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Cattibrie, the negative OPK in the morning isn't a big deal. According to peeonastick.com, LH is synthesized between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning, and won't show up in a pee test until the afternoon. : for both your timing and and Kripa's!

Good luck with your presentation today, Dee! I'm sure you'll kick butt in there.

funnygrace, your reasoning about not losing weight is not unreasonable, or at least, it's not uncommon. I tell myself exactly the same type of things, and leave myself the same short window of opportunity for exercise each month.

And, Nico, your current job/career plans are just awesome sounding. It really sounds interesting and rewarding to be teaching what you're teaching I hope everything works out the way you want!
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I'm so sorry raingyrl.

Dee, good luck with your proposal today. :
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Why is it so hard?

Hi everyone,

I guess I'm feeling a bit down on myself today. I just don't know why it's so difficult to ttc. Originally, I thought that it would take me a month or two before I got pregnant. It didn't seem to be an issue with my sisters and mother to get pregnant so why me? I'm ovulating every month. I have nice CM. I don't have any health problems and I live a healthy life. DH too. I just didn't know that it would be this stressful. I'm still waiting to O and we're travelling to visit family this week and I think that we may just miss it this month again. : I can't blame DH because he has been so great with this even though he has a low sex drive. He's made so much effort overall. I just didn't think it would take this long. I haven't even O'ed yet and I already feel like AF will just show up like she does every month. Anyways, thanks for listening (or reading rather).
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Dee - Good luck with the dissertation proposal!!! How exciting. Once you are officially proposed, you only have 1 more major hurdle! Yay! I am soooo excited for you

Kemi - Aw sweetie. Totally normal to feel discouraged. I think we've all been there. The first time I saw AF after we officially started TTC was the worst. I was soooo disappointed. It was really hard to understand that unprotected sex during O time does not automatically = baby (because, you know, that is what sex ed taught me to believe). It didn't help that my mom would say things like, first time I had unprotected sex BAM I had you. Second time, BAM, I had your sister. It took some time, but I did get my BFP and you will too (especially since it sounds like you have healthy cycles). to you.

Cattibrie - Hee hee. I loooooove Rocky Horror
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Rain, I'm so very sorry.

Dee, good luck!!!

Kemi I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged! I think all of us have been there and understand how it feels.
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thanks for all the support. i'm finally coming up for air today after terrible cramping/bleeding all night. dh called my supervisor and told her i won't be in today. i just want to cry.

live has a strange way of always working out even when it seems like there is no way that it will. i read a post a few days ago about how important it is to surround yourself with positive people when you are pregnant. i think that is just as important while ttc. i've had to ask one of my friends (who got pregnant exactly when she wanted to) to not talk about it. she doesn't mean to be condescending, but for the ultrasensitive me, she is.

on another note, dh seems to think that my unfulfilling job is possibly what is keeping us from having a child. (he leans more towards the spiritual rather than the medical side on this process.) anyone in the same boat with a job/career that just isn't doing it for them anymore, but you are hanging on for benefits, decent pay, etc?

~ a beautiful day to everyone,

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Thanks Becky. Thanks Emily. : I just had a call from a friend earlier who had pretty much the same thing going on with her before she conceived her first baby. It took her 11 cycles for the first and 1 with the second. She was very encouraging and helped me with feeling more optimistic in my view of ttc. Yeah, it's a longer process than we were all lead to believe. For those of us who know women who were or are teen moms, that comes to mind. We're taught that ONLY ONE incident of unprotected sex can result in a pregnancy. So we think, "Great! So I'll just wait and when I'm ready to get pregnant, it will happen in no time at all!". No so. I have one sister who was a teen mom, has 6 children at age 33 and she had no issues getting pregnant. It seemed like every time she thought of having sex, she got pregnant. My oldest sister was the same way, but only chose to have 2 of the some 7-8 pregnancies she had. : So you see my view was that it shouldn't be difficult at all. Anyways, I'm feeling better. I know that I did the right thing for myself by waiting until I was older, more established, and in a life long relationship before having children. I just wish that it didn't take so long.
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Kemi, I don't have any words of wisdom, only commiseration and s
We are in a similar situation, we've been trying since July, and I seem to have healthy cycles, yet...nothing. Sometimes I'm ok with it, others I'm not.

I know what you mean. My own mother had 12 kids - yep, 12 - and they were all 'oops' pregnancies. Her first was conceived within 6 weeks of their wedding. So of course I always thought I would inherit her fertility.

Originally Posted by raingyrl View Post
on another note, dh seems to think that my unfulfilling job is possibly what is keeping us from having a child. (he leans more towards the spiritual rather than the medical side on this process.) anyone in the same boat with a job/career that just isn't doing it for them anymore, but you are hanging on for benefits, decent pay, etc?
I am! I have thought of that too - that the job is what is keeping us from conceiving. Of course my dh doesn't really agree, and I have no idea how I would even change this anyway. I am planning to SAH for at least the younger years, so I don't really want to start a new job if I'll only be there a few months....but if it's going to be longer, I don't want to stay in this job.

