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what happens if you have a cold?

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February seemed like the BEST time to be giving birth -- the cold beats the heat, you don't feel bad about staying inside, it doesn't matter as much if you feel big, etc.

BUT, now everyone around me is SICK with a cold. My parents had us over for dinner on Friday night and my dad had one (don't get me started ... I am so ANGRY that they didn't tell us in advance, we would have declined with thanks) and now my HUSBAND has a cold!!

He is so upset, he's worried about getting me sick and about not being well for the labor and baby. I'm doing everything I can to fight it. Baby is due a week from Wednesday, and even though I feel as though I'll be late, I'm scared of getting this cold and (a) feeling crappy during labor; and (b) most importantly, not being able to be around my baby when it is born.

What do mamas do in this situation? Will I give birth and then be quoranteened from my baby? What about breastfeeding?
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Try to relax. We are fighting some of the yuckies around here also. I was really trying to keep well, but it's hard with little kids that put they're mouths on everything everywhere we go, so now I'm trying to get well and feel good again before I go into labor.

My 5yo was born in Feb. and I had the flu about 3 weeks before her birth. I was worn out and miserable and in no condition to birth, but I did it anyway and we survived! I wouldn't worry about the baby. Especially if you're breastfeeding the baby gets antibodies to anything that is in your environment. Best thing to do is keep the baby close and latched on constantly until spring!

Hope it skips you completely!
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Yep, if you get sick baby has already been exposed, just nurse nurse nurse!

Do what you can now to stay healthy - vitamin c, rest, water, nutritious food, rest, rest, rest... and then once baby is born, keep baby IN BED with you and rest rest nurse nurse eat rest rest nurse nurse eat!

Be aware some hospitals really have a fit about letting dad in the OR if you have a c/s (you won't!!) if they have a fever... otherwise, dad can be there to labor with you the entire time.
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I've been a bit irked about the same thing with our friends, we caught RSV from them. I had it one year and coughed crud up for 5 weeks. Luckily we all caught it on the same day and came down with symptoms the same day. I was flat on my back for almost the entire week and didn't go anywhere. I have green lung crud coming up and have been stuffed up for so long.
I am half-way happy that we had it already and won't have to worry about catching it when baby comes but I know my in-laws or someone else may have it when they visit and they aren't as conscious about germs, especially RSV. They think a little cough or sinus infection is nothing but little do they know they have horrid viruses. :

Best of luck, there is no way I could have gone through labor unable to breathe through my nose and with a fever.
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I had a really awful cold the two weeks before Aaron came, complete with green goo and plugged sinuses and a round of antibiotics to kill the sinus infection I ended up with. It was pretty much gone by the time I went into labour, but even if it hadn't been, I imagine your body would just focus on labour and then you would hack and cough later (like if you're sick and you have to go to work, you can make it through the day, but then you collapse as soon as you get home). The only after effect I noticed is that my ribs have been sore and grumpy from all the coughing when they were already expanded to their limit . . .they've felt a bit bruised and achy as they've been moving back to their proper size.

PP's are right -- your body would be fighting the cold, so baby would get antibodies for it in your milk. Because its your first, you will be able to stay in bed and sleep and recover after.

Rest lots and drink tons of fluids. Hang in there, it'll work out ok.
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I have been worried about this also. Dh tols me yesterday that everyone at both of his jobs is sick. Then today he comes home for lunch and he is sick!! The kids and I haven't had a sickness since the spring even when dh has so I am hoping we will stay healthy this time! I can't even imagine what it would be like to labor sick!
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Thanks for the answers and support. I spoke to my doula (who happens to be a midwife) last night and I thought I would share her insights for Lanie and others who are concerned/interested.

First of all, she stated the obvious: there are plenty of women in the history of the world who have had colds and other illnesses during labor. Not ideal, but you get through it.

She also said that the risk of the baby getting it is minimal. She said we live in a very germaphobic society and exposure to a cold, while not something you aim for, could make a baby stronger. She also said what the other posters advised: the baby would have my antibodies and there wouldn't be an issue with my breast feeding. She said the most important thing would be to wash my hands constantly.

As for what we should do now to get better and get over it, she advised that my husband should basicaly OD on EmergenC packets. They have lots of vitamins and electorlytes and would ensure that he gets sufficient fluids. He is already feeling better, and (knock on wood), I still don't have it. But, I'm so exhausted, I fear my guard could be down and it could still creep on.
She said I should take the EmergenC packets as well, just not in huge doses like he should.

Thanks again guys.
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I hope you guys are both feeling better soon!! Tis the season for colds and other lovely things... and it sucks being sick while you're pregnant!
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I'm just hoping I don't have to labor through the cold that I have right now. I'm doing everything I can to make it go away. I just took my son to the doctor this morning and they did a swab for strep throat, came back positive. I'm really hoping that my daughter and I don't get it too. Thanks for reminding me of the emergen-c. I have some in the cabinet and will go take it now!
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Not in your ddc, but I had a cold when I gave birth in August. It really sucked not being able to really breathe, but the baby never got sick, and everything was fine.

Good luck
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Thanks for the info, Poep!
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I'm just getting over a cold (one sinus is still stuffy, but I basically feel fine). I'm hoping I'll pass on all these good antibodies to the baby once he/she is here and it will keep up healthy for the next couple of months.

That being said, I would have been extremely unhappy if I had gone into labor over the weekend. But, like others said, I would have survived.

: - I hope this is none of us when our babies arrive!
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