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Originally Posted by cking View Post
And Dee, I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortune.
LOL it's OK - everyone's doing it! I actually went back (for the 3rd time) to make sure I didn't miss a tube that miraculously escaped the doggie's wrath but nope, he got it all. I can't even find the box - just a little wet blue and white mushy stuff that used to be cardboard. Gosh I'm lucky that ONE escaped unscathed.

Originally Posted by shibababy View Post
MajorGroover, when do you plan to O? What state are you in?
Shiba I think FF is gonna say I O'd today or tomorrow since I got a +OPK and saliva ferning this morning but neither tonite. So I guess I didn't really need all 6 tubes anyway. I have one tube left, which is all I need for this cycle I guess.
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Hi Mommas-to-be! I'm checking in - thanks to Kripa! . I'm impressed with all the BFP's for January and am starting to believe that we're going to have to change the "working on TTC" or whatever the heck I have listed myself as to an actual, TTC!...We're almost there...Tonight, I asked DH: "are we going to TTC this month?" (I'm on CD1...) and I'm expecting an appropriate response like, "YES! YES! YES!" but I got "we can give it some thought." :
I've been reading Ina May and Henci Goer and getting pretty excited about everything. Luckily, it's not too difficult to make him an accomplice to the effort...we'll see how the first two weeks of the cycle go...Good luck, TTCers!! There seems to be something in the water.
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Nony! Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear your man isn't being quite as enthusiastic as you would like. : Hopefully he's just being a man and acting casual about it even though he cares and has been thinking about it.

, ya hangin' in there? I'm so excited to hear your update tomorrow!

How's everyone else? It's so quiet here today.

My temp was still down this morning, much to my amazement, and I used my last prized tube of Preseed. I think I'll end up getting crosshairs for today, so my timing should be great! What a relief. I used to think the 2ww was the most stressful part but gosh, just getting there takes some work too! :

I also want to say how glad I am to have a group like this to share my feelings with. : Who else would have thought it was so maddening and funny that my dog ate my special lube right before O?
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I'm having an extremely strange cycle.
3 days of a very clear thermal shift and appearantly I have not ovulated yet...go figure.
On CD6 I had a slight twinge in my left ovary and the start of increased sex drive and watery CM.
CD7 eggwhite CM, and my left ovary felt like it was going to explode.
CD8 a clear temp spike, tons of eggwhite CM...enough to share with others...ovary pain in both ovaries, still high temps.
CD9 temps still high, eggwhite CM, first ovary pain on the right, then my left ovary resurected itself enough to try to explode again, then more right pain, then an allergy attack so serious I had to take medication that dried up my CM.
CD10 temps still high, Ovulation insomnia, full body achiness, left ovary pain, watery CM, no sex drive.

I have the number of a fertility specialist who just might be concerned that I seem to ovulate the same day I start a new cycle. I got a referal from someone at work. She said this guy is so test happy that he'll run a blood test to confirm I'm human before anything else.
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MajorGroover, Glad you didn't wind up needing those other tubes. you're chart is looking good :

KitttyKat, yay for a specialist! Sounds like not onlya strange cycle, but a crummy one with all that pain Hope it gets straightened out soon.

nony, Good luck :
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Where's Fiberlover? We need some more excitement around here! Although, really, "the dog ate my PreSeed!" and the resultant canine indigestion made for some excellent entertainment, Dee. Your temperature rise looks nice, as does your timing. It looks like you're cruising for another high chance month (I'm such a slave to FF )!

Nony, how exciting that this could be your month to start at it! Keep us posted!

Kat, how frustrating all the conflicting signs must be, and then to have them compounded by allergies... ugh. Hopefully the new specialist will be able to shed some light on it all for you.

As for me, I'm getting a battery warning light on my BB thermometer, so I'm worried that my temperatures aren't accurate. I'm also losing optimism about this cycle, for whatever reason. I remember last month, amberbella posted about feeling a sense of resignation around CD10 or so, and then she posted a BFP! So maybe resignation is actually optimism? (And war is peace, and ignorance is strength )
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I wonder where Fiberlover is too. February's been too quiet for us so far! Glad I could stir it up a little bit with my adventures in rottweiler ownership.

