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Hi everyone. Just had Fiona in to be weighed and she is 12lbs 8oz. I think she is about 24 inches long, but she squirms a lot so it was hard to measure her accurately.

She has a little bald spot at the back of her head too. Her hair is growing in a lot lighter than what she was born with though, and it is interesting to see the contrast.

Still no rolling over, and she doesn't seem interested in doing that at all. She does put all her weight on her legs and try to step though, so I am not too worried.

We just upped her Zantac dose since she has been spitting up a lot.

I had the week off for February break (I am a teacher), and it was so nice to not have to pump. I am back at it again this weekend so she has fresh bottles for Monday. Anyone here pump? Do you find after you take a break from it, it takes a little bit to get back into it? Fiona doesn't seem hungry and has a lot of wet diapers, so I am not worried about my supply. But I am definitely getting less from pumping than I used to.

I hope everyone is doing well. I can't believe how big all of our babies are getting.

Oh, and she is gumming on everything she can get ahold of, and drooling like crazy. I really hope it isn't teeth yet though.
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Hi all!
Little TJ is also drooling and getting ready to pop teeth--I know it can take a month or so of 'teething' before they actually show up!

You may have noticed my other post--but DH is supposed to be deploying again in Aug..he just got back from 6mo deployment on MONDAY. I'm sad.
I haven't even been on here much since I'm just so dead inside.

DD loves her little brother...TJ loves her....I'm nervous she will smother him or rip his arm off...it's all good! hahhaha

Nursing is so much easier this time..he is a champ..and 14lbs of breastfed baby!
He's got cute little rolls ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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New Here

Hi all!

My name is Jodee. I am new here and was just introduced to this thread - thank you Jill!! I am mommy to Seraphina Judith who was born at home on November 18th at 4:04 am.

It is so nice to read these posts and realize that so much of what we are going through you all are also. I LOVE being a mom - and it is SO much work. My dd is normally a really good, happy baby but the last week or so has been extra cranky. I think it is a combination of a cold that has run through our house and the beginings of teething.

She is not sleeping at night well - which is VERY difficult on me. We have a Co-sleeper and were not looking to co-sleep but we might wind up doing that as that seems to be the only way she will sleep well. The problem is - I don't, but it is better than waking up every hour.

We are also CDing and of course breastfeeding - which I LOVE!!

I look forward to chatting with you all more as time goes on!
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Jodee - I am so glad that you found your way over here. Welcome. We are a pretty chatty bunch, and we are thrilled to have you join us. I love your baby's name as well - so pretty.

Fiona does not sleep anywhere really well but on me. I might get 20 minutes from her bouncy seat or swing, 15 if she is in a sling. She will not sleep in her crib at all. I had not planned on co-sleeping (I was/am terrified about SIDS), but it just happened that way for us. She will go for 4 hour stretches if she is tucked next to me. I saw a quote once that said, "There are two types of people. Those who co-sleep and those who lie about it." I am not sure that is true for everyone, but I know that now that I tell people that we co-sleep, more and more people are telling me they did as well. I guess in the mainstream world it is a big secret or something.

I am looking to get into CD'ing this summer with her, when I am able to devote the time to starting/maintaining it correctly. What are your favorites?

Again, welcome aboard.
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Thanks Jill. I loved the quote!! Right now dd is sleeping in the car seat - she fell asleep when we were out and is still sleeping. It has been 2 hours now and I don't know whether or not I should wake her up. She has never slept this long during the day.

I am still experimenting with the CDing. I used Pre-folds and Indisposables during her newborn phase but now that she is just about 15 lbs she is growing out of them. I just ordered a sample pack so I will get back to you on which ones I like best.
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I'm sort of relieved to hear that other babies have the bald/thin patch on the back of the head. I was beginning to feel like a bad mom and how she must spend more time flat on her back than I think for the hair to rub off. But maybe it's inevitable .. she loves being on her back looking at mobiles and fans and such and she sleeps on her back.

