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The Holiday Helpers Knit/Crochet Along

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Several of the members here have expressed interest in knitting year round for the Holiday Helpers. If you are not familiar with the Holiday Helpers thread, here is a link to the 2006 thread. You must have been a member of MDC for at least 60 days and have at least 50 posts to access that link. If you do not have access, visit this site, which does not contain as much information.

After some discussion, the current plan is to have a monthly thread to encourage each other along in knitting. There will be no assignment for each month, but you are welcome to set your own goal. I am going to reserve the first post so I can make a list of those participating and the goal each person is going for this month.

I am going to keep track of all the finished objects in a spreadsheet. Please pm me or e-mail me at knitalong @ greeneland.com (take out the spaces) with your finished objects. Please include the following information: the item, size, boy/girl/Gender Neutral, fiber, and your state/location information (this last will be used at Holiday Helper time in order to help us match you with a mama to send to). I will be maintaining a spreadsheet to keep track of finished objects. If anyone would like to be backup for me on the tracking, I'd appreciate it!

In 2006, there were nearly 200 families in need. This was the 4th year of Holiday Helpers and each year the list of families helped has grown. We have no way to know how many families will be on the list for 2007!

This is what we would like to knit:
Diapering Items (Wraps, Soakers, Longies)
Winter Items (Scarves, Mittens, Gloves, Hats)

You may also choose to knit other items like sweaters, blankets, toys, etc. If you do knit some of these items, let me know and I will keep track of them as well. However, our main focus is intended to be diapering items and winter items.

We do have MDC families with allergies to animal fibers or who are vegan, so we do need some items knitted with non-animal fibers as well.

These guidelines may change depending on our experience as we go along!

Let's get knitting!!!!!
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cinnamonamon a couple knit hats
nausicaamom 2 knit caps, 1 size small longies
ladywolf 8 hats
Desdamona soaker, mittens, hat, something felted (not necessarily all in Feb!)
alaska diaper covers, longies
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Awesome! Sign me up! I'll probably only contribute a hat or two for Feb., as I have some other knitting obligations, but after that I have high hopes of contributing a bunch of things.
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I'm in as well.

Not sure what I'll knit, though.

I'll check my stash and see what I have available.
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okie I am in. I have a babyshower gift to finish up then I can get started.

I'll come back and post a list of what I'm making, to keep track
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I'm in. PM'd you.
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I'm in as well - I'll be back later to update what I can do this month.
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I found a template for an Inventory Management Access database on the Microsoft website. I am modifying that for us to use to keep track of our FOs.
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I am in. I will email/pm you with my stash when I have a moment to breath!
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This thread would also be a great place to post if you have some extra yarn (or need some) for a specific project. Then those with more time than $$ can still contribute, & vice versa!
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Originally Posted by cinnamonamon View Post
This thread would also be a great place to post if you have some extra yarn (or need some) for a specific project. Then those with more time than $$ can still contribute, & vice versa!
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I can commit this month to making

2 knit caps
1 size small longies
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I'm in! I just finished knitting my last FIN item so I think it would be great to get this head start. For longies/soakers would anyone mind posting a general size chart since I normally only knit to my daughters measurements it would be helpful

Not sure what I will be able to do this month yet, will go thru my stash and come back to post.
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I just scored at Goodwill!

1 skein Pattons Classic Wool Black (I envision a soaker w/ flames... or something with flames embroidered on it)
1 skein Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in Pine green. (Something felted, I am thinking. Not sure of what though... suggestions welcomed.)
1 skein unknown green apple colored cotton with a stripe of boulce rainbow in it. (Destined to be a small hat.)
2 skeins of Lion's Brnad Homespun (which are going to become a couple pairs of mittens)

All of this for $2.50!! I don't knwo if I will be able to get it all done in Feb, but I'm gonna try. I'll post an update when I get into some of the projects.
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8 hats of varying sizes to add to the "pile." I have mostly wool with one acrylic (I already gave one away for a need).

And a bump.....
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What a cool idea. I wondered what the holiday helpers thing was. Hopefully, later in the year - when I am a bit better at knitting/crocheting, I'll be able to contribute. Do the holiday helpers use sewn things, by any chance? (I'm better at that! )
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Yes. Families need all kinds of things. The second link in my first post will bring you to the 2006 database and you can read some of the stories and some of the things families needed. Several mamas asked for mama cloth if that is something you can sew. If you sew AIO diapers or wraps, I know those are items frequently requested. And some mamas asked for fabric and supplies. I remember one was starting a sewing business to help raise some extra money for the family. I don't sew myself (it is the next thing I plan to learn!), so I didn't pay close enough attention to get a sense for items that might be sewn.
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Cool! Thanks. Too bad we don't live close - I could teach you to sew; you could teach me to knit!
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