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splendid - we like the plans at touringplans.com

they charge but we've been very happy.

I used to like the dis but their search function has become unusable

good cents mentioned on in the past she goes to - intercot? (pipe in here anytime good cents LOL)

allearsnet.com is great - especially the menu section!

you can sign up for a great money saving newsletter at mousesavers.com - they send it on the 15th of every month.
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Bibbidy bobbidy BOYtique???

We are going to WDW with dh's brother and his family. Ds's 3 year old cousin is going to get the princess makeover, and his 8 year old boy cousin is going to get his hair done. Has anyone ever done this with thier boys, and is there anyplace I could see pics of the boy-doos?
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And Grand Cooking Adventure

Ds sounds intrested in this too. Any reviews?
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i like intercot.com. the boards are pretty active and they have lots of resort pics.

i went to the BBB with my DD and she loved it. It was like the first or second week it was open so I didn't see any boys there. I am sure they do something fun. Is it me or did other people here about a pirate something or other opening up for boys?
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Am I the only on that can't stand the hair styles at BBB? They look very uncomfortable and not that cute. My DD is only now getting used to having things done to her hair and having it gelled back like that I don't think would fly. Even if she did like it, I don't think I would enjoy trying to wash and comb it out later either. I think the idea sounds good, and getting nails and come glilter on, but not the slicked back hair.

I guess that is one way I don't have to worry about spending my $. That is a good thing because I have 2 princesses.

I have seen pictures of the boy do's. It is manly a color in their hair, rather like the main st barber shop. I saw a picture of a hidden Mickey in the back of a boys head.
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Yes, they have an Adventure Room full of pirate stuff, but much to ds's dismay, they don't offer a Pirate Makeover.
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I just told the "godmother in training" to go easy on dd. She was only 3.5 when we went. We also didn't do "nails" and I only let them put on lip-gloss vs. jazzing up her whole face.

My DD loved it! She doesn't really let me "do" her hair alot, but she liked this since it was an "event" I guess. The washing and combing wasn't too bad either. But we only did the bun and crown thing. I forget what the other styles look like.
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I guess I should count myself as a Disney fan. The kids and I have annual passes to Disneyland even though we live 10 hours away . I practically grew up at Disneyland though. We lived in Orange County and my grandpa worked there. I've have been way more times than I can count. I drive down to SoCal 3-4 times a year to visit family and we always spend a couple days at DL with my parents, siblings, etc. The annual pass more than pays for itself (though I think it sucks that I had to pay $50 for my van to go ). Oh, and my DH HATES everything Disney so he never comes with.

To the pp who asked about taking her 10 month old--I think it depends on the kid. We took DS when he was 9 months and he absolutely loved everything about it, esp. the teacups whereas DD2 hated it at 17 months (not a crowd kid). And I'd definitely bring other friends or family to trade off watching kids so you can get some adult rides in.
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Rigama, my kids have done the cooking class. I don't think they were that impressed with it. They thought they were going to be "cooking" and were disappointed that it was decorating cookies.

My 6 yr old and her best friend went to the BBB for her friends bday. They wore their princess costumes and looked like princess. They went to the castle for lunch and later that night we went to MNSSHP, so they had a full day in costume. I wasn't with until later on in the afternoon, but when I finally spotted them walking the grounds at the GF I cried. Then again I cry at a lot of happy moments that take place at WDW!

I'm dying to get back there. We were hoping to be there in January, but with my dh's work it will be a last minute trip and who knows when that will be. I hope soon. I really miss the Polynesian.

springbabes that would be a bummer if my dh hated Disney. Luckily we all have such a good time. He does get to go golfing so that helps! Plus my kids are old enough for the kids club, so we get to go out and enjoy ourselves at their great restaurants.

Mrs.PhD I reconize your photo from the link you sent last week or so. I remember you from the restaurant board. Nice to see you here.
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Hi mirlow!

WDW is DH's and mine speical place. People think that I am the one that pushes it, but he really is the undercover Disney nut.

It was below zero this morning and winchills much lower then that. No school. No school tmw either. We are going a little stir crazy. Man I would love to be in FLA right now. I can't belive we will be in 4 weeks (minus the kids.)

This whole cruise thing is becoming so much work and so much money. I am really looking forward to it, and am excited about it. But MAN it cost so much more for us. Even just getting 4 past ports is $400! We have gotten going to WDW down to a science and with DVC and AP it really doesnt cost that much. We are doing the cruise to go with BIL and SIL. I know it will be fun, but I do not see us doing this as often. :
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Hi Disney mamas...I have a question for you guys. We're going to WDW in about 2 and a half weeks and I'm going to be between 8 and 9 weeks pregnancy while we are there. Has anyone been there while pregnant? Any suggestions? We're pretty commando normally and I'm hoping we still can be since I'm feeling pretty good. However, I have scheduled a little more down time than normal (yes, I'm crazy and actually "schedule" down time on our trips). I'm a big water drinker to begin with so I shouldn't have any problems staying hydrated. The only thing that I'm really concerned about is morning sickness since we are on the dining plan. I'd hate to miss out on all the yummy food I'm planning to eat!

