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Tiffany, we posted at the same time and now I've got a baby on my lap but I'll talk about co sleeping. We've done it with both our kids and I have to say it has been so important for us. My four year old just started sleepign in his own bed in teh last 2 months with no encouragement from us, he was jsut ready, made the announcement and never looked back!

COuld you put your bed against the wall so baby can sleep by the wall and the adults can still snuggle? Especially since he sleeps for such a long stretch this would be nice. Also, we invested in a king sized bed when ds was about 9 months old - the best money we ever spent. He also used to turn sideways int eh bed and DH was about to kick him out or sleep somewhere else. We had plenty of room even when he was a cosleepign 4 year old.

As far as getting him to sleep in his crib, one thing I did with ds and I'm staring to do with dd is get them to nap in the crib so they are used to it. Then if you want him to start out his night in the crib and come to your bed later or something that should work. Just some ideas for you! Babies love to sleep with us!
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Can I come play?

Hey! I am mama to 13 week old Eden (11/06/06) and have loved reading this thread. Especially the smiles, laughs and games you mamas are playing with your little guys and gals.

We are babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, but we are not co-sleeping. It didn't work for us on so many levels. We had her in our room until last week when we moved her to her own room. I do bring her to bed for feedings, but she is sleeping 6-7 hours at night, so there's usually only one feeding before morning.

I went to my first LLL meeting last night. I feel like I need support for childrearing choices, more than breastfeeding, but it was good to sit and soak in a room full of like-minded mamas! We attend a great church, but it is full of Ezzo followers. We actually took the class to see what it was all about. It's so sad. Anyway, no support there!

Looking forward to hanging out with y'all!

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Genevieve-- what gorgeous red hair Mikaela has!

Atticus is so cute, too. His name suits him. Love it.

Co-sleeping. It's going well for us, the king sized bed really helps.
Tiffany-- if I want to snuggle with my husband, I get out of bed and go around to his side and get him to scoot over so I can get in.

This is a weird thing to worry about, but it seems like so many mamas have babies who can't sleep or be without them. If mine is sleepy (nap or nighttime) I can just go put her in bed and she will usually fall asleep on her own. I know that this is sort of the goal, but ....
I go back and forth between thinking that she is secure enough to not need me there all of the time and worrying that she doesn't need me and that's a negative thing.:

Amy-- I feel the same way about LLL meetings. I don't end up learning much about breastfeeding, but it is so nice to have a place to go and sit and be with similarly minded mamas.

earthgirl-- maybe try stroking the backs of her fists to encourage her to open them up? That's what Dr. Sears says to do.
Ingrid is still sucking her fist at times, but no thumb.
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Hi, I'm Jennifer, mana to Ilana (11/03). She'll be 3 mos tomorrow and is now roughly 9.5#. Everyone thinks she's about 6wks and then asks if she was early. Nope, 39wks on the nost at 7#2oz. Oh well, I'm used to it from Evan. People are always shocked that he's 2. Anyways, Ilana has reflux and is milk, soy, and egg intolerant just like her brothers were. We just started some probiotics in hopes of helping both our tummies!

Jill, the zantac efferdose is so much better than the syrup. We use the tabs and she's done really well. Evan never did well on zantac. How big is your dc and how much zantac? I found my kids nursed and nursed like that when they were having reflux problems. BM is a natural antacid and sucking alone helps too.
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We co-sleep (Like I've said before, Atticus would have it no other way). I don't have any help for getting closer to DH. We have a king-sized bed, but my PPD has made it so I don't really want to be near DH. It's been a miserable feeling. To know that I once wanted to be around him every waking second to not really liking him that much is very frustrating. We havne't DTD yet, my feelings are prob the main reason. We tried last weekend, and it hurt so bad that I cried. Anyone else experiencing anything like this?
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Originally Posted by citymama View Post
Hey, mamas. I wanted to add that I'm going to rely on your moral support. I have to say that pretty much everyone I know in my neighborhood does CIO. The local pediatrician recommends it as early as 2 months. Those poor babies. I can't imagine it.
Well, you have my support! Thankfully, even in our small S. TX town, I have a few like-minded friends that are very much AP and it is an incredibly valuable resource. They are nonjudgmental, and awesome and I adore them. It will be nice to be supported this time, because with Henry, I was steeped in the Babywise culture in Phoenix. It was all accessory-baby attitude from the beginning with most moms I knew there. It breaks my heart to admit that we let Henry CIO when he hit a year old. : I still wonder how he would be different to this day if I hadn't done that. It was awful. He's an angel, and a seriously wonderful kid, but there's always that nagging doubt that I changed his personality somehow by forcing him to do that and abandon him in that way.

