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I know what you all mean about making comparisons. I'm especially guilty b/c I'm always trying to figure out if Ingrid is as far along developmentally as her birth age. Her due date was December 24, but she was born November 12. I'm going this eve to meet up with the members of my birth class (due dates all very similar), so I'm super curious to see if she seems older b/c she has more experience.

She is nowhere near rolling over, I don't believe.

I went to an Attachment Parenting International meeting today. It was so great. Best of all, they have a huge sling library, and you can check out a sling for a month. Right now I have a Kozy mei tai. I'm not sure how I feel about it-- it looks cool, but she doesn't seem as comfortable as she does in her fleece pouch. And she is still facing in. I think she is ready to look out more, but not quite stable enough for a kangaroo carry.

angrypixiemama-- I'm so sorry about that comment. I don't know what is wrong with people. It definitely bums me out that there are so many women who bash others for making different parenting choices (and in some cases, it's not even a choice, but the only real option).

Anyhow .. I'm not articulating that well. And I don't even have an excuse, b/c Ingrid slept 5 hours last night, nursed, slept 3 hours, nursed, and then slept another 2 hours. Second night in a row-- I could get used to that .....
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Originally Posted by ATruck View Post
I went to an Attachment Parenting International meeting today. It was so great...
How can I find a local meeting?
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Jill, I'm using a lactate support supplement I got at the health food store. It has fenugreek, blessed thistle, and fennel. Maybe with a combination of things the fenugreek wouldn't bother Fiona. Do you have an okay place to pump? I've pumped in my classroom with the door locked and when I have students in there working I go to the nurse's sick room. I've had a few walk-in scares, but no one has seen anything yet. Somehow, a student got a key to my room and almost walked in on me, but I yelled out in time.
I didn't have a baby to give him to someone else either, but that's just the timing of everything. Unless I want to be homeless, I have to work right now. I hate it, DH hates, and I'm sure baby hates it, and I'm working hard to make it so I don't have to work next school year, but right now that's the way it is, KWIM?
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twogreencars, Atticus is OBSESSED with his fingers; sometimes he would rather suck on them than my nipple!!
I found a local AP through my local LLL.
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Originally Posted by twogreencars View Post
How can I find a local meeting?
try here -
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First, hugs to all the mamas returning to work. I only worked part-time for part of Layla's first 2.5 years, but I still hated being away from her.

It's so great to read up on all our growing babies! Keep the news coming.
As for Yasmeen, our little one weighed in at 8lbs 13oz at her 2 month checkup last week. She's been nursing well. She still sleeps quite alot,but pushes up well and is active when awake. She just stares and stares at her big sister. but she is a serious thing. I really have to work for those precious smiles. I feel like she always smiles when another mom holds her, but perhaps I am too distracted by my older girl. Speaking of which, while I absolutely adore Yasmeen and could spend hours stroking her head and admiring her tiny toes as she nurses, part of me yearns for the days of one-on-one with my first daughter - taking her places and just being with her. It makes me feel a little guilty to feel that way since I am so blessed to have two beautiful children. Anyone else, KWIM?
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Originally Posted by citymama View Post
Thanks for the link...just checked...we don't have one in my city ...the closest is 120 miles away...a bit far for a meeting, don't ya think?

