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Poll Results: Did your baby pass meconium?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 16% (49)
    The baby was overdue and had mec.
  • 10% (31)
    The baby was on time and had mec.
  • 1% (3)
    The baby was premature and had mec.
  • 20% (59)
    The baby was overdue and did not have mec.
  • 23% (68)
    The baby was on time and did not have mec.
  • 3% (10)
    The baby was premature and did not have mec.
  • 9% (29)
    I used castor oil to induce labor.
  • 13% (38)
    I had pit during or to induce labor.
  • 1% (5)
    I had an enema during or to induce labor.
292 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by wasabi View Post
Well I'm not pregnant so I'm certainly not asking for myself. In my case with DD#1 I had been very clear with my midwives that I had already had two big babies and this baby would be big too. No problem they said. Sounds like your body can handle this. No worries. I had already switched from an OB to these midwives early in the 2nd tri after I was getting bad vibes from the OB. Fast forward to 38w when I was measuring 46w and suddenly everyone is nervous and wants a u/s for size which I foolishly agreed to. This came up with a calculation for 11.5lbs by EDD. I was not concerned and refused induction or c-section etc. That was all fine and good but I was given basically until just a few days after my due date to produce a baby or be transferred to the OBs. I was not interested in that at all. So I chose to give castor oil a shot instead. I had one big poop about five hours after I took it and had contractions start. Took a nap and woke up in labor. No massive diarrhea. No dehydration at all. Having had big time pit augmention with my first two and ended up with an epi because of it I would chose castor oil and a shot a natural labor over a pit induciont seven days of the week and twice on Sunday. I also felt very confident that if DD was not ready then the CO was not going to work. To me that seemed like a much better alternative than trying to find someone who would take me on at 39w4d while carrying a theoretically 11.5lb baby.

With DD#2 my mom had come all the way up from Louisiana to help out with the baby and DD#1 and this was my one shot to have help so yeah four days after my EDD I chose to try castor oil again. Again figuring it would work or it wouldn't and no big deal either way. I was having regular contractions but they were off and on. I thought the CO might help them stay more steady. I also walked a lot and drank lots of water. I did have more effects from it than with DD#1 but still nothing devastating and I did not become dehydrated. Did have different midwive who I had made very clear to them that I was not going to have a late term u/s and this would be a big baby and I wasn't going to agree to a medical induction or c-section. They said that was fine and they were true to their word.

In both cases I almost wonder if taking the CO had more of a mental effect than anything else like "Yes ok everything is ready to go. Now it's ok to let go and have the baby." In an ideal world my provider wouldn't suddenly flip 180 degrees at my EDD and I wouldn't have to worry about who was going to watch DD while I was in labor if I didn't have the baby while my mom was there. That's not the world I live in though. So that's great if some people have no pressure whatsoever to deliver the baby. Not everyone does. We seem to go back and forth on these boards either saying "nothing will work if the baby's not ready" or "OMG if you take anything or do anything that might theoretically cause your labor to begin then you're rushing your baby out." In the grand scheme of things CO seemed like a very minor intervention and it was one I was willing to use. I felt less sure about taking cohosh tinctures which for some reason seem to be given more of a "natural" pass on these boards. I took EPO too but that seems to generally be considered ok as well. It is always a nice reality check to come to MDC though where I get to be the soggy one because I took castor oil after my EDD. It really is just all about your POV.
Hi Wasabi I'm just curious how much did the baby weigh when born?
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Originally Posted by mommacanary View Post
Hi Wasabi I'm just curious how much did the baby weigh when born?
Oh I said it in another post. She was 9lbs 13oz. Since I had already had a vaginal delivery with a 10lb 2.3oz baby I would have been mega pissed to agree to a section or induction that ended in a section and had a baby that was less than 10lbs.
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Both my babies had meconium. Both were born past their due date, one by only 4 days and one by 9, so not really overdue in my mind since I have always heard 40 weeks give or take 2 weeks. Doctors seem to have a different opinion.

In any event, both my labors started the same way, with my water breaking in bed and me running to the bathroom and there being meconium in the water. The first time I didn't see meconium so I said there was none when I called my doctor. I didn't lose that much of my water when it broke--it was more like a pop and a small amount came out, but most of it was still in there. When I got to the hospital they said there was meconium and they did an amnio infusion to help wash it out, and sometimes they would push the fluid out and there was a lot of dark meconium at that point.

My second birth was a homebirth and my water broke and leaked all over the bathroom floor as I was running for the tub because I didn't want to get it all over the place. I was sitting in the tub, yelling for my husband and when he turned on the light I saw the meconium stained water. It was kind of light, I think, like green tea with brown flecks.

Neither time did I use castor oil. I did have pit augmentation with my first birth after awhile.
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I should have picked overdue/no mec for the 1st 2 babies. I picked overdue/mec because of dd. I didn't take castor oil but I did take black/blue cohosh, homeopathic first, then later, herbal.
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I tried castor oil. It didn't do a darn thing...went "overdue"....no meconium.
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Brandon--40w0d, pit induction, fetal distress ==> meconium (not present prior to distress)

Ryland--41w0d, pit augmentation, fetal distress ==> meconium (not present prior to distress)
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DD born 3 weeks "over due". Based on her skin and the placenta this is probably accurate.

51 hour labor. She was probably slightly off center most of the labor. We could see the impression of my pelvis on the upper side side of her head.

My water broke sometime ion the last 24 hours when we were trying to push on her head to help her move into a better position. There was slight greenish water.

She was born in the birthing pool. 1 1/2 hours of pushing. The water got very cloudy brown during her birth. She was pretty clean (in pictures I can see a little bit of yellowish stuff here and there) when I lifted her up out of the water. I think the maconium was washed away in the pool.

I did 2 oz of castor oil 3 times during the week before she was born. We were trying to induce, get a stalled labor going, then inducing again. I have to agree with previous posters that say it doesn't make sense that castor oil would affect the baby. Plus the stuff was very definitely out of my system within 30/40 minutes!
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All 3 of mine had meconium and i never took CO.

#1 agumented - overdue - distressed - meconium when waters were broken - c/s
#2 VBAC with epi - on time - no distress - meconium when waters were broken
#3 natural at home - overdue - no distress - meconium when waters broke
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