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If your child has self weaned...what age? - Page 2

Poll Results: If your child self weaned, at what age?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 25% (61)
    less than 2 yrs old
  • 22% (53)
    2-3 yrs
  • 24% (58)
    3-4 yrs
  • 13% (32)
    4-5 yrs
  • 7% (18)
    5-6 yrs
  • 1% (4)
    6-7 yrs
  • 2% (6)
    7-8 yrs
  • 2% (5)
    8 + yrs
237 Total Votes  
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My first, now 6, did not self-wean. I knew nothing of the sort and easily weaned her at 13 mnth. My second though, now 2, self-weaned at 19 mnth. I didn't even realize it happened at first. He just stopped asking for it at bedtime. I recently offered it to him after a bump. He put it in his mouth, thought for 3 seconds, then turned away and said "No." Funny. I miss it.
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See the sig?

DS was a month past his fifth birthday the last time he tried to nurse. Had tapered down to at most once/week by then and had forgotten how.

DD nursed about once/month for the 4 months after her seventh birthday, then simply didn't ask anymore. I did offer once after that when she was feeling really sick. She latched on and the total relaxation response of her body was rather amazing to see, but she let go after a few seconds and just stayed on my lap.
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My oldest was just over 5. He had slowed down considerably and was nursing very quickly. My youngest is not yet 4 and nurses infrequently. I hope he goes to 4, but I'm not sure he will.
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I think the average age of weaning is 4.7 years
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3 years, 5 months.
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I don't have any kids yet, so I voted for myself... when I self-weaned. I voted 5-6. I remember nursing 2 or 3 times after I turned 6 (though it was dry nursing after around 4 when my mom ran dry. I still count those last years because it was the comfort of ''ninny" that was important to me... the milk was secondary). I also had a "pen pal" (our moms wrote to each other and her DD and dictated little notes to each other) who was over 7.5 when she weaned (I don't know how old she was exactly).
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Originally Posted by mother_sunshine View Post
Dd weaned at 7 1/2 years.
You are my hero :
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DS weaned at around age 3.5. Very gradual--he went from 2x a day to a couple times a week to every couple of weeks to....well, guess he weaned! (He will be 4 next month.)

He did tell me several times in the last few months, "Mommy, I'm weaned!" (even though he was still nursing occasionally.)

I remember telling him what weaning was when he was around 2.5, and the look of sheer incredulity on his face. Like, "WOW, Mommy, why would anybody do THAT???" But he did it.

He still gets that old besotted look if he sees me getting out of the shower or something, and he still uses a pacifer, so I guess he's not totally weaned...but. It was completely painless. I was sad thinking about it when he was 2, but by the time he was 3.5 it was like I was forgetting about it too. The nursing relationship really does take two people.
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DD1 weaned just before her 4th birthday
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Around 17 months ds1, 20-22 months dd1 and ds2, dd2 still nursing
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DS just weaned a couple of months ago. He nursed for the last time at 22 months. I was very sad because I felt he was too young, but he was never a comfort nurser (he preferred his thumb) and at around that age, it starts being less for nutrition and more for comfort. He'd been cutting WAY down on his nursing and I went on a 2-week business trip with no pump and had no engorgment or leaking or anything. When I got back, he nursed once to sleep when he couldn't calm down and hasn't nursed since. I've offered a few times when he's upset or worked up, but he wants nothing to do with it. I've stopped making milk now. *sniff*
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hey, all. I'm one of the moms mothersunshine mentioned. My dd, a week older than her dd, also weaned at 7.5 yrs.
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My ds self-weaned 2 weeks after his 2nd birthday. He was down to nursing just once a day for about a minute for the last couple of months. At 21 months he went 10 whole days without nursing and would say "no" when I'd offer. I was sad because I thought he had weaned then and I really wanted to make it to the two year mark. Sure enough though, after 10 days, he asked again and went back to nursing once a day for 3 more months and we made our goal .
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Ds1 was 3.5 when he told me that he did not want to nurse anymre. That was the end of it. Ds2 is 2yo and still going strong...
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My son was 20 months..... but I think he weaned cause I was dry (pregnant with my second at the time) His sessions in teh previous 2 months before that were like 2 mins each. He just wasn't interested in dry milkies. LOL
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My dd has not completely weaned, she is 32 months old. But her nursings now are very infrequent, sometimes even every other day or so. It has been slowly dwindling down for about 4 months now. I don't have any milk anymore. Mainly she just wants to nurse a couple minutes before a nap or bed. It is bittersweet- I had hoped she would go a little bit longer.
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Dd self weaned at 14 months: And no matter how many times I think it over (probably a million ), I really don't see it as being a nursing strike, she was just plain done.
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DS was about 4 1/4
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