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Originally Posted by andreac View Post
Such as?
I ask the same thing.
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My mom was always opposed to child leashes until she had my little sister who was a runner. She hated holding hands and would basically drop to the floor and scream. She could also figure out how to climb out of strollers, so they weren't really an option either. One day when my mom was going to the post office Emmie took got away from her and almost got hit by a car. My mom went out and got a child leash and Emmie loved it. My mom could keep her from running off and Emmie could safely have the independence she wanted. IMO a leash, as long as it is not abused, a is a safety device.
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Harnesses serve a purpose and can be very eful with the right child. A friend of mine has one and it really does help her son remember to stay close. Now he wants to wear it (it has a monkey on it-who wouldn't want to wear it When he is in a good mood he will hold his own leash and walk with uswhen he's in an onery mood-an adulas to hold it. It keeps him safe-that the most imprtant thing
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Originally Posted by thehappyhippo View Post
I don't like them. I think there are lots of other alternatives that are better.
And they are?????
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I know I've posted this before on these threads but this story still cracks me up.

The twins were barely 2 and we were at the beach, and had to cross a MAJOR highway at a traffic light to get to the beach (US Rte. 1... 3 lanes each direction). If one of them had bolted they'd have been smooshed by opposing traffic. I was worried about the what-ifs even though they weren't bolters, and we already looked like camels with all our beach gear there was no way we could dart after them. So my mom got harnesses for them - those old fashioned chest harness (look like the top of liederhosen!). Well they'd never been on leashes before and the kids thought it was a riot. The light turned green and as soon as we entered the loooooong crosswalk they began straining on the leashes and barking like dogs. OMG I was absolutely morified. MORTIFIED! But we made it safely across and back.

Dh and I still crack up about this. I've used a Maya ring sling once or twice too, but mostly we just teach them not to run and for us it works. So far never with our toddler (2) but never say never. Whatever works and is done respectfully.
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My son's elbow was dislocated (nursemaids elbow) so we did get him a harness, the one with the dog, to prevent it from happening again. If he decided suddenly not to hold my hand I can still catch him before he makes it out into the street. He's not always a runner but he has sudden moments and you can't tell when they might come. He doesn't mind wearing it and if we are inside and not on the street he will usually hold my hand and we just tuck the tail into the backpack portion of it. Even if he runs away in a store I don't have my eyes off him so don't worry too much about it. I didn't think I would ever use a child harness but his safety is what's most important and if using this harness can prevent another painful injury to his elbow I will gladly use it.
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oh phew and here I was paranoid that I killed the thread and left everyone horrifed that I laugh at the memory of my children loving their little, um, make believe episode with the leashes :

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Originally Posted by Periwinkle View Post
oh phew and here I was paranoid that I killed the thread and left everyone horrifed that I laugh at the memory of my children loving their little, um, make believe episode with the leashes :

I don't find that horrifying at all. DD sometimes finds her old harness and puts it on and gets me to "walk" her.
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They REALLY do re-enact everything!!! I taught Kinder for years and was amazed at how much I learned about people's "private" lives.:
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