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Everyone made so much progress!! I will take my pics tomorrow (I was on a paper shredding kick this week and have it all over the one counter area!)
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My Before and After!

Original Post (if you care)

I took advantage of February savings time today and did a little finishing up and took my pictures.

Before and After Pictures:
Little Hallway - Before, and After
Door corner - Before & After
Table corner - Before & After - I shifted the table to have the long end against the other wall, really makes the room feel bigger, gives us more room around the exterior door and pantry. Oh, and notice the chairs! they may have looked white in the picture, but trust me it was more of a mottled gray food stain color...
Cabinets - Before & After - added cabinet pulls
Fridge - Before & After - got a french memo board for all the pictures, and the todo lists went inside a cabinet, I decided the fridge looked too blank with nothing, so I put the calendar up. A little magnet trick - the last page of the calendar has about 9 big magnets, which is what is holding it up, the one on top just holds the top page up.
Pantry - Before & After
Dish Cabinet - Before & After - the new home of my to do lists. I did the dishes and put them away before taking this, so this is everything save a couple sippy cups (and a sigg I bought to try!) which are in current use.
Upper Corner Cabinets - Before & After 1, After 2
Above the Stove - Before & After
Other Upper Cabinet - Before & After - I didn't get to it, but I'm going to eventually drill a hole in the bottom of this cabinet and run a cord up so I can charge things inside the cabinet. The metal bowl is to contain chargers and ac adapters. The jar is for little misc crap that we might otherwise throw into the drawer below.
Junk Drawer - Before & After - I try not to think of it as a junk drawer, but its the one most likely to become one. We keep pencils, the screwdriver, scissors and a few misc things in here. It's a misc drawer, but in the sense that it has a variety of things, not in the anything can go in there sense.
Looking back toward the living room - After - didn't have a before shot for some reason. The cat is thankfully blocking your view of the toys spilling out of the playroom on the right.

Some other details I'm excited about
Stained Glass Dragonfly - looks really nice in the mornings with the light streaming through
Stained Glass Flowers - Over the kitchen window, makes doing the dishes a little more pleasant.
My Black Cat Painting - I got this ages ago as you may have noticed we have a black cat, goes so well here and is just the right color scheme
My Sunflower Photo - I took this photo at DH's aunt's farm a few years ago. It's one of my favorites, because it reminds me of how peaceful it is out there on her farm. Mom gave me the easy arrange it vase and I think it really makes the table look nice with the red flowers. (fake unfortunately)

Well there it is. I'm really thrilled with what I got done. Any cabinet I didn't post a picture of was essentially the same, as I had done some serious decluttering before the challenge. But some of the cabinets did need another going through, somehow things creep up. The pantry is especially bad for just getting out of order when we are lazy putting things away.

What do you think?

My Original To Do List
- Paint the walls DONE!
- Put up matching curtains and shades DONE! (well not shades, but we decided we could do without)
- Do something about the gap between the stove and countertop Not done
- Declutter the fridge front so it feels less cluttered DONE!
- Find a better way to store fruit than my plate on the counter, but still out in view DONE - I swapped the platter for my lasagna pan, which I never use, but can contain more fruit, but still looks nice
- Figure out a better solution for my little technlogoy corner. It's always a mess of wires and speakers and stuff, and even when the room is 'clean' it looks cluttered. HALF DONE - I found some shelves to put up above htat, but they have to be modified and painted, so I haven't gotten to that yet, but I did clear out the bottom part of the cabinet to put my camera, store cords and ac adapters and eventually put the speakers and chargers up in there when I get around to drilling a hole in the bottom of the cabinet and running a power strip into it - so we can charge things out of view.
- Work on the pantry, I need better storage for a lot of the stuff in there, especially medicines and vitamins. HALF DONE - I did declutter the pantry, but I didn't do anything with the medicines and vitamins, they are still in their rubbermaid containers.
- I almost forgot - Put cabinet pulls on the cabinets! I bought them (and they are visible in one of the open cabinets) but they haven't made their way on. I hate not having them because the doors themselves get so much yuckier without pulls and it shows on the white big time. DONE! They look so much nicer will pulls, its really amazing.
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Question - should I change the title of the thread to take out the February, so that if folks want to work on their kitchen this month or next month they can still use this thread to post their before & after and we aren't all going 'why is that february thread still around?'
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Originally Posted by Kateana View Post
Looks so great! I think the turquoise will be nice - maybe a stripe around both rooms just above the counter height? It's almost too clean! - a great blank canvas for decorating.

Originally Posted by carolina~mom2be View Post
okay - i took a few after pics -
*I organized the cabinets and got rid of LOTS
*I made a home for the dishwasher
**I haven't covered the breaker box - ideas anyone?!?!
**I have yet to bug my husband enough to hang the mirror above the stove
*I cleaned the stove, oven, sink and fridge
*I got rid of everything that we don't need/use
**I'm manifesting a new trash can for our space :

Wow - I looked at the before and then at the after and I seriously didn't even realize the cabinets were there (behind the curtain). The breaker box - you could make a french memo board in front of it - you could cut a piece of wood the same size as the breaker box and hang it over it. (My french memo board is hanging over the wall phone jack we don't use, heh)
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mightymoo-I love the orange and red together-love the chairs!
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Thanks mamas! My kitchen was such a burden before, but now I love it!

Mightymoo - yes, it is almost too clean! I'm into the minimalist look right now, so it's refreshing after having so much crap in there. But I do plan to add a bit sometime... some decor for sure, and probably some paint someday. The stripe is a good idea! For right now, we are so "painted out"... we had wall to wall color in every room in our house for years, and then had to beige-ify in preparation to sell (which we changed our minds about later). That was a HUGE chore, and we're so sick of painting! haha... but now and then I get the itch to add some color. Maybe in the summer I'll really do something diferent. I just want to really think about it, and also save up for some no-VOC paint to use.

Everyone's done SO much, our kitchens all look so good!
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Wow! Everyone's kitchens look so amazing! Mightymoo, I love it! And that cat picture is perfect.Kateana, I love the orange. Beautiful! Lisalulu, I can't believe the difference. It looks great!

I'm sure I missed someone, apologies! All of the afters that I saw really looked great. I didn't participate this time, but now I'm itching to get in there and do something!
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You are all amazing organizers!!! Your kitchens look lovely - the paint jobs, the organizing/decluttering, rearranging things. It's really made a difference.
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