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February Decluttering Challenge - Page 15

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I don't think I am going to make it this month, either. I was hopeful that I would get more done in between visitors, but nope! So, I have these to add to my got rid of list and see where it will get me:

8 sock with holes that could not even be turned into cleaning cloths
1 pair old undies that had seen better days

kitchen window clean up:
1 old chocolate rose that was "too pretty" to eat (I can't believe I wasted chocolate!!!)
4 old pecans that DS1 brought to me after pecan season that I just set down in the windowsill and forgot about
5 wine corks that I was saving for something (?)
4 wine bottles recycled
1 pile of ground cinnamon vacuumed up that I had sprinkled around the window last spring to keep out ants--worked well!

fireplace mantel clean up:
3 paper snowflakes from before Christmas
other clutter that I can't remember, so nothing to count

So that brings my total to:

146/250 but there are 2 1/2 days to go, so it might go up a bit...
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
threw out 20 items that were underneath my bed.

Adding 24 items from doing a 5 min. tidy up in a few rooms.

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Woo hoo! I made my new goal (with the help of my boys).


My oldest said he likes it when his room doesn't have as much stuff in it (they share a room). And I can feel the difference. Now we just need dh to jump on board . He was all for it but I think he got a little freaked out when he realized just how much stuff I wanted to get rid of.
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Originally Posted by mama2babybeans View Post
= 251/250
This is the first month that I've actually met my goal!!

Said good-bye to 53 more items today~

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Only TWO more days left in the month
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Today is starting out well:

3 manuals to freecycler
12 items SOLD and will be picked up in an hour
set of baby safe feeders (2 feeders, 4 bags) that DD never used
4 bags of shredded paper to the recycle drop-off last night

I have more to shred today, but I won't be able to take it over to the center until next month. Oh, well, it's a jump start on March!

Heading off to update sig...
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Double post, sorry
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well i cleared out 53 more items of baby clothes and 74 items of my own so I'm up to 345....I don't know if I'll make 500 by tomorrow,but at least I've gotten a lot of clutter out of here these past couple weeks
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My total is 439/500 plus 4 boxes of cans and bottles and probably 50 pieces of paper(conservative count). So I'll say I made my goal.
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Lets see I have some more stuff written down, but my dd is sleeping in the room that its in so heres what I have so far to see how much work I need to do today

5 Light bulbs
1 bag of candy
5 Soy sauce & duck sauce
2 lotions
1 craft
2 packets of prenatals
12 pairs of plastic pants
1 mouse pad


Looks like I need to book it for 100 items.

Oh I forgot the 8 items I sold and the 4 boxes it took to ship them

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Hey guys, I've lurked here and started doing this about a week ago. I started on 2-23 so I allowed myself until 3-31 to accomplish my goal of 250. It's been 5 days, and I'm already at 207!!! I very well may set a new goal of 500 for March.
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Ack, the month is almost over!

Sorted thru old newspapers, thinned the pile quite a bit (yes I do have newspapers from over a year ago but there are a lot of interesting articles I am slowly getting to!)

I'll just give the pile a "20"

2 sofa cushions irreparably chewed by dogs, finally thrown out.

2 diaper covers and an aio returned from the friend who loaned them to me.

kids' clothes borrowed from another friend returned.

27 items!
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Lets see heres my final list for February.

1 Phone Charger
2 Baby Powders
14 items from Linen closet
22 baby Shampoos & lotions
9 Toy badges
4 lotions
1 curling iron
1 curling iron attachment
1 makeup bag
20 items of makeup
3 razors
5 shampoo samples

83 Items

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I thought I post before the month was up
Over last weekend we completely redid our main clothes closet. We painted, laid down new flooring, and put up baseboard.
I love my new closet
Best of all I pulled out 112 pieces of clothes to donate! whoo hoo!
So I made my goal of 137! Actually my month total was 144!
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Well, I managed to get a little more done yesterday, but still not enough to meet my goal.

As of yesterday:

26 diapers packed up to send to a friend (you know who you are )
5 bars castile soap to send to the same friend
1 dead poinsettia from Christmas thrown away

so that brings my February total to: 187/250

I'm not going to be too down about it, as I had company for a large portion of the month, and got quite a bit done despite that I still got rid of lots of things.

I will just keep my time limits in mind better for March I already have 3 projects lined up!
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well i made it after all, with lots of help yesterday from dh, we got rid of tons of odd socks and such in our bedroom woo hoo!
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I didn't make it! I'm not going to get too down about it either though! I've cleaned out SO much! I just have to do the basement now and then another quick run through of the house so we'll see how that goes!
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We made it, *except*... ARC never came to get the stuff! : I'm going to have to call around and see who else can get it ('cause it's ~2 carloads for me!).
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I just thought of 2 more things that I forgot to list:

2 bottles of barbeque sauce that neither dh nor I liked, but were gifts and I held on to them, thinking I would find a way to use them:

So the new February total is 189/250. Is there a March thread started yet? 'Cause I've been busy today
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Well, I didn't get it dropped off till today but I got one last carload for February to SVDP. I also sold our old dryer on craigslist.com.

Now on to March ...
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