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VBAC and induction

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I am currently 40 weeks 3 days with DC#2. I am trying for a VBAC but doctors are already pushing c-section. My first c-section was for FTP after 46 hours of labor, pitocin, and every intervention imaginable. I only dilated to 5 1/2. I caved to c-section because I was so exhausted, both mentally and physically at that point. My goal was to have a natural, unmedicated birth the first time around, so I am trying again. My plan is to stay home as long as possible this time, as well as hiring a doula.

I am not really sure of my dates, I conceived while breastfeeding and only had 3 PP periods at the time I got pregnant. They are dating my pregnancy via ultrasound. My first one went two weeks past due (but I went into labor on my own at 41 weeks, 5 days).

Obviously, induction did not work for me the first time, but is trying again with this baby still better than going for a scheduled c-section?
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Spontaneous normal physiological birth is always safer than surgery. Induction is never a good idea even without surgery and you've seen what happens even with chemical induction if your body and baby are just not ready for birth. In your shoes I'd just ignore them all and stay home until strong labour then just go in to push out my baby. There is absolutely no need to schedule surgery just because you're over 40 weeks. Term pregnancies are anywhere from 37-42 weeks so postdates isn't actually till after 42 weeks. Stop talking to the surgeon and just cocoon yourself safely at home Your body is designed to birth, your baby wants to be born. Your baby just wants to be born when it's ready to breathe and suck without problems and only it knows when that will be. Hang in there, don't let anyone tell you differently - birth works, your body works, dates are meaningless.
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You might be what a friend calls a "slow cooker". She says some of us are slow cookers (typically going over 40 weeks) and some are microwaves (typically having healthy babies even a couple of weeks early). Was your first induction for "post-dates" too?
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I was induced for my VBAC and it worked out quite well. However, I also had an extremely supportive OB who never once mentioned c-section. I went to 41 weeks and 4 days before I agreed to induce. They broke my water, which started my labor, and then augmented my contractions with a very low dose of Pitocin. I went on to have a wonderful birth.

In my opinion, given the choice, I would choose induction over a repeat c-section anyday. With an induction, you have a chance to have a vaginal birth. With a c-section, there is no doubt - you are having surgery. But I would definitely wait as long as possible before inducing. My OB insisted on having a biophysical profile done at 41 weeks (because it was the Xmas holidays and she would not be around if I went into labor, so she was having it done mostly to reassure the OB covering for her), which I passed with flying colors.

One of the big predictors about how successful an induction will be is your Bishop score. This is based on factors such as how favorable your cervix is etc. If your Bishop score is too low, an induction is much more likely to result in a c-section. Do some research to help you make a decision. In the end, it is your decision. They cannot force you to have a c-section.
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Oh, I forgot to mention. My doula says she has yet to see a VBAC that didnt go postdates. It seems to be a pretty common thing. So I wouldnt rush into surgery just because you are postdates.
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Originally Posted by InstinctiveMama View Post
Was your first induction for "post-dates" too?
Her first post indicates that she went into labor on her own at 41w5d. Her labor was augmented but not induced.
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They had planned to induce at 42 weeks anyway and since I had already been in labor for nearly two days before heading to the hospital, that is why they started the pitocin. They wanted to speed things up. In hindsight, I realize I went too early and if I had stayed home and rested, I could have easily made it without the c-section and all the interventions.
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I wouldn't make any decisions until I was 42 weeks. At that time I would decide. You don't have to do anything you don't want to it is your birth. Good luck!!
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U/S (especially those after the first trimester) are NOT accurate enough to tell you your due date. Even being a few days off can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. If your baby appears healthy and you are doing well, I would be very hesitant to have an induction. Remember, in a healthy pregnancy (which is the vast majority of the time) the baby beginning labour on its own is the best indicator of when baby is done cooking.

There is no reason for you not to be able to go to 42 weeks. My OB said she would let me go that long at least before even thinking about a slow pitocin induction (provided I was favorable).

I can totally understand not wanting to repeat your last experience. My first c/s was after FTP dilated to 5.5 too! Ugh. I was induced (pitocin) due to PROM with meconium though... cx weren't starting on their own. Fetal hearttones weren't very reassuring either (cord around neck 3x). Fooey.

I bet you'll go into labour on your own very soon. Walk around lots, do lots of OFP exercises to try and get that babe into the best position and try to relax! I know it's hard will all the anxiety and fear associated with VBAC - but do take some time for yourself and do whatever you need to do to relax (I might get flamed for this, but I'd even consider having a few ounces of wine to calm my nerves).

I hope the next time we hear from you you have your baby in your arms! Don't get pressured into anything you don't want to do! GOOD LUCK!
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Originally Posted by ndakkitten View Post
Oh, I forgot to mention. My doula says she has yet to see a VBAC that didnt go postdates. It seems to be a pretty common thing. So I wouldnt rush into surgery just because you are postdates.
I completely agree with this sentiment and with what everyone else has said in this thread. However, just wanted to throw out there that with my VBAC baby, I started labor naturally at 39.5 weeks. So it does happen! That having been said, hang in there and give that baby as long to cook as you possibly can. Hang in there!
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