Bobbi -- I am so sorry about your husband going away again. Ugh. That must be so difficult.

citymama .. I am struggling with the exercise issue, too. It is so hard to figure out (for me). I have never been good at doing yoga/pilates/whatever at home on my own. I prefer cardio anyhow. We just got a family membership at the YMCA, and have been taking Ingrid swimming, but I can't bring myself to leave her at the daycare so that I can do some exercise. So I can usually exercise at least once on the weekend, when she can be with DH. During the week, I walk a lot with her in the sling, but it's not the same.

oops- -she's awake...
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February update on Joseph

Wow, it's crazy that it has been three months. Joseph was born on November 18th. He is giggly, happy, enjoys being tickled by his brother, talked to, occasionally likes to swing (but not for long)
began sleeping through the night about three weeks ago but started waking up once at night a few days ago (he has a cold)

has had cradle cap for the last month or so, I keep meaning to try that whole olive oil treatment thing to get rid of it, but it really doesn't seem to bother him at all, and we're always about to head out and I don't want to do it before we go out in the cold...

I'll have to add some photos of him to my album just for fun, but will edit and add them later...

Aren't these babies fun?!!!
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Originally Posted by CarmenJ View Post
Lots of teethers here! I can't decide if Lilienne is teething or not. All signs point to yes, but still no bulges. I need to get an amber teething necklace for her soon so she gets used to it...do any of you have these on your babies yet?
What's a teething necklace?
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Originally Posted by CableGirl View Post
What's a teething necklace?

Amber is a natural analgesic (like what tylenol is), in contact with the skin.

I'm getting one soon as our tax $$ comes in. And a bECO carrier!
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Hey again everyone!!

Bald spot: Aiden too! He started losing his hair in that ear-to-ear pattern. Then it started falling out everywhere. He was born with so much hair too!! He still has quite a bit by his neck, in back....but he's losing it all. His sheets are covered with hair, and when I comb his hair there are tons of little hairs left in the comb :-(

teething: Here too. Lots of drool and gumming things. When he opens his mouth wide I can see white spots on his gums.

Still not rolling over. He laughed the other day, but scared himself when he did it!!! So he wouldn't do it again.

Thanks for the suggestions on cradle cap. I used baby oil and a comb and it worked perfectly.

Battling diarreah here. Poor Aiden started with it a few days ago, just very mild. Then Thursday night he woke up in the middle of the night with it...and all day Friday,. Friday afternoon he started vomiting so off we went to the doctor. (he weighs 15 pounds, 5 ounces!!) Gave him Pedialyte for 24 hours, now giving him Pedialyte mixed with his formula....vomiting stopped, but still having diarreah. Hes not dehydrated though, and he doesn't seem bothered by it at all.

I'm soooo very happy.....we did our taxes and are getting enough back to pay my bills for the rest of the year! So I don't have to return to the workforce this year!!!! This was a real blessing, as I only had enough money left to cover March's bills!!! And I was so not ready to put Aiden in daycare!
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Bobbi- I'm really sorry to hear about your husband being deployed again. It doesn't seem fair.

Today is Carter's 3 month birthday. He is also teething and getting the old man hair (balding on top and in back with a ring around the bottom.) I hadn't even been thinking about whether he'd roll over since dd didn't do it till 5 months.

We have had three stomach viruses in our house in the past two months and I am so done with them! I actually had to go to the ER on Monday because I got so dehydrated from throwing up and breastfeeding. I had to wait four hours to get an IV. Dh and ds were with me. They gave me three liters of fluid and then I chugged a ton of water. I guess I was really dehydrated. My bp was 96/33 and my heart rate was 140 when I checked in. I've never had numbers like those before. I also had a fever. I'm so glad it's over.
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Yikes...I've been out of touch for awhile. Please add my daughter Logan...born November 30th =)
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Originally Posted by jchizever View Post
I am still experimenting with the CDing. I used Pre-folds and Indisposables during her newborn phase but now that she is just about 15 lbs she is growing out of them. I just ordered a sample pack so I will get back to you on which ones I like best.
Originally Posted by angrypixiemama View Post
I am looking to get into CD'ing this summer with her, when I am able to devote the time to starting/maintaining it correctly. What are your favorites?
I love CDing. And oddly I love talking about it too. My DH thinks I'm crazy because I'm so attached to our diapers. When Morgan was first born she was in prefolds and bummis wraps. When she got to about 9 lbs we started putting her in FuzziBunz. I LOVE FBs. We have a pack of 18 (it was a shower gift from my brother and SIL) size smalls and she still has a few lbs to grow in them, but I have every intention of buying mediums for when she's big enough.

