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The single thing that made life easier for me was making my own nursing bra. I don't mean I made it from scratch, but bought two bras, one a regular cotton bra and the other a nursing bra. I cut a hole slightly bigger than my aerola in cotton. non-nursing bra and then cut the flaps off the nursing bra and sewed them and the clips to the cotton, non-nursing bra. Viola! Instant over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder support and babe can nurse with my hands free.

I read about doing this on LLL site a few months back and thought it was the best idea ever and it's proven to be. It's not skin-on-skin, but for NIP, you can't beat it.

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Reassure her that nursing--and NIP--becomes so much easier once she has more practice and her baby has more head control. Seriously, latching became routine within 6-8 weeks. And it was hard for me to NIP without showing my whole (gargantuan) boob before about that time. Also, it seems that the large areolas/flat nipples do start to draw themselves out in time (at least mine did), which also helped make latching much quicker.

I personally found a boppy useless, but I'm super short torsoed, so my boobs are already in my lap. A rolled prefold or breast pillow place under my breast *did* help. And yeah, the forearm/wrist nerve pain really sucks, but my boobs go well past the crook of my arm when I'm sitting.

Before she knows it, she'll have a 17mo toddling in, demanding that she nurse the toilet plunger.

Excuse me while I go wash his hands.
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I have no idea what size my breasts are. Huge. I think I'm about a 44J.

With a newborn, for nursing during the day, I put them on a stack of pillows to bring them up to breast height. Then I use a modified football hold for nursing. I like it because I can at least have on hand free that way. I'm considering trying to make something like http://www.boobybooster.com.au/page14.html for this next baby. I'm not very crafty, though, so I'm not entirely sure how to do it, but it seems like it would make nursing a lot easier & I could either use a hand to hold the baby or have 2 hands free.

In public, I use a nursing bra & nursing shirt. It's not great, but I never could figure out the multi-layer thing.
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hugs to that mama
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I have a fairly large chest. I generally hold my breast for him while I nurse, but we also have no issues side lying. At home, nursing is fine. A little more work than if I had a smaller chest but still easier than making bottles!

When I go out and they are little, I cant be very modest about it, because I have to hold it and stuff. When I'm in a situation where I do want modesty (I dont care much most of the time myself), I use a bottle of expressed milk. Just because she is nursing doesnt mean she cant use a bottle EVER. It doesnt have to be all or nothing. Even giving formula while shes out wouldnt be that horrible-its still better than weaning. I hope she can find a solution
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