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I cleaned a bunch of junk out of my bathroom (including all that old make-up I don't wear--thanks to the poster who started the thread about it!) and sold a bunch of stuff on the TP.

I also cleaned out my closet so I have a big bag of clothes to get rid of (not "counting" those items until they're out of the house, though), dh and I are giving our TV to someone who works in our building, and we're moving a ton of stuff into storage (we just found out we have a free bathroom-sized storage space in our building...I am BESIDE myself with happiness). The storage stuff also won't get counted, though--as it's only out of sight, but not out of my life.

Anyway...up to 68/100!
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Just got rid of 5 more things from the kitchen!
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3 big things to a local fire dept. rummage sale.

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I haven't been keeping up with posting so I keep forgetting what I've dumped.

2 women's shirts

3 kids books that were out of batteries or ripped

1 strange, small plastic 'cooler'

bag of baby towels, shoes, and clothes to teenage moms' charity (8 items?)

1 outgrown baby sweatshirt

returned 2 borrowed baby shirts

cleaned out 4 cabinet drawers- how to count stacks of papers? I'll just say "30"

The thrift shop is coming around for a pickup next week, so I want to have more stuff ready by then so I can get rid of things with no effort on my part! Will list more stuff on freecycle today (that is, IF the people show up! : )

47 more items outta here!
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Originally Posted by Rikki Jean View Post
My goal...hmmm...is...

-10 bags of "stuff" (anything) to be given away

-4 bags of clothes to be given away or sold for cheap

-5 bags of papers to be recycled or shredded (I know that sounds nuts, but I am a major paper collector, a habit I'm desperately trying to break!)
Last night I finally got rid of some stuff on Freecycle! Whoohoo! 3 bags of kitchen stuff. We also just recycled an entire Xerox box full of shredded paper...I think that counts for two bags.

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finally rounding and counting it all up:

20 expired toiletries
1 computer monitor
55 things
1 sink

i have to add another bag of books, and magazines....but so far, 77/300

it's starting to seem like it could actually happen...especially if dh gets on board.....

we are always in routine decluttering mode, and don't seem to buy much....but it is amazing what you can come up with...
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Originally Posted by mama2babybeans View Post
1- small wooden chair- freecycled
14- bag of misc. stuff to goodwill
1- sweater to goodwill
2- bags of old shredded bills, et.
1- funky shaped tupperware container- goodwill
3- cheap toys- goodwill
1- textbook to goodwill

1 broken computer mouse
1 plug to something I don't even own anymore
5 other random electrical cords DH was 'saving'
12 small broken toys
1 box gone
1 old body spray
1 bottle of old lotion
3 cracked movie cases
2 broken VHS tapes
1 broken dvd/vcr combo : (mad about that one- we've only had it a year!)
1 broken tool box
2 socks with holes
1 hot glue gun
1 bag of glue sticks
4 random things to the Goodwill bag
= 145/250

Plus I organized our baker's rack today and the bottom shelf is all neat now All of the art supplies are in one basket and dd can help herself to a sheet of paper when she wants one.
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1 childs play tent
9 empty boxes

Given to family/friends

2 Boxes of dog bones
1 bag of dog treats
10 items from my pantry

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I don't have a specific goal in mind, but we are moving and I don't want to take a ton of extra crap with us, so I've been decluttering as I pack and have taken 2 truck loads to the dump and 2 more to the thrift store - well over 2000 items (at least 500 of which were books that have been boxes up for 10 years or more)...and I'm not done! We typically need a 26' truck to move with, I reserved a 24' and will take a picture when it's filled to see if we could have gotten away with a 17', which is my ultimate goal.
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I threw out another plastic spice bag and two yucky things from my fridge.

I also shaved, but that doesn't count, does it?

Total: 12/50
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Sold 8 items on ebay

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I want to thank all you Mommas for your inspiration. I am in Seattle visiting an old friend and we took a trip to IKEA last night (the one in Cincinnati won't open for another year). And with all the decluttering happening in my life and all you guys working on the same, I bought very, very little. I am so excited. For everything I picked up, I thought "where will this go and what purpose will it serve?" And sure enough, I put three quarters or more of it back down. All I got was a summer weight throw for my bed, new curtains for the dining room and a couple of "as-is" lamp bases for my son's room. The old, cluttered me would have spent at least three times as much!

Thanks, Mommas for the support and inspiration!
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more today..

DH is out with the following:

3 large bags to the thrift shop (24 items)
4 bags of mixed paper to recycle center
box of peanuts to give to shipping store to reuse

Counting as 29
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Got rid of a few more things:

2 old stained sweatshirts
1 pr ripped socks
5 junky plastic toys from dd1's room

81 + 8 = 89/500

I better get moving. Going to do desk today....should get rid of lots of stuff.
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Don't mind me, I just find this thread so inspiring. : I will join someday.
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Aww, come on Chey.. join us You know you want to
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Yesterday I organized my statements that have been piling on my desk. I through away 1 stack of junk.

I sold 5 items yesterday.

So far I've thrown out 6 things from cleaning out my purse and doing 5 min. tidy ups in the kids' rooms.

So I'm adding 12 to my total.

Today I sold 41 pieces of clothing at Once Upon A Child and shipped 4 items that I sold.

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Hello Ladies-
This is a great idea. However, I need to start small as not to feel overwhelmed. I think I will start with 50 in the next two weeks. I will work my way up to the BIG PROJECT-the cellar!
Thanks for the support
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4 empty boxes
2 bags of old recipts, mail, clutter
1 box of stuff returned to cable company
2 old magazines
4 empty cd/dvd cases
13 items

Total 33/150
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I did BEDDING today. After putting everything into the guest room, I discovered that I have seriously hoarded anything linen. Since somehow I have 4 duvet covers for the guest room--all the right colors, I actually measured them, since I had no idea the size(s). Since none of the comforters actually fit in there, I decided to get one nice duvet for that bed and get rid of all the extra comforters (sigh, what if I regret this)--so here's what being donated to the animal hospital/boarding facility:
six comforters that currently match nothing
five blankets
two bags full of sheets (was keeping for "dropcloths" or whatever) 10 years=no dropcloth need. yeah. I'm scared my dustcloths will magically disappear. but okay, if I NEED an old sheet I can buy one at goodwill. I'm okay now. no worries.
10 towels
four throws
two bedskirts
And a garbage bag of old nasty clothes that I was keeping around in case I wanted to make a quilt or rug or doll clothes or or or or. yeah. 10 years again.
time to let go.
Next week: all the wood from the basement that was stashed there when I renovated the house--tore out walls, hutch, etc. couldn't bear to get rid of it since it "belonged" here. So it's going in the crawlspace. Since it still belongs here. Sure wish I could let it go, but uh, it was part of the original and it's 100 years old. I realize how silly I sound. oh well..... baby steps
Interesting thing, however--part of my hefty tax return was due to 3000+ in donations to goodwill and the like. Thankful now I kept track last year.
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