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have you cloth diapered in Disneyland?? I don't even own sposies right now but I'm thinking for this trip it would be easier to leave the cloth at home...
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Oh wow, yeah I would have a hard time dealing with CD on a trip like that. Maybe pick up those eco friendly diapers? I'm not a hard core CDer so I went cheap :
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we did it. all the hotels have laundry machines...

but don't feel guilty if you want to pick up a package of sposies
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Local disneyland mama

Yes, we do cloth, but I live local, so I just put the cloth in a zip up waterproof wet bag and put it in the bottom of my stroller until we get home. If we go without the stroller I use disposables tho. I know other mamas who have gotten those large trash-bag sized wet bags and kept the diapers in there until they wash.
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We're going all-out vacation/relax mode and going with 'sposies. As much as I : our FB's, I'm actually looking forward to the laundry break!
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We're planning a Disney World trip wit our DS who will most likely still be in diapers at the time. We booked a DVC 1 bedroom unit mostly because of the in-room washer. I can't imagine trying to deal with disposables after only ever dealing with cloth. What if I bought the wrong size?
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Popping in to sub too! We live far away from the Mouse now, but we are DVC "owners" at Saratoga Springs.

I haven't read the whole thread, wow, it's big!

Do any of you DIS?
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: what a great trip report and congratulations!!! Sounds like a fantastic honeymoon!!

Originally Posted by Monarchgrrl View Post
Welcome, MrsSoup! I've always thought that your DW job would heaven! You should tell us about it, if you'd like. I'd love to hear.

I haven't yet posted about our honeymoon to the World! It was 8 days staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, with the deluxe dining plan! We went at the beginning of Sept and boy was it HOT and HUMID! WOW! I'll stick with December/January from now on.

The Lodge was beautiful and unique. We loved it! All of the castmembers were amazing and so nice! We ate at some fabulous restaurants. Our favorites were Jiko's, California Grill, Sci Fi Cafe, Kona Cafe, and dinner at Boma's. The Boma breakfast left a bit to be desired, we thought, but it was good, just not great.

Since we were on our honeymoon, many of the waiters brought us a special dessert or gift. At Jiko's, they had all the castmembers sign and write in a "congratulations" card in Swahili!!! It was amazing to read the language. It was pretty funny to see the reactions of the hostesses when they realized we were married...to EACHOTHER! (we are two women) We wore Disney "Just Married" buttons, so everyone says "Congrats" but most of the castmembers from Africa that worked at AKL did a double take. Our favorite woman (who we saw every day and became sort of friends with) on the first day said, "Oh congratulations. You are married. Oh! To each other? You are married to each other? Really?" She honestly didn't believe us. We were smiling ear-to-ear and convinced her it was true. She asked us a few questions and then every day she was so happy to see us and told us everyday that she remembered us. We took a few pictures with her and I think she really got a kick out of befriending a couple of lesbians. She was very sweet and I think we broadened her horizons a bit. It was great!

Speaking of the buttons we wore, they have Prince Charming and Cinderella on them and say "Just Married". They are cute. But they have a man and woman on them, obviously. So, on the second day, I found little stickers of all the princesses. They were the EXACT same size as Cinderella, so I did some doctoring and made mine have Ariel and Cinderella and my DW's had Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. They look awesome. Here are some pics!

Before and Ariel & Cinderella

Aurora & Cinderella

Many people, even castmembers thought our buttons were "Disney-issued". Hehe. One even said, "It's about time they made same-sex wedding buttons! Good for you!" I just let her believe they were "real". Of course, there were a few people that walked by and we heard them say "That ain't right!" We didn't care though! One castmember said congrats and my DW was in line behind me and he said "Where's the lucky husband?" I laughed and said "Um...WIFE, and she's right here." He then said all happy, "OH!!! Well REALLY congratulations, then! Good for you two!" We were cracking up! Everywhere we went castmembers were either SUPER nicey nice (we think because they don't see that many married lesbians there) or were surprised and didn't know really what to say. But mostly, we just got super nice responses from people.

Another interesting story:
I got to talking to a castmember that worked at Epcot in Morocco and he was Muslim. He admired my memorial t-shirt that I made for my brother that was killed in Iraq 7 months ago. He wanted to talk about that and seemed really touched and moved by his story. He wrote my brother's name in Arabic on a piece of nice paper and wrote a blessing on it for me to keep. That was really nice. So we were getting along great and chatting while waiting for a storm to pass. Then he saw my button and asked why there were two princesses on there and where is my husband? I told him the deal and introduced my wife and he just couldn't fathom the idea of two women being married. It was pretty funny, actually. His reaction was udder shock and amazement and he didn't hide it one bit. After I convinced him that in two states, women really CAN be married legally here, he then said that maybe I'm like the men in his country that can marry more than one woman. But he reminded me that women can't marry more than one man, so maybe we are like that...the woman that is married to more than one man. We were all laughing! Then he said that we might get in trouble in his country so maybe we can't visit him. He was sweet, though.