Originally Posted by xenon View Post
I remember last month, amberbella posted about feeling a sense of resignation around CD10 or so, and then she posted a BFP! So maybe resignation is actually optimism? (And war is peace, and ignorance is strength )
LOL Rock on with your 1984 quotes Xenon! I just re-read that (actually audiobooks on ipod are awesome) and I had forgotten how prescient it is. Wow. Anyway, 10dpo is a low place to be because it's too early to know either way. Testing would only give you an evap or BFN, which would leave you more confused and depressed. So hang in there, be strong and wait until you're late. I think resignation is a normal sign that you've obsessed to the point of confusion. Like someone else said it's a circular conversation, "what if I'm pregnant?.... could I be pregnant?... there's no way I'm pregnant... but what if I'm pregnant?" : Feel free to obsess "out loud" here if you want to.

I woke up hot again so I think the temp rise you saw early this morning wasn't real. I got 98.3 at my normal time. I turned on the a/c and went back to sleep and got 97.7 1.5 hours later. Gah I always find a way to mess up this temping thing! Does anyone have any suggestions on which temp to use? I'm leaning toward the lower temp b/c I have two other high temps (from waking up hot) in the chart that I discarded, so I'd normally discard the high temp I got today but it's too important to leave blank.

Cattibrie your chart is beautiful!

Kat I'm sorry you've having such a rough cycle. Glad to hear you can get a great specialist - sounds like it's exactly what you need! :

Lots of gorgeous charts out there... I'm stalking very closely!
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Insanely long post - so sorry!

(I apologize for advance for the length of this post. I was quiet for too long and then it all came flying out. )

Hi everybody,

I went through a no-posting phase, sorry about that. I asked other members to check in and then I got quiet. I've been checking in every day though. Nothing too new on my end. I O'd and now I wait. : I gave my HPT's to hubby and asked him to hide them. Our house is quite small and I could find them if I wanted to, but they are technically hidden so hopefully that will help with the not testing.

Dee, I was glad to read that your proposal defending went well. All you PhD'ers are pretty amazing. I can't even imagine going back to school. Traditional schooling has never been my cup of tea. It took me 7 years to get my BS because I just couldn't see using my degree and thought it was much more interesting to play field hockey. And I haven't used my specific degree, but just having a BS did open many doors, so it wasn't a total bust. I like taking individual classes that I'm interested in...but a PhD? You guys are hard core. There should be a smilie that tips his hat.

Dee, now that the whole "dog ate my preseed" thing is over with everything working out fine, I can say wow, that is hysterical. The first thing I thought when I got my preseed was "if the dog gets this I'll be mad" and I spent quite a bit of time putting them some place I thought she wouldn't notice. As soon as you posted what happened to you, I checked and mine is completely accessable to the dog, I don't know why I thought I found a good place. Thankfully my dog isn't interested in them. But I moved them again just to be safe. What a great story it will be if this ends up being your cycle. The dog ate all but one and that was the "one", that would be awesome. Oh, and where in the world do you live that you needed to turn on the a/c?! : Me and my layers are very jealous.

