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When did you mommas have your 1st AF post partum

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My DS is 10 weeks old and I haven't started yet. I did bleed for 5 weeks after I had him and the dr's offc said that I could have had a period mixed in there but I still would have had another by now if that's the case because it's been 5 weeks since I stopped bleeding. I'm starting to worry... there's no chance that I'm pregnant and I only BF for 2 weeks.
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If you're breastfeeding, it may not come back until you wean.

Mine NEVER came back after son #1 13 years ago... then came back about 8 weeks after daughter #3 two years ago...

Darn, I miss not having them!
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Are you breastfeeding?

Cos if so, it may be many months. Like, over a year.

My stats, with two exclusively-breastfed-on-demand babies:

DS1: 14 months postpartum
DS2: 6 months postpartum.
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Mine was 5 months. DD was exclusively breastfed (never even a bite of solid food), never had a bottle, and we co-slept exclusively. We did everything you were supposed to do, and it still came back. It's different for everyone. I'm glad mine came back early because we wanted kids close together, and now they'll be 16 months apart.
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I never got one back after my first dd. I got preggo with dd2 when dd1 was 10 months. It's been a while for me!
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14 months. Which I believe is the average if you nurse on demand all day and night.
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5 weeks PP here...
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12 months
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Somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks postpartum...boy, was I bummed.

Interestingly enough, though, I'm on the mini pill and I haven't had a period since late November.
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22 months.
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~25 months for dd#1. She had whooping cough and we had to nightwean her.
With dd#2, 28 months. She was sick and nursed less at night and af came back.
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3 months
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14 months. dd is ebf and we cosleep, but right around 13 months she started nursing less at night. sure enough, af returned.

incidentally, dd might be going through a growth spurt so night nursing has increased again, so we'll see if i ovulate and menstruate this coming month.
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I think the OP wrote that she only BF'd for 2 weeks. In that case, OP, your cycles should return very quickly. I think all the posters so far have exclusively breastfed, and in that case, the average time for the return of your period is about a year, or 13-14 months.
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Yeah if you only BF for two weeks then it should come back soon.

We're at nearly 10 months PP and still nursing on demand. No AF here, which is fine by me.
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I was only able to BF for 4 weeks, and AF came back at 7 weeks PP. My midwife said that for most people who are not BFing, the average is somewhere between 4 and 12 weeks PP.

The other thing to consider is to make sure that your diet is adequate. Even though I am not BFing, it was recommended to me to stay on a prenatal vitamin if I had any doubts that my diet was not meeting my postpartum needs.
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Iam so happy that I didnt get my peiriod yet!! Myckel is 7 mos now and he had solids for a week but then stopped and hasent had any since. The only thing I dont like is that I cant get pregnant yet ...
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No AF yet and DS is 11 months old.
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3 months post-partum, despite on-demand nursing and co-sleeping. I was ticked. :
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6mos. Even with exclusive BF and round the clock nursing.
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