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Strep Throat Help--Please

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: So, here is my sad story: I got a cold in early November that turned into Bronchitis, followed by another chest cold that ramped the Bronchitis into a 2 month long coughing FRENZY.

My doc put me on antibiotics, and I foolishly took them, even though I didn't know for sure if it was a bacterial thing. Then, I got a raging strep throat, and took another course of antibiotics.

Now, less than 4 weeks later, I am diagnosed with another strep throat. I am looking for any and all advice to regain my health and to put this evil spiral behind me.

Here is what I have done: Taken lots of probiotics between antibiotic courses. Given up processed sugar and alcohol. Eating a mainly whole foods plant based diet. Sleep Sleep Sleep. I just got the book : You can Heal your Life, by Louise Hay out of the library today.

I go to pick up my next antibiotic in about an hour, but am leary of taking it....and of not taking it and living in strep land...Thanks for any input!!
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Originally Posted by jane-t-mommy View Post
Here is what I have done: Taken lots of probiotics between antibiotic courses.
It will take years to get the gut flora back to somewhere near to what it was. It will never be in the original state again. Antibiotics always stay in the body. They are like vaccines.
So, IMO you should take probiotics for a long, long time.

I go to pick up my next antibiotic in about an hour, but am leary of taking it....
Once you fight off strep naturally, you will have immunity and if you get it again, it will be a much milder case. On the other hand, abx will treat a wide range of bacteria and not necessarily the one you have. There are several pathogens that can cause strep, so it's not like you'll never get it again. But if you heal yourself and take care of yourself, you should actually never get it. No one in our family has ever had it. I raised three kids without any of them ever getting abx. Not once. And I have never had abx in my life and I am 60 yo.

I don't know what to tell you. You have to do what you think is right. I would never take the stuff unless my life depended upon it. So far it hasn't. Just like I would never get injected with the flu shot or anything else.

Blood is supposed to be kept sterile. If the body is not sacred, nothing is.

Good luck to you!
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This is what I would do.

I posted the link so you can see where to buy the SA in case you decide to go that route.

When I get sick I immediately take CLO, SA in a large dose, several echinacea and golden seal, 1 or 2 Tablespoon Sambucol and drink Astragalus tea all day long.

By the second day if I still feel sick I do it again. I have never had to do this for a third day.

DH and I have not had a cold, flu, anything in over 15 yrs and we are over 60 yo.

I do the same for my grandchildren. When they are sick I take care of them. Generally it takes one day to get back to optimum health.
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Found a couple of articles that might be informative (top does not recommend antibiotic usage with strep, second referrances rate of recurrence with antibiotic usage).

I got into a string of recurrent ear infections with my son I believe because I used antibiotics with his first. He can now successfully fight off bacterial infections on his own and we are antibiotic free for 1.5 years (he is 3). However, my sons recently had the same bacterial infection (Hib type B) and it still took my previously antibiotic treatment son two weeks to fight off what it took his no antibiotic brother less than two days to beat. My point is that it will likely take longer for your body to fight this on it's own because of the prior antibiotic usage. However, your body can do it. Give it the supports it needs.
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Acidophilus by itself will often cure strep throat. You must find a good brand that for sure has live acidophilus culture in it and gargle regularly leaving it in your throat for as long as possible. If it doesn't feel better within a day or two antibiotics are most likely required. You can add msm powder and salt as a gargle alternatively with the acidophilus, but the acidophilus is the key!

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My Strep Throat Story:


My daughter (age 3 at the time) had a very high fever on a cold Sunday afternoon.  I brought her to the dr on Monday, but we had to see the covering doctor since ours was away.  She tested positive for strep.  She had never had antibiotics and I didn't want a covering dr give her it for the first time, so I went home and got a 1oz spray bottle.  I filled it with Young Living's Thieves mouthwash (which contains antibacterial essential oils and colloidal silver) and added a couple more drops of Thieves essential oil to pump up the power!  I sprayed that in her mouth all day - probably once every half hour.  We went back to our dr the next day (Tuesday) since he was back in the office and I wanted to get his opinion.  He tested her for strep and to our amazement she was *negative*! 


If you want to learn more about Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils or their Thieves product line, please see this website: YLgrassroots.com


Also, feel free to PM me your email address if you would like to be added to my essential oils newsletter :)

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