Originally Posted by raingyrl View Post
on another note, dh seems to think that my unfulfilling job is possibly what is keeping us from having a child. (he leans more towards the spiritual rather than the medical side on this process.) anyone in the same boat with a job/career that just isn't doing it for them anymore, but you are hanging on for benefits, decent pay, etc?
I think this statement from Rain may be what really sent me back into my shell. I think about this quite often. I don't need my job for benefits...actually I'm self employed and don't get them through my work anyway, just through hubby...but I'm keeping my job for a reason that sometimes drives my mind to a nutty place, I think even more so than if I was keeping it for a good reason like benefits. Remember when I said I end up in a mind loop sometimes..."well if I get pregnant soon then I can't do that, but what if I don't get pregnant soon then I wasted the chance to do it, but if I get pregnant soon then I've wasted time, money, chance to make money another way, etc, etc, etc." Well my job contributes to the mind loop even more because I keep my job with the hope and the prayer that when I have our baby and become a stay-at-home mom that I'll be able to work from home. Right now I work from home the majority of the time, but when I say that once I have the baby I want to work exclusively from home they seem very freaked out and it is by no means a sure thing. My second job is as a Reiki practioner and I love it. I would love to make that my full time job, but it would require some serious attention to get it going as fully my own business. Right now I have one regular client and that is working out well and is all that I really have time for with my first job. Some days I think I should take the plunge but then I always come back to, "but if I get pregnant then it could become too much, I don't know if I'll have a pregnancy full of energy or a pregnancy where I'm sick, tired, etc and then I have no job, and when the baby comes I can't exactly strap them on and do a calming quiet session, maybe I could work just in the evening when hubby is home, but a session could still be interrupted if I need to nurse, but, but, but..." It's amazing that I can even think with this insane constant mindloop going on. I laugh because it is absurd in one sense but a big part of me also feels And the kicker is that I always come back to..."what if I can't get pregnant when so much of my energy goes into a job that I don't particularly like" which of course immediately loops to "it's not such a bad job, it just isn't something I'm passionate about, but you don't have to be passionate about your job, sometimes a job is just a job and the rest of your life is what you are passionate about, so many mom's would love to be able to work from home like me, but I don't know for sure if they will agree to my exclusively working from home when the time comes, just keep going and save as much as you can..." I won't even bore you guys with the million other "buts" and "ands" that fly through my mind. I feel like I'm at such a crossroads, I'm going : And all of that to say that I agree with your dh Rain, unfulfillment in our life can certainly cause problems with conceiving, but I don't think that is the case for every person. If it is coming up for you guys, that is probably for a reason...doesn't mean you should quit on the spot, but you should probably explore your feelings around the situation. For me I'm just trying to come to an agreement with myself so I can get off the crazy loop. I was glad to read your job responsibilities have shifted and that you seem happier about it now.

Originally Posted by cking View Post
We are in a similar situation, we've been trying since July, and I seem to have healthy cycles, yet...nothing. Sometimes I'm ok with it, others I'm not.
We're in this boat too. I believe there are so many factors that I'm not aware of and I find comfort in knowing that I can't always see what the big picture is. I just feel like I've been waiting for so long...why do I have to continue waiting? I was married for three years before and it was such a rough marriage so I was waiting then. I wasn't going to bring a child into that situation. Then when it ended I resigned myself to the fact that I may never have children as I certainly wasn't ever going to do that horrible marriage thing again. Then I met my hubby who I had no choice but to fall madly in love with and then I was back to waiting again. Waiting for him to find a job, waiting for us to find our own place, waiting for the "right" time. The waiting with hubby was in reality not long at all, but at this point I feel like I've been waiting for half my life. So totally done with the waiting thing <said in a valley-girl accent>

Originally Posted by raingyrl View Post
today is a brighter day down here in central texas. dh surprised me this morning with a tiny little ring that says "may your wildest dreams come true". he was planning to give it to me on valentine's day but couldn't wait. he is my wildest dream!
: love it!

Annie, :

Sarah, I hope your appointment on Friday went well and gave you some answers.

Nico, I'm sorry

Foxey13, thanks for the update, hang in there with your busy season.

FiberLover and Rain - welcome!

Shibababy Congrats on your pregnancy!

Nony, glad to hear you are ready to jump on the TTC express Hopefully you'll get your "yes yes yes" from dh soon.

Kat, so glad to hear that you probably didn't O early afterall. Can't wait to hear if the specialist decides if you're human In all seriousness, I hope you get some solid answers. You seem to know your body well so between you and specialist hopefully you'll get answers.

Xenon, hang in there. Unless resignation really does equal optimism and in that case screw it I actually had a similar thought process this cycle, a sense of resignation but not necessarily in a negative sense.

Cattibrie, congrats on SIL moving back out.

