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Raspberry Leaf tea

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I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and am wondering if it is safe to drink raspberry teaf tea this early in pregnancy. I have the Traditional Medicinals brand and wanted to order some from Compleat Mother. Anyone else drink it???
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I think so. My midwives started serving us raspberry tea at our first appointment, which was probably right about six weeks. That's the brand I have been drinking and I can't see why it wouldn't be safe. Also, Traditional Medicinals makes "Pregnancy Tea" which I find much more palatable and interesting.

Congrats on your pregnancy! Best wishes, Edie
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I drink it!
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It's safe. Raspberry leaf tea is good all the time. Pregnant, nursing, menstruating....

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The Compleat Mother raspberry tea is far better then any other ras. tea I have had. I have always understood that it is good for everytime in a woman's life as was previously posted. Enjoy!
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Compleat Mother

I drink it too! (BTW, I'm 32 weeks right now - the count down is on ) I agree with Treemore, the Comlpleat Mother ras. leaf tea is MUCH better than Trad. Med. I should know, because I ran out of the Com. Moth. tea and have had to endure two whole boxes of the Trad. Med. before my good stuff came:yuck
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Oh thank you all! I forgot about the PG Tea. I am going to order some from Compleat Mother. I Love tea and don't want to give it up. I already gave up coffee and other caffene, I have to have some thing to hold on to!
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What symptoms does raspberry tea help with?
Digestion? Nerves?

I too really would like to find a black/green tea substitute.
At 28 weeks along, I am now hyper sensitive to caffeine.

Since becoming pregnant I haven't even had a drop of chamomile
or roobios, both which I really enjoy, just because I'm not
sure if they will hurt the developing baby.

Any thoughts?
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Hi Ponoma,

Red Raspberry Leaf is part of the subject of the main page article on Mothering's website today. Here's an excerpt:

"Red raspberry has been called the "herb supreme" for pregnancy. A wonderful tonic that helps to prepare the uterus for birth, relaxing and relieving cramps, it is so effective that many women actually report pain-free or virtually pain-free labors thanks to red raspberry leaf tea.

Red raspberry is rich in iron and calcium (which pregnant women need more of), potassium, and vitamins B, C, and E. It has been shown to help with morning sickness and postpartum depression, to prevent bleeding at birth and hemorrhaging, to return the uterus to normal more quickly after birth, and to encourage breast milk. British scientists have recently identified an active ingredient and confirmed raspberry leaf's use as a pregnancy tonic. It is safe and without side effects. Red raspberry leaves are usually infused as a tea and consumed three times a day."

By the way, Chamomile tea is safe during pregnancy as well -- don't deprive yourself!
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i just wanted to chime in--i drink a ton of rooiboss--it really helps with the heartburn!
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What is rooiboss? Or is it roobois? Or whatever!
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You can get raspberry leafs in the bulk section at a natural food store. I like brewing it in a french press.

I have heard some controversy about the safety of raspberry leaf tea. Does anyone know any contraindications during pregnancy? Most of what I have heard is that it is safe and effective but a friend of mine read something that caused her to stop drinking it.
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YOu know, I think I'm confused, too.
I drank it faithfully but I'm sure it was almost towards the end. Maybe it's something about stimulating contractions? I honestly don't remember what I heard about waiting. It's to tone the uterus and help w/the overall uterine health.

BUT...I also mixed mine w/nettle tea. Have you heard of that?
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Yes, I also mixed mine with nettle tea and sometimes red clover. I like the combination. I drank these teas while trying to conceive and stopped a few days before ovulation. I'm researching and I'll see what I come up with. I'll also meet with my ND soon to see what she has to say about it. I think if my intuition is telling me to avoid these teas for now, I have to go with that.
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Rooibos tea

Rooibos or Red Bush Tea is from South Africa and is a great tasting herbal tea. It has lots of vitamins and minerals and is rich in anti-oxidants. It is safe in pregnancy and african women actually drink quite a bit of it and give it to their babies as well because it helps colicy babies. There is some info at http://www.just-rooibos.co.za/pages/rooibos.html if you're interested. I LOVE it.
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More on rooibos tea

Rooibus means "red bush". You can mix rooibus with other herbs to make a lovely nursing tea. Try adding fennel seeds, anise seeds and camomile - delicious, no caffeine and it will stimulate your milk production!
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Oops! I am a sleep-deprived nursing mama. The post before me already translated rooibus as red bush!!
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raspberry leaf

RL tea strengthens the muscles of the uterus, helps contractions and if drunk during the last 3 months of pg may lessen the risk of severe haemorrhage at birth, reduce the length of labour pains. Helps with mild digestive probs e.g. (constipation and Definitely works for that!). Could cause contractions in some women in early pregnancy causing misarriage (but don't know what the incidence are).

Reader's Digest: Foods that Harm Food's that Heal
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I can't drink the tea w/o putting lots of sugar in it. I know, its not good to add sugar but I can't stand the taste, so I don't drink it. I started taking raspberry leaf tea capsules about six months of my pregnancy. Drinking tea probably wouldn't hurt. I don't know this for sure. My last labor was practically pain free UNTIL the nurse broke my water, at 10 cm and all HELL broke loose. Never again will they break my water!
Oh! Congrats on your pregnancy. I'm due on March 31, 2002.
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