I'm going to check out "Holistic Moms" and see if there's a local meeting - anyone attend any of their meetings?
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Hey, mamas. I wanted to add that I'm going to rely on your moral support. I have to say that pretty much everyone I know in my neighborhood does CIO. The local pediatrician recommends it as early as 2 months. Those poor babies. I can't imagine it. But I'm already looking ahead a bit and already wishing I could get in a full nights sleep. It's not like the first time around when you could sleep when the baby slept. Okay, off to sleep now!!
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While I do have a local AP group, I'm excited to have the MDC community, too. Sometimes with more mainstream parents I feel very out of place. I mean very out of place. KWIM? I personally don't get the CIO thing. I hate to hear Atticus cry; it hurts my heart, as I like to say. As for sleeping, it will be nice one day to have my bed again to myself, but for right now I have to remind myself he needs to be near me. I fought co-sleeping in the beginning, but Atticus knew what he needed. From the second night in the hospital he wouldn't sleep anywhere but right next to me. Do you guys co-sleep?
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We co-sleep and b/c our bed is a Queen with lots of duvets (down quilts) on it, DD is usually put to bed in her cot (crib) which has one of its sides removed and is attached to my side of the bed. In fact, DD and DH are waiting for me to join them. DH came to get me and I said "leave me alone, go away, I'm a grown-up." He knows better...I can spend hours on MDC...That's because I, too, rely on all of you! I'm unusual around here and everybody stares at me wide-eyed when I say DD was a home birth...and, in fact, they all were!
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My Dh also gives me a hard time about the time I spend on MDC. I need the moral support, though, you know? Other parents (esp. at work) make me feel like an alien. I'm serious. I feel like I live on another planet because I choose a more natural, AP parenting style.
Anyway, right now I'm "letting" Dh play his video game, so he's not bugging me about the Internet. And Atticus is sitting happily on my lap, spitting up all over himself.
Oh, here's a picture of him taken a couple weeks ago. I have this one on my desk at work and stare at it constantly, especially while pumping or just wishing I were holidng him.
I hope the link works. If not, I'll try again.
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Hi ladies! I saw the thread from last month, but never got a chance to jump on board. My DS, Landon, was born on 11/19, even though he wasn't due until early December. So, I hung out in the Dec. DDC although I read a lot in the Nov. one.

Landon is doing great. He isn't close to rolling over yet either, although I am looking forward to the day when he figures it out. I can't wait to see the expression on his face! He smiles a lot, and he even greets his daddy with a smile when he gets home from work. Even if he's crying, he will stop to smile when dad gets home. It's so cute. He recently discovered his hands and tongue, and has been trying to figure out how to get them to meet lately. Today I think he finally got it down.

I read this, and it sounds almost exactly like what we do, although he doesn't laugh yet. He mostly just makes the cutest cooing sound ever.
Originally Posted by daniedb View Post
He also has a game where, when he's lying on his back, I say, "Kisses!" and slowly lean down and cover his face with kisses. He will hear "kisses!" and open his mouth as wide as he can and smile the biggest, toothless (those two bottoms are *right* there, they just won't cut through and they hurt him!) smile you can imagine and if you try to move to kiss his cheek instead of his mouth, he just follows you with his mouth and starts kicking wildly and almost laughing.
I love playing with him lately because I get those huge toothless grins from him. Isn't being a mommy the greatest?

Well, I'm glad I found you guys and I hope to hang out more here in the future!
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quick question

hey mommies....Fiona has nursed a lot all day, but she has now been nursing for 5 hours STRAIGHT!!! There have been quick diaper breaks, but she really gets upset when not nursing. Any ideas? She is 10 weeks, but I didn't think that was a growth spurt time. I am exhausted.

And I am glad to have you all as well. The moms I know are all about schedules...one even handed me BabyWise. That book frustrates me beyond belief and I am glad it is being investigated.

The Atticus picture is gorgeous...what bright eyes he has!
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Jill, No real thoughts, just
Atticus gets like that sometimes too. He'll want to nurse for hours on end. After a while, I'm like, "Sorry buddy; I'm just out of milk!" Of course he doesn't care; he just wants to suck some more. Maybe she just needs some extra loving right now? That's what I always tell myself when Atticus has his times. I hate the whole BabyWise/schedule crap. Why would I feed my son according to my schedule, KWIM? His stomach is so tiny, and he knows when he needs to eat, and I'm a firm believer that sometimes babies just need to comfort nurse. I'm a big fan of comfort nursing. Sometimes those are our most special times.
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I'm sorry I've been so absent - we've had a lot of "stuff" happen here in the last few weeks and I just really pulled away from the internet to cry and sulk and try to figure out a "where do we go from here?" plan.

