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If your child has self weaned...what age? - Page 3

Poll Results: If your child self weaned, at what age?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 25% (61)
    less than 2 yrs old
  • 22% (53)
    2-3 yrs
  • 24% (58)
    3-4 yrs
  • 13% (32)
    4-5 yrs
  • 7% (18)
    5-6 yrs
  • 1% (4)
    6-7 yrs
  • 2% (6)
    7-8 yrs
  • 2% (5)
    8 + yrs
237 Total Votes  
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mother sunshine and ruthla, I followed you guys from another board to here.

dd was nursing 2/x day till 4.5, then till 5.5 it was only at night. She's only nursed a couple of times in the past 6m since turning 6. So I picked the 5-6yr range.
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I'm pretty sure that my dd has weaned. It's only been a couple of weeks but it feels right. She's 4 and a half.
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Originally Posted by soygurl View Post
I don't have any kids yet, so I voted for myself... when I self-weaned. I voted 5-6. I remember nursing 2 or 3 times after I turned 6 (though it was dry nursing after around 4 when my mom ran dry. I still count those last years because it was the comfort of ''ninny" that was important to me... the milk was secondary). I also had a "pen pal" (our moms wrote to each other and her DD and dictated little notes to each other) who was over 7.5 when she weaned (I don't know how old she was exactly).
wonderful and thanks for sharing!! i love reading post like these. the nurslings perspective. i hope my nurslings remember "ninny" when they are adults.

Love to read about all the other mom's on this poll following their hearts and trusting their nurslings lead.
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None of my four boys have made it to that 2 year mark. I hope Emma does. They've been ready to wean before me.
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Dd was 22 months when she weaned; I was also very pregnant and I think that if I hadn't been she would have continued to nurse.
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Ds1 nursed for the last time at 4 years 2 days, so I picked 4-5 years. He asked one time to nurse after dd was born. He wanted to taste momma's milk. He didn't remember how to latch and has never asked again.

Ds2 is still nursing at 3. I don't think he will make it all the way to 4 though. He only nurses once a day and somedays not at all.
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My oldest self-weaned at age 5.

My oldest nursling at the moment is 6.5 years old.
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Wow - that's incredible and very sweet! My ds is only 10 mths! Were you nursing once a day at that point?


Originally Posted by mother_sunshine View Post
Dd weaned at 7 1/2 years.
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It depended on the day but towards the end it was usually just once a day. The bedtime nursing was the last to go. She was never the kind of kid who would just nurse for a few minutes and then be done, even at the end. Nursing was a huge wind-down-and-relax time for her.
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My ds1 weaned at 4yrs 10mths but I didn't vote because he stopped nursing because my milk dried up due to pregnancy. He was down to 1 nursing, before bed and he did skip days here and there. I was determined to let him self wean (I regret weaning my dd at just over 3yrs) and I'm sad he weaned because my milk dried up and not because he was definitely done.

I just want to clarify it was his choice to stop, I told him he could nurse even though I had no milk and that I would get milk when they baby was born but he didn't want to w/o milk.
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My dd was also 7 1/2. She weaned so gradually that it was once every few months towards the end. She was the older of a pair of tandem nurslings.

ds was not self-weaned, unfortunately.
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Wonderful to meet you, noordinaryspider.
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My DD nursed for her last time on her 4th birthday. She has asked a few times sinse and I've told her she can but she just laughes and says noo those are for Jenna (Jenna is her younger cousin she says its for jenna when ever she refering to something shes "outttgrown")
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Ds just weaned at 21 months. He stopped asking at 18, but I kept offering, and he would nurse twice a day. Now, he absolutely refuses.

Dd #1 -- 15 months, but I was 5 months pg and she was not a comfort nurser.
Dd #2 -- 17 months
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DS weaned about a six weeks before he turned 3 which was this week. He has asked to nurse twice in the past six weeks, but just latched on and then popped off. I am 15 weeks pregnant also. I am hoping maybe he will get started again when the baby comes. Maybe?
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Dd stopped all by herself a few weeks ago.One month shy of her 4th birthday. She was down to bedtime only for about 5 months. I just can't believe it myself. She asked once after a week and a half, but only latched on for 10 seconds. I offered a few times and she said no. It's kind of wierd for me, but she's fine.What a beautiful experience!
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It's great to read these responses. Niether of my kids are close to weaning yet. The older nursling is almost 4 and breastfeeds 2-3 times a day. Based on nursing styles, I'm wondering if the younger one will wean before the older one. Last night DS mentioned to me that breastfeeds is something he does every day until he's all grown up. At which point, he'll go to work with daddy.
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A is officially weaned at 7 yrs 4mos and B is fast on his heels and will be turning 6yrs in a few days. so different 4 mos ago. of course, since i mentioned B, he'll probably up the ante
i made a premature guess about my oldest this time last year only to have him nurse even more for the next 8 mos.

Whew! you do have to wonder sometimes if it's ever going to happen or at least i wondered.
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We consider DD to have weaned at 4 years, 2 months (though she occasionally tried to nurse until she was 5 years, 4 months--- it just didn't work for her though).

DS weaned this last May, at 5 years, 8 months.

Neither were "fully" CLW, but they both made the final decision.
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Dd is 20 months and in the process right now. I am so sad, but she is just done, it seems. It has been very random over the past few months, but I am pregnant and she doesn't care for colostrum, and she is preferring her pacifier right now. Looking back, I am certain I could change some things that would ensure that she was still nursing...so I am not sure if its clw or not.
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