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Originally Posted by columbusmomma View Post
Oops! Ds will be almost 7, not 5(like I stated)when we are there. I am in my late 30's, so I don't remember much from when I went as a child and I know it's grown! We will be there for 5 nights and 4 days. We are staying at the Fort Wildnerness resort, in a cabin.
Thanks for the book recommendations ladies! Lots of reading and researching to do before April!
We just got back from Fort Wilderness last week, but we were in a campsite. We did check out the cabin areas and they are nice. There are buses around the campground from the front gate (where the buses to all the parks EXCEPT Magic Kingdom are) to the Outpost, where the restaurants are. This is also where they have a boat to the Magic Kingdom.
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We're going in March (booked the 7 for 4 deal!), and I just joined a fridge swap on disboards. We are so excited to go back!! To respond to some of the previous questions...
I have seen mothers NIP all over the park, and have never seen anyone give them a problem - I would be really offended if someone did, quite honestly...
We have gone the end of May/beginning of June the last few times, and it is really not too crowded - I'm guessing since it's the end of the school year, parents don't tend to take their kids out of school at that time, but schools are not out yet, and the weather is not too hot...
We have stayed at the all stars several times and have never had any problems. They have always been clean and well-maintained, and though lacking any but the most basic amenities, we don't spend much time in the room other than to sleep and shower anyway, so we don't need more than just the basics. Plus, we camp a lot, so four walls and a private bathroom are all we need!
The last time we were there, ds, who was not quite 3, had a bad attack of croup. He woke at 1am, hardly able to breath, and nothing was working. The front desk not only called for an ambulance, but paid for our cab ride back, brought several get-well gifts to our room the next morning, and let us use a wheelchair free of charge. They were amazing!!!
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I"m still going thru Birnbaum's. Ok, can we talk food?!?! What are the best places to eat, foodwise,funwise, kidwise??? THANKS!
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Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
Question---my friend is thinking about going to Disneyland this week (Anaheim) and I believe it is going to be raining. I told her I would skip it and try to make it another date..but the rain date is the better for her... anyone go there on a rainy day...is it worth it?
they have been before, by the way.

I don't know if it is too late to answer, but we have been to Disneyland in the rain, and it was one of our best trips ever. This was 2007--in early December. We were going to see the Xmas decorations there for the first time, and stayed for 3 days. I was very nervous to see that it was going to rain, but honestly--rain in Anaheim is not like anywhere else. It is often a sprinkle or short shower, followed by lots of dry time and some sun. The best part is that rain keeps the locals away, so we pretty much had the park to ourselves for the first few days. We walked on every ride, and it was a pleasure walking around with a little coat on rather than burning hot--which is how Disneyland usually feels. The air smelled fresh and it was cozy drinking hot chocolate while watching the parade. It rained strongly a few times when we where there (mostly at night after the park closed), but always cleared up enough for us to walk around in a short time.

Since then I have read that many people who love Disneyland Anaheim love it in the rain and it is the "secret" on how to get a good trip without crowds.
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Originally Posted by columbusmomma View Post
I"m still going thru Birnbaum's. Ok, can we talk food?!?! What are the best places to eat, foodwise,funwise, kidwise??? THANKS!
well, any place is going to be child friendly

our favorites are
whispering canyon cafe in the wilderness lodge hotel - favorite meal there is breakfast
50s prime time cafe in MGM studios (or whatever they are calling that park now LOL)
the french toast at kona's in the polynesian is faboo.

mmmm what do you like - waht are you looking for? table service? counter service? are you on a meal plan? etc
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I am leaving tomorrow for Orlando!:::

One of our days down there we will be taking 17 mo ds to Animal Kingdom! I can't wait!:::

Will let you know how it was when we get back
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Have fun hollytheteacher!!!:

Thanks for the suggestions flminivanmama. I'm thinking of seafood as one of my personal choices. Everyone else is into pretty much anything and everything! Is there a certain place that would keep LO's attention spans, neat stuff to see, that type of atmosphere? And it wouldn't really matter what the cuisine type was, just a fun dining experience for the kids. thanks!!
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coral seas is pretty cool - is that the name of it? fancy type place (kids welcomed and encouraged though!) where you can see in the tanks of the living seas while you eat....

whispering canyon that I mentioned is super fun for the kids.

any character dining....

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Can you give me details about whispering canyon please?!
Coral seas sounds neat! I'll have to read about that!
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this is about my favorite disney dining planning site http://allears.net/din/dining.htm

some of the cute things they do at wispering canyon are - bring you ALL the ketchup if you ask for ketchup, lead the kids around in a hobby horse race, lead the kids in a pledge to never go to universal (lol), make new brides and grooms kiss....
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Originally Posted by flminivanmama View Post
coral seas is pretty cool - is that the name of it? fancy type place (kids welcomed and encouraged though!) where you can see in the tanks of the living seas while you eat....

whispering canyon that I mentioned is super fun for the kids.

any character dining....

It's Coral Reef, but yeah- that is a really neat place to eat! If you have a party of 4 or less, you can request a tank-side table. The wait might be a tad longer, but it's worth it. The sea turtles are amazing!
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I am officially planning a trip!!!!!!