TWW'ers - currently it is me, Kemi, Xenon, Dee, Cattibrie, Annie and FiberLover who I think was planning on POAS yesterday. Did I miss anyone? :

All, just wanted to commiserate with the weight loss issue. For the most part I've been working out on a fairly regular schedule because I had read in multiple places that for the most part you can maintain any exercise that you have established before you get pregnant and it just isn't a good idea to add anything extra. Although all of December was a complete bust for me except for walking which I do with the dog. I work out at Curves and love it. I love that it's all women and I love that I just walk in, change my shoes and get started. I don't have to switch weights or adjust any machines which I always hated at a regular gym. So I do that and walk and if I'm lucky I'll do some yoga or pilates or bellydancing at home. I love yoga but have a hard time doing it at home, I lose my motivation if I'm not in a class. I'd love to lose some weight, and if it happens while I'm eating healthy and exercising then great, but if it requires something more than that (like a cleanse or a fast) it isn't going to happen while I'm getting pregnant - that was the balance and agreement I came to with myself and I felt much relief when I finally got there. This week I'm going to try to focus on my portion control. I'm eating good foods but just too much of them I think.

To make up for my lack of posting, I'm in on the 80's movie quote train.

"But right now, they've gotta do what's right for them, cause it's their time. It's their time up there. Down here, it's our time. It's our time down here. That's all over the moment we ride up Troy's bucket."

"Fire, fire, burning higher, making music like a choir <crazy goblin laughter>"
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I have a feeling FF is going to say I O'd yesterday. Yesterday AM I had watery CM and yesterday PM I had sticky CM. I think I FINISHED O'ing yesterday. I definately O'd more then once. I have no idea what happened but my instinct is telling me that 2 eggs got through on the left and one egg got through on the right.
I think I better cut down on the Vitex dose.

The main problem was that it was too painful to have intercourse so we only had two times instead of our usual everyday. Hopeful with all the great eggwhite CM I had it was good enough.

Yesterday in the middle of the night I woke up with 'the feeling'.
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Originally Posted by KitttyKat View Post
The main problem was that it was too painful to have intercourse so we only had two times instead of our usual everyday. Hopeful with all the great eggwhite CM I had it was good enough.
I'm sorry to hear it was so painful. I'm hoping along with you that your two times were good enough. :
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ohmigosh I somehow stopped getting subscription updates for this thead and just decided to see if it was REALLY dead in here or what. Don't know what happened, but ack! I've missed so much!

Welcome to Michelle (FiberLover)! Best of luck to you!

rain, please don't try to figure out what went wrong. Miscarriages just HAPPEN. Unless you've had three or more, I wouldn't go in for any kind of testing. Hugs!

Congrats to shibababy!! YAAAY!! So happy for you!

Emily, thanks for the birthday wish! You're so observant!! Yep, I'm the big 3-2 now! It doesn't feel so bad yet!

Dee, omg about your dog and your preseed!! Yikes!!

Kat, good deal on the fertility specialist. So I take it the vitex didn't help much, eh?

I'm keeping an eye on the 2wwers! Babydust to all!
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Add me in to the 2ww. I was getting high signs for 3 days with the clear blue box and then the morning I woke up to poas I realized I had run out...sheesh. So if I did O this month it would have been either Monday or Tuesday of last week. I think I'll fire up the old bbt next month, I stopped doing that a few months back because I was starting to feel a bit crazy with the process.

I agree with everyone about stressful jobs. I am in the unexplained infertility group - whatever that means - and I am sure a lot of what is going on has to do with my job. I could post all the nutty things that happen, but I don't want to dwell. I'm a middle school counselor - 'nuff said.

My acupuncturist agreed that a lot of my obstacles right now are stress related. How are those little eggs going to want to come down if they're going to arrive into a chaotic world. So I'm focusing more on being calm and moving through stuff, rather then dwell. I train martial arts and have been going to one of the schools at 6:15 to train before work. I'm bleary eyed by 2:00, but feeling a 1000 times better when craziness ensues.

I hope everyone is having a great February. Like I said earlier, I'm here, just not on the boards every day. That is much more balance for me, but it doesn't mean I'm not sending positive intentions to everyone - both pg and not!

take care,
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I'm a 2wwer. (That's two week wait, right?) AF should come in the next few days - or not! My boobs were sore for about a week and a half but now they're not anymore... And they usually are sore for a few days and then stop being sore before AF comes. So... I should stop guessing and wondering. But I can't help myself!

I'm thinking I'll test on Tuesday if no AF. Then, it could be a really cool Vday present. Or, I can have a margarita on Vday!

