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How old is your nursling - Page 2

Poll Results: How old is your "nursling"?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 8% (41)
    0-6 months
  • 11% (55)
    7-12 months
  • 31% (159)
    13-24 months
  • 25% (125)
    2-3 years
  • 15% (78)
    3-4 years
  • 5% (25)
    4-5 years
  • 1% (7)
    5-6 years
  • 0% (4)
    6-7 years
  • 0% (2)
    7-8 years
  • 0% (1)
    8+ years
497 Total Votes  
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My first weaned herself at 45 months (3 years, 9 months), and I knew I was going to let her wean herself when I got pregnant. Admittedly, I had no idea she would nurse that long!

I was not able to nurse my second, and pumped exclusively for a year for her, before weaning myself from the pump. She will wean herself off the bottle when she is ready (she says when she's 5).

My third is 14 months, and still going strong. I will do everything I can to keep her nursing for at least 2 years, then I'll let her decide. I knew when I was pregnant with her that I would let her decide how long she would nurse.

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my oldest still nurses 1-2x's/day. he'll be 7 in april.
2nd is nursing as often as 1st. he's 5 1/2
3rd nurses pretty often throughout the day. she'll be 3 in march
and the 4th is 6mos and is definitely following the nursing path set by his sibs

i've never even considered the younger ones weaning when the oldest hasn't even done it yet
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She's 3 years and 3 months. I keep telling her that mama doesn't have any more milk in her boo-boos (she has always called them boo-boos) but she says "There's still some milk in there, and I'm gonna drink it!"
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Mine are 41 and 16 months. I never thought I'd nurse much past a year (until I got involved in LLL), let alone tandem for well over a year!
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I like how you can pick more than one answer

I have a 39 mo and a 18 mo old.

I first heard about the concept of CLW when I was pg with my first and I liked the whole idea of it then. Once I had my son I pretty much knew from day 1 I would want to let him wean when he was ready. As he gets older the whole idea seems even better. I can see how important it still is to him and in some ways I think it would be even more traumatic to wean him now than when he was younger. It's funny too how when my son was 18 mo I felt like "WOW I am nursing a full-fledged toddler!" and now since I am also nursing a 3 yo nursing an 18 mo doesn't seem like a big deal at all. I am a lot more relaxed about nip with her than I was with my son at the same age too.
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3 month old and 21 month old for me! Honestly I don't think I've chosen to child led wean so much as that I've chosen to not bother with trying to wean. I just don't understand how I would do it, even if I wanted to. I have an added boost of confidence in letting weaning happen naturally since my 21 month old DID night wean on his own (and while co-sleeping) towards the end of my pregnancy...people led me to believe that would never happen on it's own.
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My DD will be 18 months Feb 4th and we have decided CLW is the way to go. I'll admit there are some days I wished she'd wean but I'd never force her no matter how sleepless mamy of my nights are.
I only breastfeed my 2 oldest girls for 4 mths though.
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I nursed ds1 until he was about 32 months old. We probably would have gone longer, but he had a nursing strike at 11 months for over 2 weeks. He eventually went back to nursing to sleep, but he never did nurse again during the day. He was only nursing for about 5 seconds every few weeks at bedtime just before he quit.
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My son is 2 years and 3 months old and I am committed to let him nurse til he is done.
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I'm just a lurker since my DD is only 6 months old, but I am commited to doing CLW with her and hope I can nurse her as long as she wants. :
I come on this board all the time and just read the threads (sorry if that sounds creepy!) and I really admire all of you for the love and dedication you have for your children, and hope to follow in your footsteps as my DD grows...
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Emily weaned herself at 3.5 years. Liam is 2.75 years, and still nursing 2-3 times a day (plus extra for owies and illnesses!)
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DD1 weaned herself right before X-Mas, so I'm just nursing DD2 at this point, she's 3 months old.
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Only one right now who is five months old!. It almost feels weird not to be nursing an "older" child!
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DD is 5 years and 5 months

Still loves her nee nee's!

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My oldest stopped at 27 months when I ran out of milk.

I think I ran out of milk around 27 months again, but my 2nd DD still tries a few times a week. Just checks to be sure. I think she must get a few drops here and there, just enough to keep her going. (she is 30 months old now.)

So really we aren't nursing anymore, but someone forgot to tell DD that.

I am a little sad, but I think it is time. I still wish I had a milk supply for when she was sick though. :
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I have a 3.5 and almost 8 monthold nurslings.
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Sam is 4 and 2 months,a nd Violet is just over 2. I will have another nursling in August!
My older kids were 4(mama led weaning), and a month shy of her 5th bday(child led/mutual weaning).
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Dd is 14.5 months old and will be about 19.5 months old when her younger sibling is born (assuming things go as we think they will). I don't have much milk at the moment, but dd still nurses to sleep and for comfort during the day. She has a sippy cup now to make up for the liquid she's not getting from milk currently - I was getting concerned about how little she was peeing (we EC). She can sign "milk" now and asks to nurse quite a lot

love and peace.
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My current nursling just turned 16 months old, but my older two weaned in their own time at just past 4 years and just past 2 years.
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my booby boy is almost 7 months (4 days yikes!) my first weaned prematurely at 16 weeks. he wasn't even 4 months old yet
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