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i want to join! i will say 20 bags/boxes of stuff gone out of our apt this month. we have a little storage that is so full our apt is full of stuff . so we are going thru it on saturday. in the meantime dh/i will go thru our clothes as we put them away .. we have way too many. : we washed everything yesterday and are like wow !! so out it goes!
this is gonna be fun! i want to live simpler !
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I want to cry, already did today, but I want to again. Of course this has lots to do with pregnancy I am sure. Someone was susposed to pick up a whole bunch of stuff from me today, freecycle. they called at 1 said they would leave in an hour, then at 3 when I called they were leaving in 15 minutes then at almost 6 got another call saying that they would be there soon. There people only live 10 minutes away!!!! We had to go by then and we left half of the stuff outside our garage for them to pick up, and they only took half of it:
So there is some stuff gone,
4 bookcases
2 things of carpeting
1 hamper
1 garbage can

I almost feel like I should count the carpeting as more than two, it was actually two rolls of carpet and 4 of padding, but that would get me to my goal way too quickly. Slow and steady this time.
But we did clean out the garage while we waited for 5 hours. It looks much better and it will be easier for me to get stuff to freecyclers, who hopefully show up. Someone is susposed to pick up something tomorrow too, wish me luck. If it wasn't for the fact that I want it all out and gone now I would wait until after the horrible emotionalness of pregnancy...
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Valerie, I HATE when Freecyclers bail on me! Come on, it's FREE STUFF! All you have to do is drive five minutes to pick it up. I've had people drive an hour to meet me, then thank me generously for my time, but that was when I first started...people just don't care anymore. Now I'm lucky if someone emails me to say they won't show up. *sigh* I have sworn it off completely, I'm so tired of this. I wish we could start a commune for people who Freecycle the right way.

Anyway, I got rid of a couple things today...under 10, I'd say, so I must be around 160. I'll check for sure tomorrow.
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We had a good freecycle day (2 guys came by to pick up stuff and I picked up something from someone else). But I agree it really sucks when people don't show up. I don't wait for people anymore, I just leave the items outside my front door.

shoes 1
clothing 18
toys 3
bathroom 5
coat closet 7
purses 3
kitchen 5
craftroom 40
= 85 items today

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i threw out 5 empty packages out of the pantry.
i have 2 bags of trash and 2 bags of donations waiting to go out. wed is my deadline!!!!

my dad was telling me that unwanted goodwill stuff gets sent to Africa. i dont know if thats true.
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I cleaned out the cabinet that has all the plastic shopping bags. I took them to the store to recycle. I conservatively estimate 75 bags.

I also bagged up more baby clothes to take to my friend for her grand baby.

I also hit a jackpot. A co-worker is is organizing a rummage sale for her fire company. I've got stuff for her.
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I finally finished cleaning out the bathroom closet junk here's what I got:
1 Bag of trash (wrappers, pkgs, etc)
52 items that I chunked (old Rx, old makeup, nail polish, etc.)
7 items to give to the church's food/clothing/tolietry drive
6 items of makeup for Mom
20 items of make-up for a friend
5 makeup items for friends at work

TOTAL=100 items from the bathroom!!! YEA!!!
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Adding another 75 so far today. The decluttering the room (kitchen) is helping me right now.

So I'm at 111/350 right now.
Adding 26 items that I sold and shipping today. and 25 from yesterday.

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I went through our extremely cluttered office today and threw away quite a bit. Most of it is DH's, so I boxed it up *neatly* for him to go through a little bit at a time when he's ready. (It's so nice to have it in organized boxes rather than scattered all over the floor, or in grocery bags.) I threw away a lot of my stuff, his stuff that is obviously broken, some floppy disks b/c we don't have a disk drive on this computer, and a couple small books that have mildew damage on them.

I am now at 183/350...I'll have to set a higher goal next month, I never thought I'd go this quickly.
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OK I'm going through more stuff. We have way too much stuff!!!!!!

Yesterday I did a major house clean, we have been so busy getting ready for the sale I hadn't been keeping up with the cleaning. So I threw a ton of suff away, junk mail, random things dh brought home from work. I also set a pile of stuff by the door for dh to take with him when he left this morning, some library books and a bunch of boxes that needed to go back to his work place.

I'm going to round it off and say 850/2000.
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Originally Posted by mrsuribe View Post
I did a quick clean up of the bathroom.

We had a Super Bowl BBQ yesterday and while the guys were watching the game I was able to pass on a few things to my girlfriends that were there.

10 cookbooks (I still have about 100 to go through)
5 dishes
6 kids plate sets
2 bags of toys

So my new total is 166.
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We had company come Feb 1-4, so I am just getting started on this month's challenge today. I got 439/500 --getting ready for said company--in the last few days of January, plus dh did some things that I had planned on counting, butu then didn't. My mom is coming next week for 2 weeks, so I do not have as much time this month, so I am going to go for 250, and up it if I get there too fast. I would like specifically to declutter Connor's closet, and organize the kitchen this month, in addition to keeping my now clean desk manageable and my now clean bathrrom under control. Whoever's idea of counting 1 hr of work on things like taxes, finances as 1 item, I think I am going to use that, as there is a lot of financial clutter to be gone through that I would like to simplify.

On Feb 1st:

5 plants got cleaned of all their dead leaves and gunk
1 set of cleaned off stairs
1 cleaned off landing
6 pieces of broken toys, instruction books, etc. trashed (I think, may have been more, but I can't remember for sure)
3 boxes to be recycled

23 pieces of mail thrown away
36 checking statements, bills, and insurance EOB's gone through and put in the "to file" basket (still working on a good filing system for the need to keep stuff, right now it stays togeter jumbled in a basket where I can go through it if I need it, but I don't have a place or the room to file it properly)
1 checkbook balanced correctly, up to date, and all bills paid (I have been putting this off forever!

So that means I am at: 76/250
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Ok I'm hopping in from January. My challenge is for both months combined. I have a BUNCH of stuff to be sent to Goodwill and I'm adding each day. I think I'm doing pretty good so far!
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Just did my regular cleaning today so not a ton of decluttering. I did get rid of a bunch of random papers, that I will count as 10.

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I am joining

I spent the entire weekend reading and gathering such inspiring information from the green living tribe and have decided that it is time to make a change in my life.

Decluttering is the first step for me and I am committed and am going to use this forum as my accountablity.

Can not wait to join. I am taking pictures for my before tomorrow and will post later tomorrow evening.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this.
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Adding 26 items that I sold and shipping today. and 25 from yesterday.

Cleaned out 2 cupboards in the kitchen and got rid of 35 items.

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My Feb goal

My Feb decluttering goal is 350. I will start 02/06/07 and will post daily. I am so excited. I am also compacting this month and so I am really going to make a huge difference in my home.

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Just sold 6 more things! I also have 8 things to give to my brother for his baby that's coming in Aug. I also have a small bag of trash from cleaning out the changing table! so 16 more items!
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Cleaned out 2 cupboards in the kitchen and got rid of 35 items.

Cleaned out under 2 bathroom sinks. Got rid of 89 items!!! I'm going to up my goal to 500.

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Today I went through MIL's cabinet (we live with her and she knows I'm doing this...for the record ) and I threw away


bottles and boxes of expired medicine. I mean REALLY expired...some should have been thrown away in 2001. : Now she has a lot more room for spices and baking supplies. Woohoo!
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