Kripa - sorry you are so tired of waiting. I only just barely know what you're going through. And it's been driving me nuts for only 3 months so I can only imagine how hard it must be for you.

Good luck everyone! I'll post again when I know something... I'm on 13DPO!
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Sorry I don't have much time right now but I wanted to let Kripa know that I read her post and sympathize. We're all planning for a huge life change but we don't know when it's gonna happen and we don't seem to have much control over it. You seem to recognize that you're lucky to be able to work from home and also have a part-time job that you enjoy. Maybe you could try to focus on the things that are going *right* right now and stop the negative mind-loops before they get out of control. If someone else talked to us the way we talk to ourselves it would be considered abuse... only you can control that. Don't mean to sound like I'm preaching but as the psychobabble puts it "controlling negative self-talk" has been a big issue for me too.

Foxey, Jen, and Becky! I'm officially 3dpo and got x-hairs today! Ugh this 2ww is gonna be a doozy. I already had the urge to POAS... yesterday! :

Kat yay for getting x-hairs on cd10 again! Maybe all the pain was worth it? Maybe vitex is getting you straightened out? Maybe?
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hi everyone!

Kripa, I really appreciated your post too. I feel that mindloop going on quite often. I think it's great that you have your Reiki practice on the side. I know it's hard to figure out how/when to transition, but it's great that you have started with it. [I have given some thought to going into massage therapy, but I've gone back and forth so many times on it. Bascially I just really like the idea of being in massage school during my pregnancy....I picture it as such a relaxing time. Then I wonder how on earth I would start a practice with an infant. : ]

Speaking of mind loops....
I'm on cd14, just about to O. We're sitting this cycle out, since we'll be travelling next month. It's nice to just observe my cycle without feeling like we need to be BDing every second. BUT, then there's also that feeling....that we shouldn't let it pass by.....and then I'm tempted to start a thread asking pg ladies how they would have felt about travelling when they were 5/6 weeks along. I'm not really going to do that, but that just shows how hard it would be for me to 'just let things happen'. :

Good luck and fingers*x for all our TWWers!!! ::
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Originally Posted by cking View Post
I'm on cd14, just about to O. We're sitting this cycle out, since we'll be travelling next month. It's nice to just observe my cycle without feeling like we need to be BDing every second. BUT, then there's also that feeling....that we shouldn't let it pass by.....and then I'm tempted to start a thread asking pg ladies how they would have felt about travelling when they were 5/6 weeks along. I'm not really going to do that, but that just shows how hard it would be for me to 'just let things happen'. :
Christina - This is such a personal decision, so I don't really have any advice for you, but I did want to send you a giant

Good luck TWWers!
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2 BFN's this weekend.

AF should be here today if I'm on the 30 day cycle like last month. Sigh.

Ah well, at least I can look on the positive side, aka, starting to chart for real with this month.

If AF isn't here by Thur, I'll test again since I have a dental appt. then.

Good baby vibes to everyone else though!
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Originally Posted by FiberLover View Post

2 BFN's this weekend.
Aw, Michelle: . I can empathize... my chart is looking gorgeous, so I didn't want to mar it with the BFN I got this morning! Lots of cramps yesterday, so I think it's only a matter of time before my temperature drops.

: for us both, though! It's not over yet!
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Xenon, your chart is looking great!

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xenon, Sorry about your thermometer crapping out on you hopefully it hung on long enough for you to get a chance to either replace the batteries or the thermometer itself (sadly, sometimes the latter is less expensive )

Kripadasi, Yay for O! And double yay for the Legend quote! Made me have to watch it again last night (not that I need much prompting for that ) : "There should be a smilie that tips his hat." There is! :


foxey13, Good to hear you found something to help with your stress level.

jottjen, That's great that you've got a possitive answer for either test outcome. Good luck

MajorGroover, Yay on your O & crosshairs! :

cking, Good luck with whichever you decide. Either way I hope you have a great time traveling

FiberLover, hope everything's going well with you

Friday will be 12DPO. My LP is typically 12 days. I'm pretty sure that I want to hold out and wait and see if AF is officially late before testing. Easier said than done, so we'll see. I'm fighting a cold (first one in many years) so, back to bed for me.:
Good luck & lots of dust to everyone.
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