Originally Posted by want2beamama View Post
Hi ladies! I saw the thread from last month, but never got a chance to jump on board. My DS, Landon, was born on 11/19, even though he wasn't due until early December. So, I hung out in the Dec. DDC although I read a lot in the Nov. one.
Welcome! Isn't it a fabulous game? Our babies are getting so FUN!

Originally Posted by angrypixiemama View Post
hey mommies....Fiona has nursed a lot all day, but she has now been nursing for 5 hours STRAIGHT!!! There have been quick diaper breaks, but she really gets upset when not nursing. Any ideas? She is 10 weeks, but I didn't think that was a growth spurt time. I am exhausted.

And I am glad to have you all as well. The moms I know are all about schedules...one even handed me BabyWise. That book frustrates me beyond belief and I am glad it is being investigated.
The nursing - my ideas are that she either might not be feeling well, or is going through a developmental stage that isn't obvious and needs the security of feeling you close to her. Also, I've noticed that Benton goes through growth spurts at less predictable times than Henry did. He's been pretty early on all his spurts, so she could be going through her 3 months growth spurt early. I can pretty much guarantee that it'll ease off in a few days, so if you can stand it, just hang in there for a few days!

ETA: can you elaborate on the Babywise stuff being investigated? I would absolutely love to see their reputation blown to smithereens, and it continues to piss me off that so many of my fellow Christians fall for this crap simply because it has the word "God" in the title. Jeez. Do some RESEARCH people. Grrrrr.

Originally Posted by gen_here View Post
I'm sorry I've been so absent - we've had a lot of "stuff" happen here in the last few weeks and I just really pulled away from the internet to cry and sulk and try to figure out a "where do we go from here?" plan.
I hope that everything works out and I'll be thinking good thoughts for whatever situation is causing difficulty. Glad to hear that your babe seems to be feeling better and I think it's great that you are at a point where you can start to take her off the meds. I've heard that it tastes awful and that it's a trial to get them to take it.

Originally Posted by Bethkm View Post
Where are your babies napping? With DS I held him for naps till he was 5 months old, or he slept in the swing a lot.
Benton is in the swing during the day. I can't think of another option, it sounds like you're doing a great job. I think it's hard for them to take really great, long naps right now b/c they are figuring out that the world is actually fun, especially when there's a bigger kid around who's a carnival! Ben absolutely HAS to suck to sleep, and he *just* found his thumb this week, which is saving my nipples.

Originally Posted by herwitsend View Post

Oops, I deleted the part I wanted to respond to. Welcome! As I mentioned above, we also attended an Ezzo-pushing church, and we really felt like outcasts when we not only didn't attend the Growing Kids classes, but spoke out against them. Had we stayed there (we moved to TX), I knew there would have had to have been a watershed moment, b/c the leadership there felt very strongly about pushing the program, and I knew I would never be okay with that.

Originally Posted by thepeach80 View Post
Hi, I'm Jennifer, mana to Ilana (11/03). She'll be 3 mos tomorrow and is now roughly 9.5#. Everyone thinks she's about 6wks and then asks if she was early. Nope, 39wks on the nost at 7#2oz. Oh well, I'm used to it from Evan. People are always shocked that he's 2. Anyways, Ilana has reflux and is milk, soy, and egg intolerant just like her brothers were. We just started some probiotics in hopes of helping both our tummies!
Welcome, Jennifer! I hope the probiotics help. I'm glad you said that about the reflux, Benton had it pretty bad his first month, and I forgot that he nursed constantly when he was feeling it badly...my ped sis said that actually exacerbates the problem, since they are constantly filling their tummies and it's coming back up. Is that what you think, or is she off-base?


