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February Decluttering Challenge - Page 8

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Was: 166/500

Cleaned out the game cupboard and the boys' clothes.

Now: 189/500

Where did all this stuff come from? :
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The person came and picked up the box of dishes. Mayhap my freecycle luck has changed???:
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was 35/300

now 95/300, got rid of 60 books and vhs tapes for thrift store. I can already think of the things I will get rid of tomorrow: magazines in my night stand, sold some stuff on ebaY that I need to mail, return 2 things to Wal-Mart (there goes my 8 days since I've been there, I swear I am not going to shop, just exchange), need to work on some office boxes that still aren't unpacked (6 months after moving in!!!!!).
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6 Canvas bags given to a friend

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I'm going to try for 300 items in February. I want the entire apartment decluttered and organized before the new baby gets here, so I need to get going. Not to mention I need to get the baby clothes washed and find somewhere to put them, and I'll have three dozen diapers showing up on my doorstep from my mom when she finishes them :
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I just went through our filing cabinet! I'm one of those nut cases who likes papertrails, so I was throwing away bills from 2+years ago: Anyway, I also got rid of tons of my undergrad music stuff, I'm going back to school for nursing in May, so it isn't likely I'll need that stuff! SO I didn't count every little piece of paper like I intended, so I'm conservatively going to give myself 150 items, (I know there were many many more!) SO I'm almost half way done! Maybe I'll finish my closet tonight!!!!
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I'm in! Can I do this in conjunction with the Kitchen Challenge? I'm planning to purge a lot during that...

My goal...hmmm...is...

-10 bags of "stuff" (anything) to be given away

-4 bags of clothes to be given away or sold for cheap

-5 bags of papers to be recycled or shredded (I know that sounds nuts, but I am a major paper collector, a habit I'm desperately trying to break!)

Originally Posted by TxMominCT View Post
I just went through our filing cabinet! I'm one of those nut cases who likes papertrails, so I was throwing away bills from 2+years ago:
Don't feel bad; I'm sure I have bills even older than that.
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I'm in too! I already decluttered a bunch when dd1 came around a couple of years ago, but a lot of it ended up in storage where it really isn't used or needed. So, here we go! I'm reusing all the clothes for dd2, due at the end of March, but there is a lot to do still. Mostly dh stuff that I will try to sell on ebay or craigslist. Not sure about the numbers yet
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I just got rid of 21 more items from the secretary in living room and shelves in dining room! YEA! DD only took a 30min nap though, so that's all for now!
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WooHOO! I have a black garbage bag full of trash and another have load for SVDP. I am loving all the empty space in the house.

Thanks to all you Mommas who provide me with daily inspiration.
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5/10 bags!!!!
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Was 152/500
Book 1
Bath 2
Clothes 27
Household 4
= 53
Total: 205/500
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I got 4 more things earlier today while I was cleaning! I'm hoping to finish up my closet now!
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Ga! I'm getting a late start...

1st total! 22/300.
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83/250 items so far...

Plus dumped loads of old photos -- blurry, unflattering, unpleasant memories, or not meaningful. Only 8 more boxes of photos to sort thru so far. Every trip, ex-boyfriend, etc. One day I would like to arrange the past 20 y into a few scrapbooks. Do-able?
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you could totally scrapbook it! I love scrapbooking, and I was working like a wildwoman to get mine up to date before DD came!

Last night I finished my closet and I got rid of 21 more things!!! My closet has so much room in it now! I think I can actually store linens there, instead of under my bed!
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Yesterdays numbers and today's update

I did not do a major purge yesterday due to work schedule so my numbers were 10.

My totals are 60/350.

But look out for tonight's numbers because I am on a major roll today.

If it is not nailed down or too heavy for me to lift it is out of here.

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7 Items sold on ebay
1 Mans wedding ring sold

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Today was trash day!!!!

Got rid of junk mail, some free stuff that didn't get taken from the sale, left over sale stuff (stickers, tape, baggies, store hangers). Pulled out more stuff to donate. My mom is coming down this weekend and her school has a large sale fundraiser so I'm sending her home with some more stuff. Hopefully that will get me half way.

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