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can I join? I need to think up of a project and will be back.....
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Well, I've fallen behind because I have to redo the hat that I'm making as a gift because it turned out to be too big.

I didn't notice this 'til I was almost done with it.

The hazards of not swatching come into play once again.

I will surely get it done and be able to knit something for the stash, though.
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Remember, that there will be mammas, poppas, big brothers, and big sisters that will need hat, scarfs, mittens, and such too! That was one of the biggest need on the Holiday Helper thread last year, stuff for the big kids (teenagers and up!)

So, too big may not be really too big
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I just made a huge score at the thrift shop - 4 beautiful soft wool sweaters and one cashmere sweater! Thanks for the reminder ladywolf - I was wondering what do with some of the bulkier wool - I think a few cool hats for big kids is a great idea
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Add another hat to the list. I would say for someone who likes earth tones (boy?) about 6.

Movies are wonderful for making hats. I do not have to think about what my hands are doing!
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Originally Posted by cinnamonamon View Post
This thread would also be a great place to post if you have some extra yarn (or need some) for a specific project. Then those with more time than $$ can still contribute, & vice versa!

I thought I remembered seeing a post like this. I'm in the thick of a bunch of projects so I think I have to wait until March to start my HH knitting. But, in the meantime, I do have some yarn that I could donate to someone who has lots of knitting time on their hands. I think I mostly have wools, probably worsted weight and light worsted weight. Nothing fancy. Anyone want me to send it to you to knit up? Just let me know. If you want pics, I can snap some...

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ok I will have to skip this month. I have a few projects going right now and i am slightly overwhelmed. Will try to join back up in March
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: We were all the way onto the 4th page!

Sorry about that all. Last Friday was my birthday. We had a very relaxing weekend, and although I did check all the new messages in my subscribed threads, I hadn't even visited the Yarn Crafts forum for 4 days.
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Originally Posted by greenegirl View Post
I hadn't even visited the Yarn Crafts forum for 4 days.
That's it...we need a new leader -- this is completely unacceptable!

Just teasin'! Hope you had a great birthday!
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I did have a great birthday. DH took the day off from work, which was the best thing, and we went to Gatorland. I had never been there and have been wanting to go. I really enjoyed it. Afterwards we went out to eat at an Indian restaurant. I love Indian food and several people have told me about this one place that is good. I didn't think it deserved the rave reviews everyone keeps giving it, but it was certainly better than many of the Indian restaurants around here!
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Glad to hear that you had a good birthday.

Just to update... my mystery yarn (no longer a mystery yarn though) hat is done. Just have to weave in the loose ends. Adult size. Would be great for a mama or teen girl who loves a bit of loud(er) color on their head. (My camera is still MIA but I could scan it if you want to see. )

Wool wrap is about 65% done. I am just getting bored of the endless rows of stockinette stitch. It'll be an XL when done.

The Brown Sheep Co wool was made into a small felted clutch. Needs some embellishments... funky buttons or maybe an embroidered flower? This would be good for a teen (or mama) who doesn't carry a big bag.

Still haven't touched the Lion Brand's Homespun... and honestly I think the yarn snob in me is getting the best of me. Anyone want to take it off my hands and knit something for the future MIN's?? PM me if you are interested.
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Anyone interested in knitting some dishclothes for this? I never thought about it before because I had never knit a dishcloth before. I just started my first one and I am addicted. They are such a quick knit and inexpensive to make, so this would be an especially good way for someone without much time and/or financial resources to participate in this project. It is also a good way for a very beginning knitter or someone who wants to try out a bunch of different stitch patterns to participate. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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I'm really sorry that I haven't gotten anything done yet.

I got so busy with overtime at work and then wrestling practices and tournaments for Gunnar, that I got overwhelmed.

Then throw in the migraine that started yesterday morning...after 3 doses of Vicodin I'm now pain-free but feeling pretty loopy.
Lord only knows what I'm actually typing right now.

Hopefully I can still get something accomplished this month.
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I have free stuff for anyone wanting materials to make HH gifts....
I have to just accept the fact i hate to sew....I have a few thrift store sweaters that I intended to sew longies/soakers out of ...they'd be great for that....but I just can't make myself do it. I also have some finer gauge sweaters I started to frog, but I'm not sure it's worth doing. They might be better used as longies and diaper covers, too. I also have a fairies & fern pattern for making soakers and longies out of sweaters, which I would never sell separately, but which I would feel okay sending it to someone who promises to use the sweaters for HH gifts. That's the only caveat...whoever wants to take me up on this offer must promise that the materials are going to be used as HH gifts.

Anyone interested?
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Yay! I'm subbing!
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I want to join. I have some nice red and white cotton which would make a cute candy cane scarf/hat set.
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Do a little dance: : Knit or crochet a little gift: Get down tonight!
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I would love to join in on this because it sounds like a wonderful idea.

So are the diapering items in the most demand or is it the things like hats, scarves and mittens?
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with a : : :

i think it's a little of both.

i am going to focus on the bigger kids as well as the mamas and the papas (if I have any suitable yarn for a dad ) since there always seems to be a wealth of baby stuff, knitted or otherwise.

Plus as we head into the latter part of 2007, if we are lacking small(er) items we will still be able to crank out itty bitty stuff since it knits up so quickly.
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