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How old is your nursling - Page 5

Poll Results: How old is your "nursling"?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 8% (41)
    0-6 months
  • 11% (55)
    7-12 months
  • 31% (159)
    13-24 months
  • 25% (125)
    2-3 years
  • 15% (78)
    3-4 years
  • 5% (25)
    4-5 years
  • 1% (7)
    5-6 years
  • 0% (4)
    6-7 years
  • 0% (2)
    7-8 years
  • 0% (1)
    8+ years
497 Total Votes  
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24 months- he will be 2 at the end of this week
and im almost 5.75 mo pregnant so i assume ill be tandeming soon.

i was almost 4 and weaned cause some lady called cps on my mom for it saying she did it instead of cow milk :sigh:

wow, to the mama whos nursing four of different ages!! :yay:
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Dd3 is 26mos old and not showing any signs of weaning AT ALL. She still nurses quite a bit. Even in public. If I try and persuade her to wait until we get home, I get an all out screaming tantrum in the middle of where ever we are....so, we nurse.
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18 months

I'm not toally calling myself a child led weaning advocate just yet because dd is still young, but I have a feeling we're going in that direction. She loves her nursies and I can't picture forcing her to give that up.

wow, 4 nurslings, kirstie? I'm in awe.
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My two...

My two boys are 4 1/2 and 19 months.
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25 months... and still going.
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tandem nursing my 4 year old and 20 month old
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I have two nurslings. One will be a year next week. The other will be 4 in two months. I'm still undecided about child led weaning in both cases. I'll figure out if I'm doing CLW once we're there.
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My DD is going to be 28 months on the 19th and still nursing. At night. And last night was a good night because she only woke me twice. I think. I suppose CLW is what we are doing only because DD insists on it. Boy I love her so much.:
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my dd is 6mo and i hope to CLW but she allready bites so much there will have to be limits when she gets older
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it took us a few days to feel confident that we were bf'ing at all but we've never looked back. i am pretty sure we were clw from the start, even before knowing what that was.

PP: THANKS for this reference: Watch Your Language Breast is not best! http://www.bobrow.net/kimberly/birth/BFLanguage.html
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DD has just turned two and we are still nursing every hour, although I have noticed that she is going through the night till about 5 in the morning. I wish she she would ease up a bit during the day. I am not really enjoying it at the moment and I feel like a milking cow! I was determined to breastfeed her after two failed attempts, and when nursing became established CLW was the only way to go
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My dd is 13, almost 14 months old.
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DD2 is 18mo. I never have kept track of how often she nurses, just know it's all the time! I love the toddler phase of nursing, they can really communicate. She now says things like 'yummy in my tummy'. Too cute! No signs of stopping in the near future.
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Nursing a 4 year old and a 21 month old. I WOH (as a teacher) so nursing has become their "After-school snack!" My 4 year old asks several times a day, but he's good about waiting if I need him to. My youngest just started saying, "Want side, peeze!" In the cuuuuutest little voice! I'm so glad I found MDC and learned about CLW!
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DS is 8 months old and DD is 27 months old and still going strong. I have redirected DD a little -- I counted, and for a while she nursed 20+ times/day! -- and we're down to a more mutually agreeable 4-8x/day. DS is less of a boob hound and very distractible, so I spend more time trying to get him to settle down and nurse. Just goes to show, they're all different.
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My DS is 20mo right now and loving the nursing
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My oldest was 31 months, my next was 34 months, and my current nursling is 13 months and still nurses like a newborn!! and this time I have no clue how long she will go. The others quit when I was about 6-7 months pregnant with the next. I still had milk, they just were done.... But this time there are no more babies coming!
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ds is 30 months- we became committed to clw around the 12 month mark
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