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I'm on a roll! The thrift shop came and did a pick up today, but I already counted those items. It's nice to have my closet cleared out of bags though!

One more reliable freecycler! Took 12 baby food jars, 4 baby spoons, and a sippy cup.

Also gave 3 unused chux pads to midwife.

Add 20 more to my total!
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1 big empty box
1 badly stained kids outfit
1 unwearble maternity shirt
6 items in a swap
1 broken plastic toy
10 items

30/150 Items

I've got a long way to go I'm going to spend the kids nap time working on going through each room quickly. My Inlaws will be here this weekend so it would nice to be done by then. My MIL is one who has everything perfectly disinfected and decorated. We on the other hand have small children and live in our apartment. I'll feel better knowing I've gotten some stuff cleared out at least if she decides to go with her usual crticism. Please excuse my vent.
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I went cleaned out our den closet and worked on the bedroom closet yesterday and today.

New total:

546/500 : :

Since our car broke down I'll be at home the next few days so I'm going to up my goal to 650.

Have a good day!
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The kids were not so much about napping today. Maybe they'll go to bed early.
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Originally Posted by nova22 View Post
Check out my signature!!!
Great job!!
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Originally Posted by mama2babybeans View Post
= 223/250

Almost there!!
+ 28 more items, including:
pair of stained sweatpants that I won't ever wear
lots of cheapy toys
some outgrown clothes

= 251/250
This is the first month that I've actually met my goal!!

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Jumping in late, but I already got rid of a lot of stuff to a friend who was collecting stuff for a charitable cause. Since I found we have to move, I have to get rid of a lot more stuff very fast. I already have a lot of things in mind (most stored in our garage) and I have a couple charities I will donate them too. Just getting it done...:
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Clothes my mom got me that I've never worn - 15
More clothing items - 5
Bathroom - 10
= 30
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Lets see there is more, but this is what I wrote down so far

6 pans w/lids
1 baby carrier
2 boxes of fruit snacks that my kids didn't like
4 boxes of cling wrap
1 baby bath tub
1 cushion baby bath
1 baby monitor
1 item sold on ebay

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4 old gross paci's
toy hammer that dog chewed
useless plastic piece of toy
yucky matchbox car

add 7 more!
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Sold 4 items today.

Sold 8 items in the last few days.

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Did another run through the house, this time I had my oldest help. When we got to his room I told him that he needed to find 15 items that he no longer wanted. He was done in less than two minutes: ! I didn't think it would be that easy. I than told him that once a week we were going to do this and he got excited!

So today we got rid of 87 items. Our new total is:


Our neighborhood holds a garage sale every year. Usually it's in May but we got the flyer yesterday and it's March 31. So I'm aiming for 700 this month and another 700 next month for the sale.
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Oh I totally need to do this. Jumping in late though. Today I'm going to start with the our bedroom, including the walk-in closet.
My goals for today are:
1 garbage size bag of clothes
1 small bag of little junkie things
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Sold 8 items in the last few days.

threw out 20 items that were underneath my bed.

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Some work clearing out the guest room (aka: clutter room : )

old artwork/practice drawings/sketches/warped mat board, etc (19)
ironing board
basket of dh's clothes (26)
2 bins, one box

An even 50 so far today
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Yay I just made it!
box of baby clothes (35)
dds clips drawer (5)
= 40

I'm so glad I joined. I was getting a bit tired today but then remembered its almost the end of Feb and I haven't met my goal yet. So I decluttered and yay! I'll definitely join again next onth.
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I've become a little obsessive about decluttering lately.

This month I went through the entire kitchen, pantry, bathroom, one side of our big closet, and our dressers and got rid of loads of stuff. I packed away all of my maternity clothes and have been picking out all of the diapers and clothing that dd has grown out of already.

This weekend dh and I worked on the office and totally reorganized it but still have a little bit of tweaking to do. We switched sides with our clothes in the closet so I could have the 2 level side and removed the TV from our room - yay!

This next week is finishing the office, going through the other side of the big closet, getting several boxes off to the Goodwill, organizing under the utility room sink, organizing the cupboards in the utility room as well, and finishing up reorganizing our clothing closet.

Next month...cleaning the fridge out and starting to remodel the kitchen - eek!
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Originally Posted by seren View Post
Cleaned up the living room, dinning room, kitchen. 4 more bags. 16/20 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't been home much lately, soo much stuff to do. But I got 7 more bags of junk out! My total is 23/20 YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!
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Unless something miraculous happens I'm not going to meet my goal. But I'll just add them to next month's challenge! Hopefully I'll have time to work on the basement then!!!!
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