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Sore throat for 10 days???

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: Normally if I get a sore throat it only lasts 3-4 days tops. This time it has been different. It is more like my throat is swollen and when I try to swallow it is very difficult. It is hard to describe really, a normal sore throat feels a bit different.

I looked back in there and things are a very reddish/purple around where my sinuses drain and I thought I saw some very small blisters. My tonsils are also very swollen covering up at least half of my sinus openings. My ears are also killing me from not being able to drain properly I think.

I was finally going to go to the Dr. today but I dont know if the weather will permit it. It is really wearing me down being in pain like this. Any thoughts on what it might be??

I know that the fact my sinuses are draining, but not well, the mucus is very thick. TMI there sorry is it just irritation from that or is it something else going on. Any thoughts at all?
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My thoughts are why wait 10 days and then go to the doctor????

We do something about a sore throat or anything else on day ONE on day TWO. By day three it's gone....

Here is what we do, just in case you want to do SOMETHING for yourself.


Sorry to sound so grouchy but every person has to be their own doctor from time to time. Everyone has to take care of themselves and of their own children's health.
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I have waited this long because I thought that I would get better without going since I usually do. I have been taking OTC meds. It has been almost 2yrs since I went to the Dr. I usually treat things myself and get better. But this time I guess I am just to run down.

Plus I have to get my mom to watch the kids and she hasnt been feeling well and neither have they. Also it is a hour drive and I just havnt felt like driving that far. And no there is no one that could drive me unless it was truly a emergancy.

Another reason is we had no money and in the hole on our bank account and I have a 25$ copay that has to be up front or they wont see me.

Thank you for the advice. I will try to pick up some sodium ascorbate if I can find it last time I looked it wasnt available.
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