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Carolynn, thanks for the reminder about that. I just left a voice mail with our friend, an ER doc about an hour from here. Hopefully he's working tomorrow and we can go see him specifically.
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wow, that is a lot to process.

i hope jett's foot feels better soon! i hope you're able to see your friend and don't have to go somewhere that'll give you grief.
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I've had to take mine to the ER once or twice and how I handle the vax issue is very simple. They ask, and I say "absolutely not" like it is the freakin' craziest thing I have ever heard in my life. My face mirrors this. I have never had a problem

hth and hope that Jett is okay.

nannymom, I'm so glad that your husband is a match for his dad. As scary as the whole process is, your FIL must be so relieved.

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No problem -- I was hoping I didn't come off as pushy! The story I told you really flipped me out for a while, so I couldn't help but share. I hope your friend is available -- seeing people you know is so much easier!

And now for my question...who knew that too many raisens give you the runs... and a rash to boot! Poor boy, I had to pull out the diaper ointment for the first time in a year!
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Jaclyn - I agree with cinnamonamon. I would definitely take him in for a set of x-rays. That's exactly how Sadie acted when she hurt her leg. She wasn't in pain because it wasn't a displaced break, just a teeny tiny hairline fracture, so it only hurt her when she put pressure on it. The ER doc had to call the orthopedic specialist in to look at her leg cause the ER dr. didn't detect the fracture on the x-ray. The orthopedic dr. took a long look at her x-rays and then massaged her leg where he suspected he had seen "something" -- lo and behold that's when she winced in pain. Sooo, hopefully Jett just twisted his ankle or something, but better safe than sorry, huh? Poor guy.
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Originally Posted by nannymom View Post
Past_VNE-What happened with the tub?

My FIL needs a kidney transplant and my husband is the match. I have so much swirling aroun din my head right now I'm not even sure what to say. i am just begining to process this.
I'm sorry I didn't see this last night! I started typing my reply before you posted, then walked away from the computer and didn't finish it for something like an hour. I just saw the replies to you and thought, 'what the heck?' and found your post!

I'm soooo glad that your DH is a match for his dad, but understand what a swirling mess of emotions that is. About five or so years ago, I was going to find out if I matched my grandmother and DH and I went through all those same thoughts. It turned out she wasn't a candidate for surgery, but in the mean time, we planned that I would donate to her. She started dialysis last year and it's going okay, but at 87, it's pretty darn hard on her. to you guys....lots of them. There are other donor mamas here at MDC, I'm sure you can get some advice/support from them, should you need it!

We have been too busy working, and then tending to Jett, we haven't messed with the still-clogged tub. The water went down in several hours, so I was able to take a shower yesterday morning, then it went down in another several hours....so, Shanon can bathe now. LOL

We gave Jett advil last night to help him sleep. He was up and rearin' to go at 5 am, though. He usually gets up at 7-730. He tried to jump on the bed several times, and no pain response, though we told him to stop, obviously. He walked on the bed and was okay. Last night, before bed, he was standing on the couch and all was fine, then he was doing this thing where his weight was on his fully flexed toes and he was leaned forward with his arms resting on the couch arm. He certainly appears fine in those cases. But, it's 180 degrees different when he stands on the floor...not even walks. He just picks up his foot immediately and starts with the 'ow's.

The swelling is gone this morning and it's not hot. I still think we should go in, though. We'll give it a while, since he's happy and I'm hoping to hear from our ER buddy.

Any thoughts from you guys on visiting the local ER or seeing our doctor tomorrow, if she's available? I know SHE can't do anything, except send us for a specialist. But I feel like the specialist recommended by my crunchy family doc would be less likely to have his head up his ass than a random ER physician.

And while typing this.....he's fallen fast asleep on my lap.
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So, we remembered about Urgent Care places today and went to the one in town, since we didn't hear back from our E.R. buddy.

We were told on the phone it was about a two hour wait, so we took toys. It was dead-on two hours, including some of the time in the 'second waiting room' (oops, I mean, the room the doctor sees you in). The nurse took his weight, temp and headed out. We waited and waited and waited some more.....finally a doctor came in who was kind to Jett, but curt with us. Jett was foul with her, just glaring at her the whole time and not responding to her questions of "Does it hurt here?" *poke poke* She ordered x-rays, but didn't say much to us.

wakey boy.....will come back later to finish.....but suspense isn't fun....apparently he's okay.
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Jaclyn-I'm glad Jett seems OK. Last July Iris fell while my mom was visiting and she couldn't bare weight on her leg so we took her to the ER. It turned out to be nothing... Just a bad fall.

As for the organ donation I am only now begining to fully process things. my dhs dad lives two and half hours away so it's going to mean a lot of travel and chaos. There is no date for the surgery dh has to undergo another day of testing before they finalize the plans. Things are very complicated with his family. Basically his entire family suffers from alcholism and through out this process his Dad has been drinking. while I don't think that makes him any less worthy of a kidney it is still infuriating. Anyway, if it were a memeber of my family I would do anything to save them and I have to just be a good partner now and support and love dh.
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I'm glad Jett seems to be ok.


Max seems to be finally getting over the tummy bug he's had for the past week.
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Thanks for all the support yopu guys. i will keep you posted as things progress.