But, everyone is healthy and the kids are happy (and we will be, too)... but life is very busy right now. So I'm still not going to be around much... but I subscribe to these threads and read every post!

Sorry that I don't remember usernames, but here's topical replies:

carriers: I love my Moby Wrap, and I'm looking forward to wearing her in my mei tai from meitaicarrier.com - my son loved it! I have a few homemade ring slings (pattern from mayawrap.com), but I haven't used them as much with Mikki... mostly because I'm seeing a chiropractor for back pain and she recommend a carrier that evenly distributed her weight.

blocked ducts: I had good luck with a hot water botlle, immediately followed by nursing with my son's nose in the direction of the clog. This made for some interesting Twister-like nursing sessions, but it worked.

Curly hair: Have you tried abandoning the brush in favor of a sturdy pick? My mom and grandmother used Johnson & Johnson's No More Tangles spray on my hair when wet or dry... and I still use (a generic version of) it to this day when the tangles are bad. But a pick (still from the ends to the scalp in small sections at a time) will help get major tangles out, keep new ones from forming, and hurt a LOT less than brushing.

Nursing necklaces: I'd love to see your link, too!

Us: Mikki is getting so big! We did the liquid Zantac syrup for awhile to help get her over the worst of the pain she was in while the dairy made its way out of my system (I had been off for almost 2 weeks when we started - now at over 5 weeks) and she grew. Man did I hate giving it to her, though. Not only did she hate the taste and fight me/spit it up, but the thought of ruining her virgin gut just killed me. Thankfully, she is doing a lot better on that front... and since the doctor had me make the decision to medicate or not, I've also made the decision to start weaning her off of it.

I'm not sure how much she weighs right now, but if she'ss following her pattern of the first 2 months of her life - 1/2 pound a week - she would be close to 14 pounds by now! Her big brother has his 2 year well-baby visit on Monday (I can't believe he's TWO!), so I plan to toss her on the scale while we're there.

She is such a cuddly, smiley and joyful baby now. Her personality melts me! This picture is a few weeks old but shows her lovely smile we see almost all day in between coos. And this one is the most recent photo of more than just her face. Such a sweetheart!
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Originally Posted by citymama View Post
Hey, mamas. I wanted to add that I'm going to rely on your moral support. I have to say that pretty much everyone I know in my neighborhood does CIO. The local pediatrician recommends it as early as 2 months. Those poor babies. I can't imagine it. But I'm already looking ahead a bit and already wishing I could get in a full nights sleep. It's not like the first time around when you could sleep when the baby slept. Okay, off to sleep now!!
That's me, too. I'm constantly hearing about how I'm spoiling my kids by wearing them (well, used to hear that - I don't go around those people anymore), how "nursing didn't work for me"... must be something in the water here because it seems it didn't work for anyone. Ugh!

I'm so appreciative of you ladies... don't say that enough.
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Originally Posted by twogreencars View Post

Anyone else's baby tuck their thumbs under their fingers?

Yes, and it's making me crazy! Simi has been after those thumbs for weeks. Once in a while she gets it, but can't keep it in. She just doesn't know how to let it lose from those fingers. It's really annoying lately b/c she'll fade into a light sleep and try to suck her thumbs. When she can't get them she gets totally pissed and wakes herself up. I'm hoping that naps will go better once she finds them.
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Hey ladies! Happy February! Glad to hear everyone is doing well...hugs to the mams returning to the workforce. I can't even imagine how difficult that is.....I run out of bill money in a few months though, so I have to figure out what I'm going to do as well....

