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Ezzo - AntiEzzo?!

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I read something about Anti-Ezzo in someone's signature and had to check it out.

I had never heard of "Ezzo". I couldn't believe the stuff and the way they turned scripture around. I couldn't believe that churches are embracing someone elses opinions and encouraging it among their congregations. It sure gives Christians a bad rap!

I have loved AP parenting ever since I heard of it here on Mothering. I feel it fits very nicely into a loving Christian home.

Have any of you been at a church that has actually tried to push the Ezzo's stuff on you? It feels like they are trying to raise robotic soldiers.
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I had never heard of Ezzo until I got involved in AP message boards. I do have a friend who goes to a church who is conservative in that way. She said that one of the sermons was advocating spanking and anti-AP ideas.
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I was kicked out of a church over Ezzo.

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I also heard of Ezzo from these boards, and was horrified by the stuff I learned.

Recently I came across the "revised edition" of Babywise at a neighboring town's library (I know the librarians well at my own library and would have spoken to them about it if it was there!), and out of curiosity, picked it up to look through it. It was clear that Ezzo had reworded and changed things just enough so that nobody could say anything bad...but the book is still awful! He still encourages the use of swats on the hand to train the baby, scheduled "playpen time" from an early age, and "parent-directed feeding." Ugh.

What ticks me off is that this guy has NO qualifications whatsoever for giving advice about raising children.
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The church my mom's has attended for the last 32 years was going in an Ezzo direction, but I put a few choice words into her ear about links to Ezzo and failure to thrive, dehydration and child abuse. She passed these on to my dad who is on the board and a deacon (sp?). They decided to not teach the classes at that church But there are still members who follow the pratices. I got lots of looks when I came home for a funeral, and had DD in a sling and breastfed her during the service! But I knew the woman who had passed away and she would have rather me feed my hungry baby then let her cry!!

I found this place where you can print out bookmarks that say that Babywise has been linked to failure to thrive, dehydration and other bad stuff, I keep thinking I am going to print them out and put them in all the copies at Borders and Barnes and Noble!!
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Originally posted by DebraBaker
I was kicked out of a church over Ezzo.

God loves you then. And so do I.

You passed the test he gave. For one to stand against the throng for justice is a blessed and holy thing.

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New here-

From what I know, Ezzo and his wife were kicked out of their church in Cali and moved to my great state of South Carolina, Charleston to be precise. It makes me SICK that they are there convincing innocent new parents how to 'raise' their children, when their own children do not even talk to them! UGGGGG.......................................
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Their own children do not talk to them? Do you have a source for this?
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On topic: No. My church doens't allow anything to be taught that is not approved by the President of the church. We are not allowed to show videos in Sunday School that are not approved. Although this kinda seems restrictive, it's to be sure students are being taught doctrine, not the teacher's beliefs. Ezzo would never qualify.

Off topic: Have you ever visited Ezzo's web site? Just read his articles, it's frightening!
In this one, http://www.gfi.org/java/art_MoralDiversity.jsp you learn how everyone else is bad, and you shouldn't associate with people who don't raise their children like you do and if you don't use Ezzo's method, you'll have brats (like everyone else because you're so much better than them!).
This one, http://www.gfi.org/java/art_ParentalAffection.jsp tells you "how" you should love your child, probably at direct contradiction to what your heart says, to prevent narcissism. He then describes narcissism, which is irronically a pretty good self portrait he paints! =)
There are more too... I think he does a pretty good job of discrediting himself.

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Thankyou all for your interesting replies.

Somehow I did a search on Ezzo here on the boards and didn't find anything. I posted this thread and then tried again and found a bunch of stuff.

Alexander~ Actually it was your signature that got me curious about the whole thing.

DebraBaker~ I am so sorry about your getting kicked out of a church over Ezzo. I am sure you have probably found a church that has been more support for you!?

MelissaEvans~ I read around in the articles you posted links and had to laugh at the second. They danced all around "Loving your children" Gave examples of the wrong way but never did explain viable ways to love your children. So sad

lactationmom~ You ment the Ezzo's are giving people advice to people who have small infants that can't talk back right? You didn't mean Ezzo has grown children that will have nothing to do with them did you?

Spookygirl~ Your sneaky, I love your idea!
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