A vicious cycle.
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Rain - I am so sorry! I hope you are feeling better today.
About work causing issues...DH and I thought this might be my problem too. I didn't change jobs exactly, but I got a new manager and got pregnant the next cycle. Most likely just a coincendence, but I am happier at work now...

Kemi - I know how you feel. DH and I started trying and it took us a long time to get pg the first time. It's been over a year now, and I'm cautiously optimistic that this pregnancy will stick.

Dee - good luck with your proposal! I'm sure you'll do great!

Wow! So many PhD's around here! Wow. I've been thinking of going back to school as well. I've completed my MS in physics education and I'm thinking of going back to do some research in how to improve high school science classes with a tight budget. The state school (UNH) near me has a pretty good program, so I may apply to start next January. I currently work in engineering and while I'm happier now than I was six months ago, I'm not doing what I want to do. I love working with high school kids on their science fair projects and teaching children of any age about science. But, we'll have to see. The benefits are really good where I'm currently working...
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Rain I hope you're feeling better and cramping less now. I (and several of us here) have been through exactly what you're going thru so feel free to :. About the job issue - now is a really bad time for me to ttc but so is every other time, so here I am. I've had jobs that made me absolutely miserable and I'm sure my physical health suffered. But if you have good benefits and the job is OK I'd keep it b/c you *will* get pg again and then you will be focused on the pregnancy and the baby and the unfulfilling aspects of the job will (hopefully) fade away. Just my 2cents.

Kemi I hope you're feeling better. I understand your depression and exasperation with the whole situation. It's really hard for me to comprehend the degree to which this is out of my control. I only recognized my control freak tendencies last year but acknowledging that they're there has helped me become a calmer happier person. You *will* get pregnant and have a beautiful little baby. Soon.

Thanks for all the well wishes for my proposal. It went really well, even though I didn't get everyone up with their hands on their hips... and their knees in tiiiiight! Instead of being exhilirated afterwards I was kinda depressed, though, maybe from realizing how much work I still have to do. At least the committee didn't grill me like I feared they would. :

I'm stalking some nice looking charts!
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Okay. I have a theory about my OPK thing. I think I never got a true positive reading because of a combination of my water intake, and timing. I read that drinking a lot can dilute everything scewing the results. I drink a lot of water. So, based on the results that I got, and the weird discomfort yesterday, I suspect that I Oed yesterday. If that's the case, our BD timing isn't bad. I'm still not thrilled with the quality of my mucus. My pre-seed didn't decide to show up until today, and I just got some EPO, so I feel that I'm good to go for next cycle if things don't take this time around. And, because I don't have a good feeling about this cycle I don't think I'll be too bummed about having to keep on truckin'. (Course, in a couple of weeks, if I'm staring at a BFN I may very well be singing a different tune )

kJad29, I'm sorry you were down. I can totally relate. My mother had me when she was 15. Every single person we know that has kids either had an Oops, or they got preg the second their DH's walked into the same room as them. Sounds like your friend is awsome though, glad she could help cheer you up
Just to make things extra fun when I'm obsessing, my grandmother and great-grand mother both only had one successful pregnancy each. To the best of my knowledge, my mother was only pregnant once. When I was 19 I was pregnant, didn't work out, and sometimes the feeling like that was my one shot creeps in. Not often, just once in a while when I'm feeling super sensitive and even commercials make me sob :

raingyrl, I think you're completely right about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. I have no trouble getting myself down, thanks, I don't need any help from the neysayers

dctexan, I spent a couple of years living just outside of Boston when I was a teen. Harvard Square used to (might still, haven't been near Boston in many many moons)have live performances of Rocky Horror. I got to go a few times, it was sooo much fun.

xenon, Thanks much. I tested at 11 a.m. and got nothing, then again at around 11 p.m. and got my first "amlost possitive". The next morning (around 11 or so) I got the second "almost" I think now that it was due to my insane water intake. Either that or I just had the super luck of missing the surge sometime during the night

Kripadasi, : for your positive and for good timing

I feel like I'm forgetting something... I hope everyone's doing well. Lots of luck and dust and sticky wishes.

OH! Tomorrow the SIL and her children are going away for 3, count them, three days *twirl* (she bailed on us & the kids yesterday and didn't come back until tonight so... yeah, we're ready for the break )
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Rain, I hope you're feeling okay today .

Originally Posted by kJad29 View Post
I'm ovulating every month. I have nice CM. I don't have any health problems and I live a healthy life. DH too.
Oh, Kemi, I hope you're feeling better. I can definitely relate to this. I don't have any good advice, but you're definitely not alone.