So, will you think I'm totally obnoxious if I brag for a second? My big boy rolled over today, back to tummy! He's getting absolutely huge, and I just am loving every minute. I adore cosleeping (the only drawback seems to be that we're washing the sheets every few days instead of once a week (okay, once a month ). It's just such a delight to wake up to this little tiny warm body in bed, and we just grin at each other and I hear my sweet big boy from the other room calling me to come get him out of bed. I'm so blessed.
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Katie, big hugs! We haven't finished dtd either so don't feel bad. I don't have ppd, but bfing and taking care of 3 little kids has definitely put a damper on my 'mood'. It takes some time I think to get back to normal down there, especially if you had tearing at all that needed repaired. I actually 'overhealed' w/ Evan (that's how it was explained) so I had extra scar tissue that had to be taken care of before things were o.k. down there. I kick myself for waiting so long! I hope things get better soon. My DH sleeps in another room or the living room w/ one of the boys usually so we're not close at all. The kids like to co-sleep, but we just don't have enough room for 2 adults and 3 kids in one bed!

Danielle, I think the idea that babies who nurse too much make the problem worse is a little off base. BM digests so fast that it's not going to cause the problems that ffing like that would cause and it's not going to feel as bad coming up as formula either. I will say it's a problem in that that means the reflux is not being controlled if it's an ongoing thing, or you might look into something like Mylanta to treat flares. I think she's reacting to the probiotics we started, that's what happened to Evan too. : Congrats on the rolling! My kids never roll till 4-5 mos. Ilana though doesn't hate tummy time as much as the other 2 did though, AJ would scream and scream...
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Danielle, congrats on the rolling over. That's awesome.
Jennifer, how did you know that you overhealed? Seriously, when we tried, it felt like I was stretching in really weird ways.
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Originally Posted by katiedidbug View Post
Danielle, congrats on the rolling over. That's awesome.
Jennifer, how did you know that you overhealed? Seriously, when we tried, it felt like I was stretching in really weird ways.
It was just horrible when we would try to dtd, hurt and burned way past when 'normal' would be. I finally went in for my yearly when he was 5 mos old and that's when the dr mentioned it. He tried silver nitrate first and then used a laser at a follow-up appt (both hurt like a @#$%^), but as soon as the pain passed that last time, the difference was amazing. I had a 3rd degree tear w/ him.
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Just popping in quickly here...

Yarrow is doing great...she is 13.5 lbs so HUGE especially compared to my other two. She nurses like a superstar!

We co-sleep too and I really want to point out that safe cosleeping means that babe is next to mom and mom is next to dad! Please rethink having your babe between you...dad just doesn't have the same "baby-sense" mom has so it increases the risk of dad laying over baby!!

We co sleep with two kids. Dd sleeps on my side with a bed rail and ds sleeps between dh and I (he is almost 3) and so far we have had a great time of it. For naps and before dh and I go to bed, both kidos start out in their own beds, ds in his room and dd in crib..works great!
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I love our group...

We're so supportive!

Jennifer - no pharmacy in my area has the efferdoses, so we are stuck with the syrup. Apparently Zantac is ceasing production of them for awhile, so if they have them in your area and they are working for you, stock up!

Co-sleeping- we co-sleep as well. Initially it started because I was unable to sleep the first few nights we were home unless I could visibly see or hear her breathing. I still get panicky about it, to be honest. Anyhow, I think DH would like to move her to her own crib, but I have been pretty firm on her staying with us.

DTD - not yet. No way. I still have some pain there. And this may be TMI, but I had a yeast infection a few weeks ago. When I tried to treat it with the prescription stuff, I had some bleeding. So I don't think my body is ready for much yet. Poor DH - it has been quite awhile for him.

I am so happy to hear about all of our November babies and what they are doing.
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Jill, I bet they are stopping them b/c they were never well publicized. We've already seen a GI DR for Ilana and she had never even heard of them! : Are you kidding me? You're the professional and don't even know all the forms the meds you rx come in? I was a little shocked and it took my opinion of her down a notch. They have been out since Evan was a little (so over 2 yrs now), but no one seems to know about them. I wish I could stock up, but we can only get 1 box a month w/ insurance and w/out insurance they're $195 a box! :
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Hi mamas!

