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February Decluttering Challenge

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And so starts the February Decluttering Challenge. If you are lurking, join! Make your goal small. Your goals could be a certain number of items, a certain room, or rooms, a number of boxes/bags, anything. If you see something that isn't blessing your life, you haven't used it in years, you have no place to put it, let it go!

So my goal for February is 20 boxes/bags/big items(like furniture or such)
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I'm in. Our garage sale is this weekend so I'm counting the things as they are sold. Our goal is 2000 items!!!!!

BTW -- I love you siggy, Tom Petty is my favorite artist and I love that song and the whole album. I like the Honeybee song (not sure of the title) but my all time fav is Last Dance with Mary Jane and I sing American Girl and Breakdown to dd all the time. Off to put on a cd.
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The Master bedroom closet!

I already started today but I won't finish until Feb so I'll make it a Feb goal!

It's a walk-in closet but you can only take a narrow path to get in and out! LOL!

Debra, homeschooling mom of 4 ages 10 (AS), 9, 7, and 44 mos (Autism)
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Thanks. My girls love Wildflowers. It is absolutely hilarious to see a 5 yr old sing,"You don't know how it feels to be me..." And the looks we get when we are out and they are singing Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffet and many others and not only know the words, but the artist...People are usually pretty surprised.
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I started a few days ago so I will continue through to the end of February.

DH is totally on board which is great. We boxed up a whole bunch of stuff to sell or donate yesterday but I can't count it in my declutter yet since it's still in the garage. At least it's out of the living area though.
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I'm in- I decluttered 250 items in January, and I am aiming for 500 more in February! I did 25 yesterday, which I'll count towards February, so I'm at 25/500
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In addition to doing the kitchen challenge I'd like to go through all of my kid's clothing and determine which few items I'm keep for momentos and which will be sold and/or donated. We are done having children (its been over a year since my husband's V) and all of my friends and family are done so there's no one to hold on to the clothes for.
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I can't track numbers, but I will continue to move significantly more stuff out of my house than comes in. I will recycle or donate at least one Rubbermaid bin's worth of stuff every week.

This month I will also declutter the office (groan) and do some significant organizing/decluttering work in the garage. I will strive to maintain the clutter-free feel I've recently achieved in our kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and playroom. I will continue pondering ways to improve the living room and other areas.

That's what I can commit to this month!
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I'm joining! My goal is to get rid of 100 things (of course, it's also dh's and my bday month, so we'll probably get a bunch of stuff too . Posting a big sale on the TP next week, so that'll be a start.
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I'm in! My goal is 200 things, not from any particular room just anywhere in the house.
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My goal is 500 things out of the house. Not any specific room.
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Sonja, good to see you here You know I started with a goal of 200 too, my offer still stands if you need a pregnant nesting person to help you
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OK I've got a few things sitting by the door that will be going out tomorrow so I'm going to put them down today.

20 baby things that are part of a gift
1 bassinet
1 bag of bottles
3 bags of clothes
3 bins of clothes
1 wipes warmer
1 bottle warmer
1 bottle sterlizer
1 pack-n-play
1 baby bath tub
1 baby swing


All that stuff was loaned to me and I didn't need any of it so I am soooooo glad to have it gone!!!!
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I'm in for 500. I still have about 70 things left for january but have no doubts I'll get it finished today.
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Val - I might take you up on that offer, I need some motivation! But the basement is so bad that I'm embarrassed for anyone to see it.
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subbing for now ( I have GOT to get OFF MY BUT NOW) I've had so much fun w/ the jan challenge!
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Well in January I finished my office area (although my desk still looks like a cyclone hit it, not that all the organization in the world could solve that!), school area and craft closet. For February I would like to enter March with a clean bedroom and have a place to store my wine while it is fermenting. So I will take on my master bedroom - I will get rid of everything in there that doesn't belong- and my hall closet - it is a multipurposing nightmare! lol
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AM you are making wine!!!!! I am impressed. Do you grow the grapes or buy them from somewhere??

Good luck on your declutter!!!
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Dh and I are in a decluttering mode, and we're slowly filling the (empty) closet in the guest br. I guess my goal is to "fill" it, and then move those things on out. No specific #. I can report back on progress.

So far, there's ~6 bags of baby clothes (3 bags of the best hand-picked to pass on to a MDC friendy ), a box of my reg. clothes, a box or 2 of maternity clothes I loathed (saved my very favorite things in case we have a #4), misc. household items, old magazines, toys/books/clothes gifted to our kids which we don't want (character stuff, battery/plasticy stuff) etc.

I'm working on our home office today. I also need to tackle the pantry and the garage (big time). We're very frugal and very anti-consumer stuff, and sometimes, it's hard for us to let go of things we think we might be able to use. But since we're not throwing anything away (it's all being given away/consigned/freecycled/ARC'ed/recycled etc), it's not so bad...
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OK i'm going for 10 bags of stuff.
i have someone picking up a bag of baby blankets tomorrow.
i want to clear up the office and all our storage space, especially ds1's closet.

i actually through out a few things today and was able to declutter my kitchen counters.

my biggest problems are

1. i just throw things away instead of recycling (we dont have pickup) or donating

2. dh is a packrat
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