We're renting DVC points for 12/6 - 12/12!!! I'm so excited to bring my son down for his first trip : And it will be fun to spend the next 10 months planning....

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We enjoyed Yak and Yeki in the "Asia" section of Animal Kingdom, by Expedition Everest. It has honey chicken, kung pao beef, egg rolls,etc. There is a counter service one (I got fried rice, the girl behind me ordered vegitarian fried rice and they made it) and we ate in the restuarant itself too. The restuarant itself is very neat inside, it's 2 stories with the middle open to below. I think the theme is Tibetan? It has dim sum, lettuce cups, miso salmon,etc.

There is Tomorrowland Noodle Station in Magic Kingdom but it was closed when we were there in Jan.

In Epcot, for sit-down, we like Teppan Edo in Japan. It's teppan-yaki style.
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This thread is fantastic! I lovelovelove DisneyWorld. We've been twice, and are planning on going back in June this year. We have reservations starting June 1st at the Polynesian. Unfortunately, it looks like my boys will still be in school that week! We are in Kentucky, and they missed 7 days due to the recent ice storm(and subsequent power outages). The county only has 6 days built in to the year--one in Feb, one in March, and 4 tacked onto the end of the year. So the grand total of snow days is now at 9. Totally unheard of for our area.

We're going to try and get our reservations postponed for a week...but when we originally set them, the Polynesian wasn't available(neither was Animal Kingdom Lodge, of course, which would be our ideal choice). Ugh. We just never dreamed that there would be so many missed days.

As for NIP at Disney, the second time we went, I was nursing DS#2. He wasn't a toddler yet, just nine months. I really liked the nursing/family rooms that they had. The separate nursing room was cool, dark, and comfy. Ideal for my easily distracted babe! There were separate rooms with changing tables/family area/high chairs that were brighter lit and more "loud", if you will.

We have had two more children since our last Disney trip, and our youngest will be almost six months old.
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I am joining! We are going in late September. Ds will be 8 and Dd 4.5. We are stay at Port Orleans French Quarter. I really did not know which moderate to stay at but liked the small size of POFQ. This will be our first trip - 8 nights and 9 days.

I am sooooo excited! We are probably going to do deluxe dining and eat at a few of the places that require 2 credits for one meal. We like to eat and I think it will work out better for us to do deluxe. I am hoping they offer free dining again this September like they have in the past and then I will upgrade.
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I love POFQ. It is such a great resort. We are going in April and are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. i just found out that the Epcot Flower Show is going on when we will be there and I am so excited about that.

I made my dining reservations a little while ago but need to make some changes. i am very excited for the trip, but I am taking my kids by myself so that will be a big change!
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Just a few weeks ago I decided that DH and I need a getaway before our baby comes, so I am now planning a trip to WDW March 3-11. I got a 40% off PIN code via e-mail (not sure how, but I'm grateful!) that saved me more than the 7 for 4 deal going on right now, and it has allowed us to stay at the Boardwalk. I'm so excited! We've never stayed at a Deluxe before. I'll be 23 weeks pregnant at the time, and I hope my occasional nausea and tiredness don't get in the way too much. I am just planning on taking it easy and enjoying walking around the parks. One of the great things about staying at the Boardwalk is that we'll be right there at Epcot's World Showcase, so we can walk around there all we want, and then I can walk back to the resort if I get too tired. My parents and sister will be joining us, too. I subscribed to Tour Guide Mike again because his touring plans were so helpful for our last trip. I am going through and trying to plan out really easy, relaxing days. And after this rough winter we've been having, I am looking forward to some Florida sunshine!
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I wanted to add something about character dining. I don't actually do character meals because I'm not really into characters, but I have heard really good things about the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. The characters are Pooh and his friends, and the food is supposed to be really good. If I had to pick a character restaurant, that's the one I would pick. If you are interested in the princesses, I would do Akershus in Norway at Epcot. That one gets good reviews, too, and is supposedly better than the princess meal in the castle. If you are interested in Mickey and the gang, I have heard that Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary is good. I just read a good review about the Cape May breakfast over at the Yacht and Beach Club, too. I don't think Mickey is there, but I think it is Minnie, Goofy, and some others. The cool thing about this one is they are dressed in swimwear. That sounds really cute to me.

I am going to echo the PP and say to check out the info on Allears.net. There is also a lot of good info at wdwinfo.com. Wdwinfo.com is the owner of the Disboards, and the Disboards has a restaurant board where you can read a lot of reviews, too.

Hope that helps! Have fun planning!
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Another great character meal is 1900 park fare dinner - its with cinderella, the prince, & the step mother/sisters. They were great, and paid tons of attention to our DD. Agree that Crystal Palace characters are fantastic.

If you're looking for a unique fantastic dinner, we ADORE Boma in AKL, they've got an incredible African buffet, and as bonus you get to look at the animals hanging out in AKL before/ after your dinner.
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I have new questions!!
1. We will be there on Easter Sunday. Anything special we should check out, foodwise,character-wise, etc.?? Does anything special happen?
Also, the ride Soarin'. Is it wonderful? Would my DS, almost 7 like it or would it possibly be scary?

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