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Originally Posted by ~*max*~ View Post
Also, I have a question - has anyone stayed at The Animal Kingdom Lodge? We are interested in trying that next year. There are 6 of us, so we'd need either a suite or two adjoining rooms if that is possible. Any info would be appreciated. TIA. :
We stayed at AKL about a year ago and loved it! It is, hands down, our favorite hotel at WDW. If you can swing it, book a Savannah View room. There is nothing like waking up to see giraffes and zebras outside your room or going out to your balcony in the dark and listening to animals eating right below your room.

The resort also has a lot of fun activities. I went on a Culinary Tour at Jiko and Boma. They have African storytelling, scavenger hunts, etc. My DD participated in a "Safari" in the gift shop. I think that she had to walk around and find different animals in the store or something (DH did this with her so I'm not really sure). She got a certificate when she finished it.

AKL is also home to my favorite WDW restaurant (maybe favorite restaurant ever), Boma. It's an African buffet. I'm not much of a buffet person normally, but this place is fabulous. We have eaten dinner there several times and had breakfast there once. We ate at Jiko when we stayed at AKL. I wasn't very impressed. My meal (vegetarian) was surprisingly bland. DH (carnivore) thought his meal was okay, but we both enjoy Boma much, much more.
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Originally Posted by AMJ View Post
AKL is also home to my favorite WDW restaurant (maybe favorite restaurant ever), Boma. It's an African buffet. I'm not much of a buffet person normally, but this place is fabulous. We have eaten dinner there several times and had breakfast there once. We ate at Jiko when we stayed at AKL. I wasn't very impressed. My meal (vegetarian) was surprisingly bland. DH (carnivore) thought his meal was okay, but we both enjoy Boma much, much more.
Our fave restaurant at Disney is also Boma!! So yummy! Our boys were 2 and 4 at the time, and they loved it too!
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I was happy to see this thread bumped up! I haven't been on MDC much lately because I have been planning our trip to Disney World! We leave Wednesday and are staying for a week. It will be me, DH, and my parents. As we are planning on TTC in a few months, I am thinking of this as our last big trip before kids.

Carolyn--thanks for starting the trip report. I just love to read those.

We have reservations at Boma, so I am glad to hear that people like it. We also have reservations at Sci-Fi, Rose & Crown, and Artist Point (for DH's 30th b-day!).

I subscribed to Tour Guide Mike, too, and I've really enjoyed using it to plan. I have never used him before, so I am excited to see if his tips really work. He gets many rave reviews, so he must know something! I haven't been to WDW in 8 years, so I am was in desperate need of information.

I'll come back and post after our trip and let you all know how everything went.
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I love all the places you have resos at
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Ok, So I am way late to this party.

I am trying to book Disney for may and don't know where to start. Got any thought's for a slacker? Anyone stay at the POP Century?
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that's where we almost always stay we love it
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I subscribed to both these places and found them very helpful. Basically, our plans distilled down to:

-avoid parks which have the extended hours that day
-Ride the most popular rides first thing in the morning and late afternoon-evening, and get fastpasses for those rides as often as you can, as soon as you can, and come back to them during the day, in between the other rides and attractions
-you can use the fastpasses any time after the return time - don't stress about returning on time
-baby swaps mean most people in your party can ride twice for those rides that have a height restriction - these also happen to usually be the most popular rides AND you get to go to the front of the line on your return trip with up to 3 people
-ride the moderately popular rides mid-morning or late-afternoon
-ride the less popular rides/shows anytime and in between the other stuff
-prioritize what your group wants to do to avoid disappointment
-book in-park breakfasts before the parks open and you don't have to wait at the front gates to get in, and if you finish bfast before the park opens you can zoom to the first rides you want to go to
-if Dumbo is a must, ride it FIRST. No fastpasses and the lines get loooooong

Those are my tips after my trip. Having a baby was a real asset because of the baby swapping! You can google it to see how it works.
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Our trip report continued (am I being annoying posting these here?):

Day 3

This day started well with a late morning (for us). The baby wakes up pretty early, but we were able to sleep in a little. We headed to Epcot and happily walked through Future World and headed towards sleepy little Norway pavilion for a late breakfast at Akershus.

