
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I'm glad to hear the baby's still in there cooking. I'm so sorry for what you went through -- I don't fully understand what happened, but it sounds like it was pretty awful for you.
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Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
i was thinking about her yesterday--it was kind of strange. i was reading my book (UC by Shanley) and all of the sudden she just shot into my mind! the only sense that i got was that she was very nervous/shaking/scared. now i see why!

certainly, my thoughts are (and have been) with her!
yes i was... i must have been sending out really strong vibe.. your awsome to be able to tap into that....i was very nervous, but had reason to be.. the hospital i went to i had a bad feeeling as soon as i stepped unto the L&D floor that i was in bad shape...... but thank you all for your support and thoughts and prayers
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I'm so so glad baby Bella is still safe in your womb!! It's not uncommon to be dialated some this early either and doesn't mean you won't make it to term!! Sending you many stay put baby vibes and a big hug to you. Take care.
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I'm so thankful & grateful too!!! Take it easy over the next 4 weeks. Can you have someone help with your kids?

Much love to you,
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so glad you and baby are ok. try to take it easy
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I am so glad you are still pregnant! That is wonderful news. Hopefully she will cooperate and cook a little longer.
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thinking of you!
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I'm so glad everything is going better and the babe is still inside!
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Yay! I'm glad you are both fine.
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I'm so glad you two are ok Stay in there, little Bella!
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Oh thank goodness you are okay (all things considered with your crappy hospital experience) and little Bella is still snugly cooking inside! I was thinking about you all day today. Hang in there Mama, you'll make it to full term, don't worry!
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i told Dh, when i feel ready to have her.. i know how to get it going.. ..seriously tho.. i filed a complaint against the nursing staff that night....my Doc say she really doesn't think it was the sex that threw me into labor and said it would be fine to continue as long as its not EXTREME..LOL....my back is still killing me tho.. time for the ice.. how can ppl who are trusted to help us , hurt us soo badly..makes my case for a UC even stronger...
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Wow... Glad you bought some more time! Take care of yourself and your little one!
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I don't know HOW I missed this!! I am so sorry you were treated badly. I'm glad the little one is staying put for now
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Thank G-d you're both OK and the little one is still inside!
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It's good to hear that all is well with you both. You and Bella were one of my first thoughts when I woke up this morning. I had been wondering why they started the epidural if they were giving you terb, and I guess I'm still wondering what the rationale was for that. Did they say?
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