MrsHos - I'm so sorry to hear your DH is leaving again so quickly. That must be tough on all 4 of you.

CarmenJ- thanks for the teething necklace info. I'm not really sure how I would put one on Morgan... she has so many rolls on her neck...

Which reminds me, how do you prefer to deal with neck cheese? Come on, you know what i mean, that spit up that gets lost in the dark crevices of baby pudge and ferments into neck cheese... you thought you had it all, but no! There was a new fat layer to dig under today.
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As usual, I'm reading every day but not really posting that much. It's great to hear about all your babes. I've never heard of a teething necklace and just might get one. We are just drooling these days, no fussiness from teething yet.

I know what you mean about the neck cheese! Now that DD has the extra chin it's always in there somewhere. I let her head carefully flop back in the tub or sometime while she's happy and wipe it out. I also try to keep it dry since DS got yeast in there and it was gross!

I'm feeling like I'm coming out of a fog! DD is three months old tomorrow and is just a differnt baby. SHe's usually made happy just by being picked up, she laughs and talks to everyone, not just me anymore, DH is able to enjoy her more. It's great to be done with the first 3 months!
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Thread Starter 
Seraphina Judith, Theron, Joseph, Benjamin Louis, Darwin, Clayton!!!

We're now at 77 Babies! Can we end February on 80?

Sorry I've been gone awhile, but breastfeeding...or not...has really been taking its toll on me... DD is still refusing some/all of her feeds...Saw another lactation consultant yesterday and have a Ped. appt. tomorrow...GEEEEEZ...enough already. LC wanted me to use a SNS which is a pain in the )*$^(*&^ but I'm persevering...We had a good day yesterday and now it's back to the nursing strike...She weighs 13 lbs so she's clearly not wasting away, but she is REALLY REALLY hungry - just won't nurse most of the time. Anyone else ever try a SNS/lactation aid?
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twogreencars - I'm afraid I'm not the best person to discuss this with you, but yes I did use an SNS. DD was not getting any milk from me at all (when she was 3 weeks old I was at an LC and she attached me to a hospital graded pump and DD hadn't even cleared the collostrum). After she had lost nearly 2 lbs and was not gaining anything back we had to go to an SNS and put what little I could pump as well as some formula in the feeder. DD HATED it. She would twist her head around and flail her arms to get off the boob and away from the tube. Anyway, It did not work for us, but as it turns out most of the problem we had (which no one bothered to tell me until about a week ago when we went to a pedi) was because DD was slightly tongue tied which was why her suck was so weak. Anyway, BF did not work out for us, much to my heartbreak and personal lashing, but I'm glad I tried the SNS so I could at least reassure myself that we did what we could.
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Dov rolled over today! Twice in the morning, though he wouldn't do it again for his daddy in the evening. I'm so glad I was there for this milestone, but I really shouldn't have been -- I was playing hooky from school. It makes me sad to think I shoudl be mising all this -- not the first time he rolls over, but every time he does after that. .

Greencars -- I don't have any advice for you -- just
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good luck twogreencars!
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We tried the SNS.....didn't work for us either :-(
BEST of luck though, Lord knows you're giving this your all. What a dedicated mama :-)
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twogreencars - I so admire you for your dedication - what a wonderful mom you are!!!

I think my dd is going through a growth spurt - she is nursing every two hours now (instead of every three like she has been) and is a bit crankier than usual. But I have been rewarded with some newly magnificent smiles in between her crankiness. I think the smiles are b/c she is so proud of herself that she had STAND UP now!! Of course not without my help - but all she needs me for is to balance - it is so remarkable to see the growth and change. She still has not rolled over - but that is fine with me - that enters a whole new stage and will have to think about babyproofing!!
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