So, really, it became like a little game for us to see what people were going to say each day.

All in all, we had a great time and made lots of happy Disney World memories!

Wow, sorry for the dang novel I just wrote.
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I will never stay at an allstar again It was horrible. Our experience at Port Orleans FQ was so much better than this trip.
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I am so sorry to hear that. we stay at POP century all the time and never really had a bad experience.
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Originally Posted by Cekimon View Post
have you cloth diapered in Disneyland?? I don't even own sposies right now but I'm thinking for this trip it would be easier to leave the cloth at home...

I did it. We stayed at the Carribean Beach resort (I think that's what it's called) and I just used the machines one night. It really was not an issue.
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We are planning a trip with my parents next fall. I've been trying to wade through this thread and I'm sure I can finish it by next fall! In the meantime does anyone have any tips or hints to make a trip easier and/or less expensive with 4 adults and 3 kids? We really aren't definite on dates yet - sometime late September/early october. My mom wants to stay near Epcot. If anyone has any websites they can recomend feel free to pm me. Thanks!
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I'll PM you with a website I belong to, about 200,000 Disney fans are on it, lots of info!
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Originally Posted by MangoMommy View Post
Popping in to sub too! We live far away from the Mouse now, but we are DVC "owners" at Saratoga Springs.

I haven't read the whole thread, wow, it's big!

Do any of you DIS?
The original thread started on Dis and then came over here. With some of our more non-mainstream ideas, it worked better over here! I still have MDC Dis-Mama in my signature over there
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We got the current discount offered (7 days for the price of 4) and are booked at Animal Kingdom Lodge club level. So excited to be at that resort, and club level to boot! We downgraded to the regular dining plan because of the food offered on the club level, and are thrilled. When little one is over 3 we'll have to book 2 rooms at this resort, which would be too expensive, so this is really our last chance at staying at AKL.

This is our second trip as a family and will be a surprise for the kids. We aren't going to tell them until we are on the road. They think we are going to Cuba. Thank goodness their understanding of world geography is sketchy or we'd be found out. We are keeping it a secret in the case that dp doesn't work a lot this winter (construction) and we have to cancel. Also, it is a challenge to myself as I am a lousy secret keeper, so this is my attempt to get better at that!

We are considering staying an extra few days in Florida for maybe a beach day and some of the other attractions. How does SeaWorld rank as far as animal welfare stuff goes? And is Cape Canaveral all that interesting for kids of varying interest? Where else should we go? Considering Universal Studios for the day (not Islands of Adventure but the other one)...

We're driving down and back so we can make our own plans. Thanks!
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Hi Y'all did anyone else take advantage of the buy 4 get 3 free special? I just booked a trip for April 28th - May 5 and I am soooooooo excited. The only thing that is a little nerve wracking is I a am doing it ALONE with the kids, me and my two littles. Anyone else going to be there then?

I am booked for Riverside, the French quarter wasn't available. Carribean Bean is available but I keep reading so-so things about. Any insights to either the Riverside or the CBR? Thanks!
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I just have to join this group!!

Though I hate to say I am way more a DLR kind of Gal then a WDW gal Either way, I thought I would say HI! I am currently 6 weeks along with my first baby, and I am already planning my little one's first trips to both parks :

I have friends in the area of DLR and an AP so will probably start taking little one as soon as I know I can walk the park. Then we will most likely head to WDW for sadly only a day or two when little one is approx 4 months old. Mostly so I can use my free birthday ticket, get pictures of the babe and because we will be visiting my Inlaws who live right near the park.

Yes I am a little crazy, maybe after I have the babe I will rethink things though as this is my first and I doubt I know what I am getting my self into taking an infant to WDW hahahah!
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Disney is Disney Tankgirl.

So I am allll booked for my April trip and getting excited. : Originally I was staying at the Riverside but I decided to go whole hog and stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge!!!!! This is the ONE resort I have been kinda dying to stay at. I was able to get a standard room (after trolling the disney vacation site for a room to come up) so it wasn't actually that much more expensive then Riverside with the buy 4 get 3 nights free special.

Now who has eaten at Ohana's....is it really worth it? I can't tell if I should go for dinner or just the character breakfast.
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Just booked for the first week of Jan!!! Last minute trip to Florida and Disney for us!! We are spending 5 nights at SSR, we are very excited!
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hey all, any reccomendations for disney land for older teens and adults visiting? thanks so much!
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