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Someone just picked up 3 book cases from me!!! I think I have figured out the freecycle thing. Don't offer, keep looking at the wanted posts. The people who I have responded to with the wanted posts have always come, always in a good time also. So I am stalking those wanted posts from now on
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: i just lost my post so now i have to re-type.


we've been : for the last week or so so i haven't gotten much done but,

after NAGGING : for DAYS i got our friend to move his amp out of the way of toy storage. even though nothing is gone it looks so much better i'm going to count it. i wish he would take it home though...

i consolidated 3 bags of chips into one while organizing the pantry.

tonite i might go through papers.:

current tally 8/25
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I am not really keeping track. I am doing the kitchen challenge too. I got rid of half my cooking utensils. I also now have only 3 plates, bowls, glasses and coffee cups. I went through a ton of stuff in my garage. I found 5 boxes of just paper and it all went into recycling! I purged a bunch of other stuff for our upcoming garage sale.
I have a box of books to sell to the book store and some kids clothes and toys to sell to the kids store.
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I got 6 more items out of the fridge today! I made sure not to count normal stuff that just expired that I needed to get rid of! Tonight after DD is in bed, I'm doing under the bed, and maybe start on DH's closet!:
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I got rid of 30 items today. I tossed a bunch of stuff on my desk.

ETA: My total is now 402/500
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1 boys jacket
1 telephone


Today Im conquering my desk so ALOT of papers will be thrown out today
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
I got rid of 30 items today. I tossed a bunch of stuff on my desk.

ETA: My total is now 402/500
Sold 8 things.

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Did a bit more yesterday.


12 magazines/catalogues
3 baby wipes tubs

3 cat bowls
4 old food items from the fridge (yuck)
1 old bag of raisins

1 breastfeeding pillow
3 Winnie the pooh items
1 set of water wings
1 candle
1 electric can opener
1 telephone

22 + 31 = 53/500

Guess I better get moving.....
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Today's numbers

I did a major declutter yesterday and >>>>

13 things gone to FreeCycle
17 things gone to my sister
50 things in the trash
50 things in the recycle

I feel so free!!!!

My total to date: 190/350.

I may just have to amend my goal.This feels too good to stop now.

Thanks for reading,
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10 cookbooks (I still have about 100 to go through)
5 dishes
6 kids plate sets
2 bags of toys

So my new total is 166.[/QUOTE]

I did another run through on the kitchen. Everything in our kitchen is organized.

Another 93 things out of the house.

New total: 259/500
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i am working on mine still too .. i have alot to take somewhere but some it i am not sure what to do with it
plus we have a small car and it is several loads .. we may have to rent a truck to move it all
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Sold 8 things.

threw away 10 items from the craft drawer.

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I feel like I've lost my steam today! But DD and DH just let me take a nap so I think I'll work on our room again tonight! Hopefully I'll get motivated again, I still have over half my goal left!
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I haven't updated for a while. I'm at 96/200 for this month, as of today. I'm doing the Frugal Meal Planning 101 challenge also, and the first task is to inventory your food supplies. I have now sorted through one of my pantries. In the process I got rid of 56 items -- most of which unfortunately contained worms (actually maybe moth caterpillars). I went through every single item in that pantry and cleaned the containers and threw away stuff that was bad or contaminated by the worms. I have two empty shelves and, for the first time in more than a year, can actually close the door to the pantry.
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I mailed two very late packages for a total of 4/50.
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Freecycled 5 jars of baby food

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I started cleaning under my bed, and I found an underbed tupperware container full of lingerie!!! It's been so long with pg and c/s and baby that I totally forgot I had it!!!! I probably should have gotten rid of more, but I did get rid of 10 items from threre, threw away another old pillow, and added something else small (I can't remember what) to the donation pile! SO 12 more!
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WOOHOO! Almost halfway there!

I went through three bins of baby clothing this morning while dh and dd were at playgroup and ds was napping. I divided them up into piles:

-a friend with twin boys (who's given us a ton of lovely clothes for dd)
-my pregnant SIL
-an upcoming cloth diaper and clothing swap
-consignment store
-loans to return to their previous owners

The keep pile was pretty small -- mostly current stuff that had gotten tossed in the bins thanks to La Toddler and just a few keepsakes.

My SIL is coming up for dinner tomorrow and is going home with a huge bin of cloth diapers and clothing.

Anything the consignment store doesn't want will go in the diaper swap bin. Anything left after the diaper swap (on the 20th) will go in the Goodwill bag.

Happy happy happy.
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My dad and step-mom are going to visit next weekend (hopefully... they haven't made it here for a looong time because of health problems, so I have my fingers crossed). So I need to get a bunch of crap *out* of the guest room closet, where I've been piling up get-rid-of stuff.

Some random totals:

3 big bags of baby clothes to go to another MDC mama. : (But I won't see her till March... but I bet I can come up with another bag by then! ) Est >150 items
2 big bags of baby clothes past their prime to donate. >100 items
~50 old mazazines to go to the library free bin
probably ~20 items all told removed from my closet.... I think I'm going to reserve a few, though, to do wardrobe refashion projects with
box of plastic, battery-operated toys to go to the pediatric ward of the hospital (~10)
4 pairs of old shoes to take to recycle.
6 pieces of block styrofoam to recycle.
box of bubble wrap and box of styro peanuts to recycle.
~20 items of maternity clothes to list on craigslist (don't know if they'll go immediately, though)

There's more, but that's what really needs to get out this weekend. I suppose I'll have more before they arrive.

What the total? ~370? I realize now that I should set a goal of oh... 5000 or so. :
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I would love to join! For this month, I would like to rid my home of at least 300 items. Between thrift store donations, Freecycle, and giving items away to friends & neighbors, this goal should hopefully prove successful.
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