The buffet was amazing! My dd, who dislikes waffles, bread, pastries, eggs and many other breakfast items, was very pleased they had smoked salmon and ate her weight in the stuff. The baby was very happy they had blueberries. The food was actually very decent. The princesses were cute, and my son blushed when he declined an autograph. My goodness puberty is right around the corner (ok, he's only almost 10, but *blushing* is new).

The plan was for me to go grab fastpasses for Soarin' and come back to tour Norway, Mexico, and go counter clock-wise. It was a nice brisk walk and when I returned there was still a little time left before it opened. Unfortunately we spent a bit of time sorting out my Mom's room key: the charging privileges were denied when the system 'erased' her credit card info. It was all sorted out and baby was the proud new owner of a cute Norwegian boat ferry that was sent back to our room (and made in China, natch).

We toured the pavilions as planned, and sent DP to get fastpasses for Test Track, with a plan to meet in Canada's Kidcot (the kids were loving the Kidcot stops and we liked the slower pace this forced us to adopt).

Unfortunately, my version of the plan and dp's version were not the same (and to defend him, I understand why he thought the plan was to meet at Japan where our lunch ressie was). We waited, and waited, and waited. And waited. I walked to Test Track, worried that dp, who hadn't been feeling great, was ill sitting on a bench or something. He wasn't. My mom went to a store and was put through the security and guest relations who had nothing for us. We waited. We didn't go for our lunch plans at Japan, worried that we would miss each other on the way. I felt like we should just stay in one place and it would get sorted out. Wrong. Two hours passed. A second phone call to Guest Services revealed a message that he was at Japan!

We took the boat to that part of the Showcase and met up with dp. He explained that the hostesses at the Japanese restaurants (Tokyo and Teppan Edo?) were awesome, but the male manager told him that because he wasn't a child, "nothing could be done". Eventually another person told him to leave a message with Guest Services and that worked. Ironically, I had been carrying my cell phone until that day. He had also left a message with the room, but I didn't know how to retrieve them from outside our resort. Anyhow, relieved and hungry, we decided to eat at Teppan Edo anyway, and they generously accommodated us, 2 and a half hours late for our reservation. The wait staff were cute in their worry and relief for us. Very nice.

Our dilemma was this: We had a reservation for dinner at Le Cellier in 2.5 hours! I didn't want to turn that down, nor did I imagine I would feel like eating again so soon. So we ate lightly at Teppan Edo (which was totally awesome and so yummy!) and decided we'd eat lightly at Le Cellier too.

We shopped in the Japan pavilion, and opened three oysters at Pick a Pearl. We all got pretty nice pearls, but dd pulled a bit of a gimme fit at the jewelery, so we left without any settings. To be fair, we were buying little things here and there, and there is so much consumption at Disney, that I can understand what gave her the Gimmes, but the little fits I won't tolerate, so we left the area and moved on.

Dd wanted to see China pretty badly, so we took the boat across the bay and walked to China. We had planned to see all the pavilions, but losing Dp really put our schedule off. We toured China and watched the movie, which the kids enjoyed, as well as the Kidcot stop.

I rushed over to Le Cellier (late) and convinced them to give us a table. The host was not thrilled at my saucy lateness for the revered Le Cellier, and seemed disappointed when the person at the other end of his headset said there WAS a table for 6 free. We were, gasp, 40 minutes late and I was worried that we'd miss out after all.

We were seated. I ordered a stiff drink, and settled in.

Unfortunately, our hard-earned Fastpasses were no good, I realized at the table, as it was after 7pm. DRAT! What a day!!!! The waitress, Canadian like us (of course!) was so friendly, and when she asked how we were, I poured out our down day. She was sympathetic and kind. Little did I know how kind! She returned with Fastpasses coupons for rides of our choosing, good for any day!!! She said she told our story to her manager, and Voila! What a sweetheart.

The filet, ordered blue for Dp and myself, was amaaaaaaaazing. Best steak in years. It was done to perfection, and so melty. So with the combination of the kindness and alcohol, we settled into a nice, relaxed dinner, infused with Disney magic.

We finished dinner and headed to find a spot for Illuminations. We found an ok spot, and some kind people let the kids stand with them at the railing. The show was really great, and the kids were awed (ok, we were too!). So cool. The baby, now a loud-noise trooper, fell asleep, and only briefly stirred at the conclusion. If you knew what a terrible sleeper he is at home, waking for the slightest whisper of noise, you'd find this incident, and the similar ones that followed, as amazing as we do!