I agree we're so lucky to have this board! Between MDC mamas and the AP playgroup I found because of this site, I'm meeting lots of people and feeling great. I started my 'Baby and You' classes at the library today and I noticed that a lot of the new mamas there are confused and overwhelmed by all the information out there. By contrast, I'm pretty secure. AP is so easy - if the baby's happy and healthy, you're doing it right.

We took Libby in to the Dr. last week and she's 12 lbs. Apparently she's average for weight and head circumference, but she's tall. Weird, considering DH and I are under 5'6. Probably doesn't mean anything at this age but it made my 5'0 mother happy!

She's nursing lots and slept 'through the night' (mid-5 am) twice last week, only waking up with my husband's alarm at 5. She's rolled over twice.

Co-sleeping? We're officially 'not' co-sleeping, but the crib is in our room and somehow the baby ends up in our bed almost every night I guess we'll see what works over the long-term.
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Jennifer - that explains it! When I called to ask for them, the nurse had NO IDEA what I was talking about. I think she thought I wanted to give Fiona Alka-Seltzer or something. At least the pediatrician knew what I was talking about, or that would have been a confidence shaker. I know, meds are so expensive that it's unbelievable.

Today I called the Dr. to ask what the next step was, since I couldn't get them. The nurse asked, "What type of formula is she on? Because Dr. Oncallnotourregularbreastfeedingsupportingdoctor thinks you should just put some rice cereal in her bottle." I said, "Breastmilk exclusively, and she is 10 weeks old. You give rice cereal to 10 week olds?" The nurse didn't know what to say to me after that. I told her we would wait until Monday to speak with our doctor, thank you very much.

On the BabyWise thing...I found a thread here on MDC talking about them being investigated for leading to low weight gain in babies, since you are not demand feeding. I would love to see what happens with that.
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We're co-sleeping too. It's so wonderful to have my little boy within arm's reach all night. Last night he fell asleep in his swing in the evening. DH and I went to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I had to go get him and bring him to our bed - it was too strange not having him nearby.

