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Thanks for the info Festivus......i went to Al-anon years and years ago with a friend, and maybe I was in the wrong group, but it was a group of people who whined and felt sorry for their lives......it was hard for me to hear. They were doing NOTHING to change or get out of their situations.....maybe its my problem, but whiney pathetic people are hard for me to be around. Even hard to empathize with. Maybe it would be different in a different group. (This was just my experience, Im not knocking the organization) My son doesnt live near us.....but I would still be interested in understanding what he is going through. ANy other books you could recommend would be helpful too.......

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Oh, rainsmom, that is SO NOT typical Al-Anon! I keep going back b/c these people have the kinds of lives I want! They are so happy and at peace and hopeful and loving! I think you found a very unusual group, and would be pleasantly surprised at trying a different one...it certainly doesn't matter if your son lives anywhere near you - none of the alcoholics in my life even live in the same city I do, and some have even passed away.
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The very first AlAnon meeting I went to I hated. I went 10 or so years ago and thought it was useless and that the people were wimpy, etc. I don't think it was about my state of mind so much. Just not a great group... I didn't return for years.

When my AA sponsor has me try it again she said to try at least 3 meetings and I am glad I did. You'll find people in all different places on their journey - some still struggling to keep their heads above water and some with lots of wisdom to share.

However, if you don't want to try one maybe you could get some of their devotional books. They sell them at cost and they are really neat. One is called One Day At A Time and there is another called Courage to Change. They have daily readings and an index in the back, so that if I am having a "bad" day in terms of detachment I can refer back to the index and find all the readings on that. I bet they have info on the website Megs Mom linked.

Also, the AA Big Book would give you some insight. They are also available at cost, but I have a link to an online version: http://www.healingresource.org/book.cgi?Contents_1 The chapters "More About Alcoholism, We Agnostics, How It Works, and The Family Afterwards" might be helpful to read or skim.
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Hi mindful mamas! I got home last night and I am pooped! I like all the support you're giving one another here and all the hugs are great too. I gotta go dig thru my mail and see if alanon mailed me the list of meetings I asked for before I left.

On Sunday (or when anyone has time) will someone kindly get us going on the next chapter (Healing Moments) which begins Part 7 of EB? If someone has the time a new link ("Everyday Blessings" Part VII ~ Book Discussion & Tea Party...or call it whatever you want and link it to this thread please) for Part 7 would be awesome!!!

I'm swamped with unpacking and other junk, but glad to be home.

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Welcome home! I hope your break was re-energizing.
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Welcome Home Curley!!!

OK - back to mindfullness....

Do any of your find that you are spending too much time living in the past and future?

i was out on a walk yesterday morning and I realized about 30 minutes into the walk that I had spent that entire time thinking about things in the past and then fantasizing about the future.

I realized how futile my thinking was and I started to think about what I really needed "now" and what I needed to do to get it going. It was really hard.

How do you all center yourselves to stay focused on "now"? I'm a list maker - I need to see a list of things to get done, break things down into little steps. If I don't have lists I feel like a boat without a rudder.

any thoughts?
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I work on staying in the present by using my five senses. It's especially useful when out walking. I find something that smells delicous, or I just try to identify as many distinct smells as possible. Then I listen very carefully and do the same things with sounds...etc.
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Lists help me when I have a lot going on. But when I find lists from a year ago I have to laugh at what seemed so vital at that moment to me then...you know the things we have to have or think we need to do that keep us from being in the moment we're in NOW. Funny how our needs change. I often find myself not in the moment but able to pull myself back in after I realize my mind is on another planet. It takes a lot of practice and remember just realizing where our minds are is being mindful. And being an adult and having lots of responsibilities makes me want to be on another planet some days.

Thinking of you all and going to attempt to attend an alanon meeting this week. They are at 8pm...late for me to leave the house but I am very interested in checking it out.

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<==me today. Finally feeling motivated to get the trip laundry done. Just wish I had the energy to get us onto the next chapter and make a new thread. You all are so precious to me, but I am seriouly thinking of unplugging my computer to fully enjoy summer, dh, and ds. This computer has a way of sucking me in. I hope I havent killed our thread. I'm sure you'll figure out what to do...mindful mamas ROCK!! (I typed a more mindful post but ds turned off the computer when he woke up from his nap...before I could finish...and I am out of time.)

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Here's a link to the new thread I just created for our group.

In order to get the emails that there are new messages, you either need to write a reply to the new thread or subscribe to it, by clicking on a button at the bottom.

I would have included a summary of the next chapter with quotes and deep thoughts, but alas, I'm the one that still can't find her book. If I'm just mindful enough about it, I'm sure it'll turn up.

Hugs to Heather and hope that you can find your computer/life balance.

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