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UGH! *Venting*

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Okay, I think I've been pretty easy going most of this pregnancy. But the novelty wore off a LONG time ago and I just want to complain.

1.) I get more and more jealous each time another mama posts that she had her baby. Damn it, why not me!?

2.) Why won't this kid drop? What do I have to do to make it happen? When Mom had me, I NEVER dropped and she ended up having a c/s...what if that happens to me?

3.) And once and for all, would someone tell me what it MEANS to drop?! I mean, am I going to get up some morning and suddenly my stomach will fall? Am I going to notice this?

4.) I still really don't understand what contractions are or feel like. I'm convinced I won't know I'm in labor until my water breaks.

5.) I've been losing my mucus plug for the last 5 days or so. Last night, the bit in the toilet even seemed a bit bloody (sorry for the TMI!)...shouldn't SOMETHING have started by now?

6.) And now my lower back hurts. I keep thinking that maybe this is a good sign, but rationally I know it's probably unrelated.

7.) I'm sick and tired of explaining to people why I haven't induced, yet. I'm sick of people asking me when I'm due. I'm sick of people calling to find out if I had the kid, yet. I'm talking about close family and friends--do they REALLY think I'd forget to call them?

8.) And I'm not looking forward to telling the doctor tomorrow that I'm not going to let them induce Friday. Doctors intimidate me.

Okay. Somehow, just getting them all out makes me feel a lot better. Anyone else still here to sympahtize with me?
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I couldn't read your post and not reply with a big

It is hard feeling so anxious to trust your body and your baby to do what it needs to do- I think all of us here have felt that while waiting or still waiting for our little ones, especially in the "homestretch".

With my first, I never felt her drop. With my second I just noticed I was carrying lower- suddenly her bottom wasn't under my ribcage anymore but a couple of inches further down my abdomen. Its funny because usually they say you feel your first drop and not subsequent ones until labor starts, but for me it was the opposite.

Sending you strength vibes for when you go see your doctor.
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I am not in your due club but wanted to give you a and say Hang in there mama! Blood tinged mucus can happen quite a while before labor, its not really a true indicator of anything other than getting ready. About the dropping thing. I think it is so random that it isn't necessarily an indicator of labor either. I know women that drop months before their due date (me with my second) and others that never drop until pushing (both my others). You sound like you are just about there and will be having the baby any time now. Try to stay strong. It's great you aren't going to induce. I hope you are holding your sweet baby very very soon.
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Hang in there momma... I don't think I ever dropped with Annan (well apparently she did drop b/c I delivered her ), but I hadn't dropped before I went into labor... as far as contractions go, you will definitely know. I was very skeptical when other women told me that, but I can tell you as a first timer, they feel like nothing else I've ever experienced, but I knew for sure they were contractions. I know that's not very encouraging to you on this side of things, but your body will definitely let you know to prepare to catch the baby as far as the family calling, mine and DH's family were the absolute worst. My water broke 36 hours before I had Annan... they called pretty much every 2 hours to see if we'd had the baby yet and forgot to call them... as if!! My MIL even called several times while I was pushing... in the video you can see my doula answer the phone and tersely say "we are in the middle of pushing, we will call you back as soon as we have the baby in arms." and then hung up We ended up leaving updates (or the lack thereof) as our voicemail and then turned off our ringers. It gave us a measure of peace.

Hang in there momma, before you know it you will have a beautiful babe in arms.
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I never noticed a real "drop" with either baby. Sorry things are taking so long, I know how frustrating that can be. I totally second the suggestion to turn off the ringer on your phone, that helped spare my sanity late in both pregnancies! Good luck to you, I promise you won't be pregnant forever
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Hang in there! My first was 12 days late & it was so hard to wait. Ugh, and the people wanting to know about inducing, etc!!!!!! Can you take someone with you to your appt? Drs. intimidate me too & I refused to go alone to any of my appts.
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It's so hard to be in your position, I'm sorry you're feeling so frustrated.

- jealousy - normal normal NORMAL. I'd be feeling the same way if I was still waiting. Don't worry about it.

- dropping - you may or may not notice it. "they" say you might notice you can breathe again etc but I carried low both times - never once go kicked in the ribs - and never noticed any dropping. e

- worry over not dropping etc - trust your body. You are NOT your mom, and this is YOUR birth not hers -- what happened to her is not a guarantee of what will happen to you. Trust that your body knows what to do and will do it perfectly.

- contractions - you will know. They are very different from BH. I know that doesn't help you feel prepared though :-/

- mucus plug - if its bloody its a good sign your cervix is changing even if labor isn't imminent

Hang in there mama. The waiting is hard, but it's worth it.
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Thanks for all the support Sometimes, it's just nice to have someone to vent...someone who's been there recently, and REALLY remembers !
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I'm here with you if it helps. And I lost my plug with show before Christmas : I just told everyone to quit calling for the same reason. And as for dropping, I dropped the day before with DS, and I only know with either for the exact same reason - I got up, went on like usual untli someone went "Wow you dropped!" and I loooked in the mirror and realized the belly had changed positions.
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Neither of my kids "dropped" until after I was in labor. Both times, I let the doctor break the amniotic sac once labor was fairly far along, because the kids were still really high and it seemed like it would help. I gave birth within an hour and a half after the amniotomy both times.

I'm sure they would have been born eventually even if I hadn't had the amniotic sac broken, but I'm quite sure they were born a lot more quickly because I did consent to that procedure.

Anyway, not "dropping" won't necessarily prevent you from going into labor.

Oh, and I found labor unmistakable. I'm sure you'll recognize it when it happens.
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Just checkin' to see how you were doing, Amanda Hope things are going well for you!
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Been thinking of you as well since we were due the same day.
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