Aiden turned 11 weeks yesterday. He's not rolling over yet, or reaching for things. He actually started making fists again...he had relaxed his hands, but now he makes fists again. Go figure. His hands are always in his mouth too...and he sticks his tongue out at me all the time. We play, where I do it then he does it. It's cute :-) No laughs yet either..but plenty of smiles. And he talks a lot when he's fat and happy :-)

He's a champ sleeper though! He eats about 10 or 11 at night..and wakes between 8-10 hours later! So no complaints here about night time. I'm so very thankful for that. I just wish I could get him to sleep in his crib. We co-sleep....and I have to tell you ladies, I miss snuggling with my boyfriend!!! Aiden sleeps between us, so all that touches are our feet during the night. *sigh* How do you ladies cope? I'm not talking about sex..I just want to fall asleep in his arms again! So I struggle with that..and try to remember it's best for Aiden. Aiden also somehow wiggles his way sideways in bed during the night, always with his head towards me..so I end up with NO room in the bed. Then I have to constantly fix the paci in his mouth. So I'm still waking all night, just not having to get up, KWIM?

Anyway, any support/advice from you other co-sleepers would be great!!!
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Where are your babies napping? With DS I held him for naps till he was 5 months old, or he slept in the swing a lot. Well, this time that's just not so practical as I have DS around who wants to be able to make noise when he plays and who needs me to do things for him/with him. So, this mornign I put Mara down in her crib for the first time. Lasted all of 20 minutes. SHe woke and cried, I nursed her and she went right back to sleep. I took her back up and she seemed more soundly asleep when I left, but I hear a lot of sleeping noises on the monitor. I hope she gets a good nap in now... Am I missing another option? She's been in arms most of her life and I do use the sling a lot for napping, but it's not always practical for every nap.

Now she's crying! GTG
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Yeah to our November 2006 board! ITA that it is really nice to have other like-minded mothers to rely upon.

Angrypixiemama ~ It is so frustrating to me that mamas aren't more supportive of each other.It is as if some women need other women to make the same choices so that they feel validated. We all have different families, different needs. Let's just be good to each other and try to understand!! Going back to work will be hard for you, but I have faith that you can make it work the right way for your family. There are plenty of moms who stay home with their babes but plant themselves in front of the TV on all day or focus more on having the cleanest house on the block. Your time with Morgan will be precious and wonderful because whether you are working or not, she is your priority! Best to you both as you make the adjustment.

To all the mamas with thrush problems ~ I had thrush for six months with Zeke. With Eli, I decided to fight it more internally rather than externally, deciding that thrush that goes on for that long must be a systemic issue. Well, I think I am now yeast-free! Here's what I did: continued prenatal vitamins, added a b-complex and zinc, took omega-3's, garlic and double doses of acidophilous after each meal. Here's the thing that I think really got us over the hump -- I drank Pau d'Arco tea. Aparently, pau d'arco is an anti-fungal. Traditional Medicinals makes it in tea bags. This website explains how to use it. I think this really pushed us over the hump. Good luck to everyone trying to overcome yeast issues!

Eli has been giving us such great smiles. He is such a sweet baby. I haven't had him on the floor too much, but I guess I should give him some time on his belly. He is getting so hugh! Owen was 33 lbs at a year old. I wonder if Eli will be that big?!?!?!

We cosleep with Eli. We have with all of our babes. Zeke went into a crib at around a year old. He just slept much better that way. We bought our house 2 Augusts ago. Prior to that we had a wall of beds in our room and the five of us coslept. When we moved into the new house, our bedroom was about a quarter of the size of the one in our apartment, so we had to improvise cosleeping while trying to get the Owen and Zoey to stay in their own beds. Just before having Eli, we worked on keeping the kids out the bed so that we could keep Eli safe in the bed. Now, the big kids sleep on the floor in their sleeping bags when they need to be with us. We are going to buy camping mats to make sleeping on the floor more comfortable for them. I too miss snuggling with DH. It's been six years since we have been able to snuggle in bed!!!

Eli's naps are mostly in the swing, though I am working on getting him to nap in our bed or the amby. I have to put him in the swing to keep him pacified while I get Owen ready for school, and he ends up falling asleep in there. I guess it is just what works for us now.
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