Originally Posted by Cattibrie View Post
OH! Tomorrow the SIL and her children are going away for 3, count them, three days *twirl* (she bailed on us & the kids yesterday and didn't come back until tonight so... yeah, we're ready for the break )[/FONT][/COLOR]
Great news! It had to be after O though, didn't it? I think your interpretation is right about your O date, and your timing looks excellent... you deserve some kind of TTC medal for dedication to duty in the midst of adverse conditions

And, Dee, congratulations on your proposal presentation. You're one step closer!
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Kripa's an awesome threadkeeper, and sent me a very nice PM reminding me that all y'all have no idea where I've gone. So, here I am, with an update:

We're done trying to get me pregnant, for the foreseeable future. At about $700/cycle, we just can't afford it, in all honesty. I was VERY sad for a good chunk of time, but I'm moving out of that to the point where I can at least read the ttc threads once in a (very long) while without totally losing my shit. I'm not charting any longer. I've loaned out all of the maternity duds, I'm getting rid of the OPKs and HPTs via trades, and soon the breastmilk bags and things will go, too.

In a couple of weeks, turtle and I will complete our first 12 hours of training to become foster parents. We've always known that we'd grow our family, at least in part, via adoption and fostering, and we're moving ahead with that plan.

If for some reason we're not approved, or it feels like the right thing some time in the future, we may try to get me pregnant again. Or we might try with turtle. For now, though, we're not ttc, but we are moving ahead with parenting.

Good luck to all of you--if you're interested, you can check in at my blog (in my sig) to see how things are going for us. I'm also still posting at MDC, just not in the Fertility forums.
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frog, Thanks so much for the update. I know a few of us have been thinking about you. I'm sorry you had to give up TTC, but becoming foster parents is a great thing.
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Thanks, becky, and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Kripa, could you please take me off the list on the first page? I'd love to be listed as a graduate, since we're going to be parents, but I suppose that's not the point, really.

<blows kisses to all>
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frog, I'm sorry TTC hasn't worked out for you and Turtle yet. Congrats on you guys starting the steps toward adoption, how exciting! Wishing you both lots of luck :

xenon, Thanks. I think we're going to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate the peace while it lasts
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Frog, it's good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping in for an update. I wish you and turtle all the best, especially with your steps to becoming foster parents.
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Time to introduce myself,

I'm Michelle, I'm 31, my DH (29) and I just started TTC #1 with this cycle! I went off the hormonal BC back in Oct, and let my body adjust by just not having sex around the time that I thought I'd be ovulating.

I recently bought and read Take Charge of Your Fertility, and love it. If I hadn't been mid-cylce I would have started charting already!

I had EWCM from Jan 27th-30th and we did the deed from the 25th-31st, so there is a chance I might be pregnant, but I'm trying to be good and play the waiting game until the 12th or so when my period is due.....gah!

So, without charting yet, I'm not really sure I ovulated, but I know I had EWCM and the time was right based on how long my last cycle was.

The leap from trying not to get pregnant to trying is a strange mental shift isn't it?

I bought a bunch of the pee tests at Dollar Tree over the weekend so I'd be prepared (these tests are fine?).

I guess that's about it.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone, and getting support. I want a baby now, but really feel like I need to learn a lot!

My sister and mom had no problems concieving, but I do have a maternal aunt and great aunt who couldn't so I'm a little nervous about the whole process, we've decided it we can't concieve naturally we're not going to do IVF or anything like that.

Hrm, feel free to ask any other questions, I'm happy to answer!

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hello everyone,

thanks again for the encouragement & company.

today is a brighter day down here in central texas. dh surprised me this morning with a tiny little ring that says "may your wildest dreams come true". he was planning to give it to me on valentine's day but couldn't wait. he is my wildest dream!

i'm still trying to figure out what happened, and what i might have done wrong. i guess this is the downside about finding out about a pregnancy so early. since my period wasn't really late, i might not have known about a loss if i hadn't been trying to get pregnant.

this was mc #2 for me. both were really early - 6 1/2 & 4 weeks. my mom thinks i should go in for all kinds of testing. any thoughts on this? i tend to lean toward "alternative" medicine. in fact, i'm going back to my acupuncturist on thursday.

cking - it is a vicious cycle! when i knew i was pregnant last week, everything was a different color, and i felt like i could do anything at work when there was an end in site. this week is difficult, but i am taking a couple of days off on th/fri to just be. it just feels like the pressure to conceive is so much stronger when we aren't happy in our jobs...?

i'm watching a woman with 3 kids outside my office window right now. she is yelling at them and pulling them across the parking lot. i'm just thinking...wow, i have a feeling that the children we (on this thread) have will be so appreciated, so loved, and so respected. they won't be "mistakes" or burdens, but true blessings.

may the sun find everyone today!

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*hugs* raingyrl.

I agree, that kids that *we* have we shall look upon as a blessing.

I understand how you feel, and hope that with this next cycle you can work through it, and come to peace.

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