We dawdled in the UK pavilion while the departing crowds thinned out, then headed to the buses. What a walk! Luckily, Wilderness Lodge is among the first stops, but still, holy hanna, what a trek.

We all slept well, and made firmer plans about what to do in the case of separation again.

105 dining credits to go.
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I am enjoying your TR!
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I'm enjoying your trip report, too!
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me too - so sorry about the missing dp mishap!
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Day 4 - Feb 10

We were excited today to be going to Animal Kingdom. Unfortunately the bus wait was a pretty long one, but we whooped it up when the bus finally arrived. It wasn't a short ride either, leaving us late (again) for our reservation at Tusker House for a character buffet. We were seated after awhile (fair's fair) and the buffet was quite good. I liked this restaurant because there was a lot of space. Dd had a good time joining in on the musical parade.

Unfortunately, we made a miscalculation and declined to get fastpasses for Kilimanjaro Safaris. Instead we headed over to Dinoland and got fastpasses for Expedition Everest on the way. The kids really liked Dinoland, and enjoyed the rides and carnival atmosphere. Luckily they won small stuffed dinosaurs on our last carny game. The odds were pretty stacked up against them on the other games with the large numbers of players (and at $2 a pop!) but fortuitously they won on the ball-in-the-cup game, purely on chance, and on the same game!

We ate lunch at Yak and Yeti, which was great. The service was so-so and it took a looooong time to get the bill and clear out. I went for another fastpass for the Safari this time while we waited for our meal. They were all gone for the day and it was only 1230! Unfortunately the waiting time was well over an hour, and so we just had to skip it, much to our disappointment. The weather was beautiful and sunny, so the trek to get the fastpasses was great, however.

My son had been talking about Expedition Everest for the whole trip and leading up to the trip. He was pretty excited. Unfortunately, at the last moment he got very scared. He started to cry. We asked to step aside and take a moment. The ride attendant was not very nice about it. Surely other children must have had similar moments. After a few minutes my son decided to go for it, and was seated beside a very nice lady who agreed to reassure him. I sat beside my equally scared dd, and away we went. It was a great roller coaster, but the kids decided it was only a "little bit fun, and very scary". They declined a second trip.

We escaped real wetness on Kali River Rapids. Ds got quite damp, I was sprinkled, and my mom got a leg wet. Someone on our raft was drenched from head to toe! We also watched the parade and saw Lion King. Both were excellent. We were able to go right from the Pocahontas show to Lion King, and so had a good end to our day. I was still disappointed about the Safari however.

We had reservations at Hoop de Doo and headed over to Fort Wilderness from Animal Kingdom. It was a nice night and my mom, dp, and I all got some very nice hand-carved silver rings. Dp and I got matching rings with the initials of the kids, and my mom got a ring with my deceased Dad's name on it.

The kids adored Hoop de Doo. The food was so-so but filling and the show was fun. We left in good spirits and took the boat home to Wilderness Lodge. It was a late night but a very good day.

85 TS credits to go.
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Yeah, after some searching, I found you guys!!
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LOVE the TR BTW! Makes me wish we were close enough to go...

We are having a "discussion" at our home about a fall/winter vacation. DD, DH and DS want to spend vacation at Disneyworld. I, on the other hand, have friends who live in Japan and would like to visit them (they are an hour from Tokyo.)
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Is anyone going to Disney soon? We came back a few weeks ago and my daughter had a ponytail with little mickeys all over it and it broke. I was hoping someone could pick one up for me if you don't mind.
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i go to disneyland about once aweek to every two weeks (AP holder). i'd be happy to look there for ya.
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Thanks, I'll try to get a picture of the ponytail holder I'm talking about.
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I don't know if this will work, here is the link

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Originally Posted by CarolynnMarilynn View Post
The kids adored Hoop de Doo. The food was so-so but filling and the show was fun. We left in good spirits and took the boat home to Wilderness Lodge. It was a late night but a very good day.

85 TS credits to go.
What ages would you say Hoop de Doo is best for?
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Oh another tribe for me!!

I live in Orlando and we are saving money to buy our annual passes again. (probably in June so dh can go to Star Wars weekends) We had to let them expire because the renewal was right after dd was born. The last time I was at Disney was when dd was three weeks old. We went out just in the evening to see the Candlelight Processionaly at Epcot.

dh says almost every day "oh man this would be a great day to go to Disney".
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