We've been lucky to avoid most of the potential nursing problems, so the nursing relationship has been good all along, but it's getting better and better. Landis is starting to make a lot of eye contact and smile while nursing, instead of just concentrating on getting as much milk as possible like he did as a newborn. Of course, he is still quite the efficient nurser!
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Jill, and others who responded, I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one who hasn't dtd yet. I felt like a freak for dtd yet, and I feel so bad for DH, but I don'tknow what else to do.
I think Atticus only woke up twice in the night. Woo hoo! I don't mind, though, because the night nursing will help keep my milk supply up with being away from him during the day.
Oh, yeah, Jill, I can't believe that the nurse just assumed you were on formula. I hate that we live in a country where formula is the norm. Gosh, that crap pisses me off. Also, RICE CEREAL!!! Are you freakin' kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gross! At 10 weeks! I think crap like that is why I have such a hard time trust the medical administration, KWIM?
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only have 1 hand as Awen is sleeping on the other. just wanted to jump in and say hi to all you chatty nov mamas My dd is a skinny girl at 10 lbs 4 oz and just about 25 inches. She is generally a smily girl and dh can make her laugh pretty much daily. it just melts my heart to hear her squeal and giggle. she laughs and smiles for me too if i blow raspberries at her and play with her feet. she loves to see her feet and LOVES to chew on her hands. she tries to get both in her mouth at the same time. she is drooling a bunch and seems like she might be teething. we co sleep as she wont even take naps without me.i love being close to her though. she sleeps by the wall and i sleep between dd and dh as dh doesn't have the awareness i do of her being in bed with us. when she started off sleeping between us i got less sleep cause i was worried dh would throw an arm over her or cover her with the covers. she can roll to her side some but hasn't rolled all the way over yet. bf'ing is nuts as she nurses almost every hour during the day. she is a huge fan of the boobies! its almost the only way i can get her to sleep. hugs to the mamas who are having to leave their lo's with a dcp to go to work. i am lucky enough to be able to bring dd to work with me and to have a flexible part time schedule. i am sooooo thankful for the opportunity to keep her with me as she is very much a mamas girl right now. i just tell myself she is only a baby once when she nuirses constantly or will only sleep right next to me. i am going to miss the snuggles when she grows up more and is no longer as interested in it. i cant believe she is already 3 months old! some days feel long but over all time is flying by. btw there are a few pics of her in my sig, and shes smiling a couple of huge grins in them. :
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Just wanted to chime in on co-sleeping with a bit of a confession. With our first, DH was not comfortable having a small baby in bed with us so we used a mini-cosleeper. She slept great and was right next to me. But when she was 4 months old, she started waking and would nurse for over an hour and not go back to sleep. I had to leave her on DH's chest and sleep in another room just to grab a couple hours' sleep and give my nipples a break. I figured she was trying to boost my milk supply and rolled with it as best I could (note: It turned out she had lost weight). But the nighttime sleeping never settled. She would wake, nurse and not go back to sleep. The details are a blur. I didn't discuss with the ped, because he would just tell me to put her down at 7pm and not go back in until 7am no matter what (full-on CIO). DH moved to living room and I had her in bed with me. During the day, I would pace around with her in a sling begging her to nap so mommy could sleep as well. Two sleep-deprived months later, I was so desperate and with DH's encouragement, I resorted to letting her cry - sort of a modified Ferber where I would check on her all the time - and I still feel awful about it to this day. Of course, although it did break the cycle of not sleeping, it didn't stick and we've wound up being rather fluid in our sleeping arrangements. The strange thing is that a few months later, DH said he wanted to cosleep. I really wanted to kick him in the %$#. But somehow it never worked for us. DD would sleep better in her crib and do little laps around it at night. Whenever we took her to bed with us, she just woke up frequently and none of us slept well. But as she grew older and she went through different stages, we did, and still do, sleep with her part of the night. I guess what I'm saying is that while I have regrets, we just stumbled along as best we could.

This time around I really am determined to EBF and so far have been cosleeping, at least partly. Our little one starts out in the cosleeper and then I bring her into bed for her first nursing and she stays with me. I suppose I could put her back in the cosleeper, but happily keep her snuggled in next to me. Right now, DH is sleeping in the living and our older daughter sleeps in her bed for about half the night before joining DH. Our plan is to have DH move back into our room and put a mattress on the floor for whenever our daughter wants to be with us. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. When we had one child, DH was a big whiner about his sleep all the while yearning to have DD sleep with us. Now that we have two, he has suddenly stopped whining and stepped up to the plate so that we both share the nighttime parenting. I only hope it lasts!!
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Hi ladies!
We're doing great here...TJ is growing like a weed--no idea how big yet--his '2mo' appt is coming up...
The greatest news is that my dh is coming home from a 6mo deployment in 16 days! He'll finally get to see his new boy!
When we go to pick him up at the airport I want to have TJ wear one of the advocacy shirts I made--which should I use?
"Boob man--like father, like son"
"Silly daddy, tits are for kids"

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Citymama ~ to you! it is so hard to figure out what is right when you are in the middle of such difficult times. Sleep depreivation is just one of the worst feelings in the world and i can totally relate to that foggy feeling and not remembering. Sometimes a mamas' need for sleep outweighs a baby's need for whatever it is you night thiink they need. When I am sleep deprived, I am probably the most impatient and dragon-like mom in the world. It is worse than any amount of crying a child could experience! You did what was right for your family at that moment and it is quite different than just throwing a two month baby in a crib to cry herself to sleep without exploring other options.

I had to do a modified CIO with Zoey. She just couldn't co-sleep --was so fidgetty and was awake so much of the night. When she was a year old, I decided to put her in the crib and I slept in the spare bed in the same room. I layed in the bed and did not speak to her at all. I got up to touch her and cover her up every five minutes, then ten, then slowingly increased the intervals that she was in the crib without me by herside. I did this for two nights and she adjusted quite well.

Mrs. Hos ~ So glad your DH is on his way home! What anexciting time for you and your family!
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