Anyhow, if anyone has been during early pregnany, I'd love to hear any suggestions or tips!
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I went in my first trimester of pregnancy with my second baby. It was easy peasy really. Although - it should be noted we were well-seasoned city dwellers who walked tons and tons anyways. A day or two at Disney wasn't a sweat. We did go easy - no "Dumbo or Die" days as they call it. I drank water and snacked regularly. I am not a huge ride person so no worries there - I did do the safari bus thing at AK even though it is isn't "advised" for pregnant ladies. It wasn't too bumpy or anything. Have fun!
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AMJ 3 years ago Jan we were there. I was 8 weeks pregnant and my best friend who was with us was 4 weeks (she found out an hour before going to the airport!)

My Doctor said I could do /ride anything I felt up to at the time. The baby was so small it wasn't at risk. I didn't do much, I had to sit out with Anna at the time anyway. I did ride mission space though, :

I had been VERY sick with MS before the trips. So much so my doctor gave me zofran. I didn't need to take any the whole time I was there. There was so much yummy food everywhere. I could always find SOMETHING that was ok. (not the case at home.) We were always eating and mild exercise. The weather was good, warm but not too hot. I went back to feeling bad after getting home.

You should be fine! The dining plan should be good because you get so much food and choices.

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goodcents and Mrs. PhD- I'm glad to hear what you both had to say about the rides. I talked to my OB office last Friday about this. Normally, I'm the roller coaster girl in our family! I was also told not too worry much about the ride restrictions since it was so early. The only restricted rides that I plan to go on is the safari and POC (why is that restricted?). What do you think about Goofy's Barnstormer? DD LOVED that ride on our last couple of trips, so I'd love to experience that again with her, but it could also just be a ride that DD and Daddy enjoy together.

I'm really looking forward to our hotels and the food on the dining plan for this trip!!! We've been slumming at Pop Century for our last few trips because the price is so good and DD LOVES the pop jets and the toddler pool. This time, we are staying at Coronado Springs for 7 nights (dining plan for these nights) and AKL Savannah View for 3 nights (AP rate...no dining plan). DH feels like we are "betraying" Pop Century (our Disney home away from home) by not staying there, but I need a change!
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Originally Posted by AMJ View Post
The only restricted rides that I plan to go on is the safari and POC (why is that restricted?).
there's a little drop at the beginning...

I went when 20 weeks pregnant with my twins and did fine
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AMJ, I agree you should be fine on those rides, and goofy too. At 8 weeks I road Dinosour, (my niece wanted me to be with her) and Misson Space (same thing.) I just sat back for the MS ride, since I had been before and knew it didn't make me sick. I don't really recomend it though. You should be fine on Soarin too (don't miss that.)

Tell me how is Pop? We have never stayed at a value (since we own DVC, and stayed at mods before having kids.) We need a room for a few nights before the cruise and a night after so value sounds great. We were thinking AS movies or Pop. I have never visited them so I don't know what they are like, but I think the kids will enjoy them.

CS and AKL should be great!

flminivanmama, I could sure stand some FLA sunshine today. It looks like Anna will at least have school tmw. It has been canceled for the last 2 days. Then Thursday she has the day off (half day but K is only half day.) At least I have gotten a break from taking her into school. It can be quite the challenge, not enough parking and a long walk, dragging poor lily the whole way. At least she is wearing her boots now. For the longest time she would only wear crocs. This girl is in the wrong state, or at leas season. I have had to fight with her to get her to wear pants and long selves. My god it is 2 degrees out!
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I stayed at Pop my first on property stay (I stayed OP more times than I can count as a kid)

I didn't really find it to be such a "deal". The hotel was kinda of dirty (this was when it first opened to!). The food court at POFQ seemed to have a larger arrange of choices and healthier ones too. I know it the theme and all, but I really found it to be a bit garish after a while. The colors and the big "things" all of it was a bit overwhelming for me towards the end. I am very sensitive to my environment though - I am sure other people love it.

We were sick with a cold on that trip, both dh and I, so I am sure that colored our perception but still. I would pick POFQ for the extra $50 bucks a day anytime. It was money well spent in my opinion.
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it wasn't so sunny today!
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As I live in Utah, the flight to Florida is overwhelming to me.

LA is a short one hour flight. So very excited. We got the neverlost system in the rental to HOPEFULLY save the WHY ARE WE LOST? fight which ALWAYS happens when we go on vacation. (Well not on the cruise, but we did not drive anywhere on that one.) $40 will be well worth it if we avoid that fight.
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I guess we are in the "same boat" but on different sides of the country.

Cal and the time change is too much for us right now. FLA is a brezze flight.

I hope you have a great trip! I can't wait to hear all about it.
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