I have to take Iris to the Dr. this morning she has a weird cluster of blisters at the opening to her labia that will not go away. I hate waiting around for the office to open to call.
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It's a staph infection She has to go on antibiotics....good grief
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Oh, nannymom I'm sorry you are having such a rough time! Give Iris lots of probiotics if she'll have them (good yogurt or something) so you don't end up with any kind of yeast.

Carolynn - I'm not doing the babyshower swap. $ is tight for us right now and I can't really afford to. Not to mention I'm so busy nesting I don't have time.

My blessingway is this saturday. I'm really looking forward to it.
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Oh Shalena -- I'm kinda jealous about the blessingway! I had one with ds2, but I don't see it happening this time. I lived in Florida before & my friend there organized it.

Have fun nesting -- I"m so fatigued all the time I can't seem to get anything done... And it is freaking HOT in my house, which makes me more tired & cranky! I had to turn the heat way up to try to unfreeze some water lines...it helped get the washing machine going, but not the 2nd bathroom's shower. I'm about to give it up -- I'm a step away from dripping sweat, here!
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mamas! I wonder if anyone even remembers me, but I just found this thread and was getting nostalgic(sp?). LOL

Violet is potty training! SHe did it herself, so weird to me because none of my other kiddos showed interest til about 3. She started last mont, and is doing well. She's very vocal too. Has lots of opinions, and is generally happiest while playing with her sibs or having nummies(she named nursing that).

It's so nice to see everyone here.

Originally Posted by rozzie'sma View Post
Well I just typed out this big butt post and lost it. So here is the condensed version.

Jenelle- I am so glad your feeling better.

Shalena- I am scared too, but I really know this is the right thing and am just hoping for the best.

I am really started to get stuff together for this baby. So far I have knit 4 soakers and I am ordering all my dipes as soon as the tax return arrives. I am getting a baby hammock like this one http://www.babyhammock.co.nz/ only cheaper. I know a lady who makes them up in canada and she is sewing one for me. I bought my fishy pool off ebay for $6 brand new in the box. I couldn't believe it.

Potty training is all the sudden going wonderfully. In the past 3 days she has only peed on the floor twice. She goes naked all the time. She uses one diaper a day for poops and asks for it, other than that she has been asking for the potty. I am so proud of her, things are just clicking all the sudden. Oh and of course her night time diaper. But she pees right before she goes to bed and I let her sleep naked for a few hours and then slip one on her while she is sleeping. She hates being night diapered so it is a real treat for her this way.
Hey mama,
Does the canadian woman have a site or something? I would love one of thiose for the new babe coming in August...
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Potty training the 2nd child is rockin! Aiden was diaperless from about 2am on & peed an hour after he got up (in the potty), had an accident, then wore his underware all day -- going pee twice at the (Little Ceasers) Playland place we hung at today. Unfortunately, the 2nd time he peed in the toilet & all over his pants since his Auntie didn't know how to hold him over the toilets correctly, then she didn't notice the underware in the bag & made him wear a diaper. I took it off him a few hour later though, and he peed in the potty twice more before we left to come home (an hour & a half drive). He's currently dry & sleeping in my (plastic encased) bed.

I'm starting to get excited about this...
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Hi Mamamoo! I remember you. Congratulations on the new baby coming! How has Sam been doing? Last I remember you were concerned about his weight.

Eli would probably be really easy to potty train, too, if I had the time. I'm not sure when we will ever get around to it, honestly. It would be GREAT if he decided to "do it himself"!
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Wow, everyone is potty training already! I want Niko to start too! He does everything in his own time that is for sure! I am just happy he is a mellow happy guy, unlike his high needs sister!
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Potty Training! Woweeee. Julian is no where near that point from what I can tell. His prefold is always wet in the morning, occasionaly dry, but then he pees as soon as we get in the shower. He is fascinated with the toilet, but doesn't really seem to know what it is for.
Right now his favorite thing is washing his hands. He loves to put the stool infront of the sink, turn on the faucet (turning it to cold first), get his soap and then wash his hands. Its so sweet.

He's really cuddely at night. I'm going to miss it when the new baby comes.
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Originally Posted by Jenelle View Post
Hi Mamamoo! I remember you. Congratulations on the new baby coming! How has Sam been doing? Last I remember you were concerned about his weight.

Eli would probably be really easy to potty train, too, if I had the time. I'm not sure when we will ever get around to it, honestly. It would be GREAT if he decided to "do it himself"!
Thanks mama.
SAm is doing ok. Still gaining, but slowly at least. He is just over 4 and 75 pounds...he has been in the same sized clothes for over a year though, so that's a good sign. I am just trying to watch that he's not stealing food, and make sure he's eating lots of healthy stuff...thinking about getting him evaluated for other issues though...he has a really hard time transitioning, and throws huge tantrums often. He is certainly a different kind of fellow. But he is awesome. Everyone loves him, he is very social, and outgoing. anyone who talks to him can't help but to smile.

Potty training is definitely time consuming! I sort of wish that she was waiting a little longer(I've been so tired), but it'll be nice to not have 2 in diapers again. LOL
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I typed out a big post yesterday and then had some kind of computer malfunction, so it didn't work. :

Mamamoo - glad to hear that Sam is doing a little better. How about your older kids? Weren't you also struggling with the decision to put them in public school? I wondered how that is going. Our oldest son Aidan is in full-day kindergarten this year, and we are really happy with the school and his teachers... but just made the decision yesterday, after many bus incidents, to pick him up from school each day. He is just being exposed to so much older-boy, bully kind of crap. It makes me sick.
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