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Oh, do I hear that! My kiddos are driving me nuts too, I keep telling myself it is the pregnancy, making my patience short...I hope this doesn't last for the whole spring/summer!

Kundalini-Mama~That is so wonderful! I have read your blog a bit, and I am so happy and excited for you! Yay!!

I totally know what you mean about the difference between kiddos though. My mellow one is my first, all the rest are my crazy ones. LOL Violet isn't actually too bad, rarely cries, but she is the baby, andin a houseful of kids I think she may get what she wants most of the time, which might not be a good thing...who knows. LOL
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Originally Posted by rainy32 View Post
have to share these two funny things:

a couple of days ago, wyatt watching daddy pee: "Nice penis, daddy."

yesterday, watching me pee: "Hold your penis down, mommy" (so it doesn't splash all over). me: "I don't have a penis, honey." Wyatt, look of confusion and extreme concern, "Find it mommy. Find it!"

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I was starting to wonder if I had lost the thread. We have gotten really quiet.

Not much to report except that Iris has crossed over to underwear! She still needs a diaper at night (who knows when that will end ). We have had several sucsessful trips out inpublic and only one accident at gymnastics the other day.

Speaking of gymnastics here are some pictures:
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Those are cute photos nannymom, I think Owen has the same babylegs

What we do at night for peeing (although, come to think of it, Owen hasn't peed at night for weeks), is that we have a baby bjorn lil' potty next to the bed. I always just nurse him while I put him on the potty while making the pssssss sound. When we first started, would put him on the potty every time he woke or every other time. Once he figured out he would be peeing at night on the potty (I think he was less than a year at this point), he would hold it, 9 times out of 10 or try to let me know that he had to go---at that age, by squirming. When he peed, I would put a cloth diaper in there to soak it up and the next time he got up to pee I would throw that diaper in the diaper pail. Now that he only pees once if at all, I just leave the pee in the potty on the floor and deal w/it in the am.

I was really dreading the nighttime pottying w/my older son as I thought it would be a lot of work. We also didn't hear about EC until he was a year old and at that late age we started EC. He was out of diapers by 15 months and very very reliable, and completely out of diapers w/no worries by me whatsoever by 18 months. He hated getting his nighttime diaper on, and since he nursed all freakin' night long and seeing how heavy his diapers were I was very reluctant to nighttrain him. He was ready before I was. What we ended up doing w/him was covering our bed w/a lil' waterproof thingee (about 3'x2') and putting a towel on it. He ended up wetting the bed that night and the next and that was it. We would physically take him to the potty (I didn't even think of our baby bjorn system that we have now, which is simple) and that was that. He would pee once a night, maybe twice. So he was nighttrained at 20 months in 2 days.

Wow that was long Hope it helps some
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Wanted to mention the cutest thing.

You all know that Owen is a tad behind in speech, but nothing crazy like after reading your replies to my speech questions (thanks mamas )

So, I finally got a new camera and have been taking photos like mad and downloading them. Well Owen is looking at photos of him and his brother, and as always, identifies Aidan "DeDe" and then he points to himself and says "Ohwee"--it is so freakin' cute.
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Cute pics, Nannymom -- I think Aiden's hair is the same as Iris's. Wispy & thin? Some days I think he looks like he used to have a full head of hair until it started falling out in clumps or something, lol.

Ohwee -- that's so cute!

He's kinda being a yoyo with the pottytraining stuff, but I'm not keeping on top of it like I should, either. We were at MIL's today & he didn't have an accident all day, but we were more viligant about asking/taking him to go & try. At home it's not such a big deal & when I'm tired I veg out as much as possible, so he always seems to come to me after he pees with his pants around his ankles, "mama I peeed." *sigh* Some nights he doesn't pee at all, other nights (like last night) we go through 3 pair of pants. He's been very adamant about not wearing a diaper at night, & since we have plastic on the bed it's not a huge deal (although crawling all over the bed putting new sheets on is pretty irritating for me).
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Well my daughter just made her first poop in the potty for me. She has been reliable on peeing for a few weeks now and has been in full time panties during the day, just a diaper at night because we just bought a new matress and I am not taking chances. Anyway she would always ask for a diaper for pooping but this time she asked and didn't want it, so we went to the potty and she sat down and pooped. She always pooped standing up before so this really amazed me.

I am 31 weeks now. I feel awful because I am so antsy for this baby to come.
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VI has been pooping in the potty for a month or two now, and was doing really well with pees too, but all of a sudden she is peeing everywhere. I hate to put her back in dipes(we are doing dipes at night too because I really don't enjoy getting peed on LOL).
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We got Cole some of those gerber waterproof AIO training pants last week. He knows to pee when prompted but doesn't think twice about just peeing in his panties/diaper. I guess that means he's not ready?
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Hi everybody... we were kind of quiet there for awhile. I have been doing Weight Watchers online (for nursing moms of course), so anytime I get a chance to sit down here, I am usually tracking points on their website.

Reading about all of your potty-using experiences, just makes me realize that I am really not ready for all that! Eli shows interest one minute, then not the next. I have decided that after we finish this package of diapers, we'll be done with those and move on to the pull-ups (yep, I'm a disposable using mom - sorry). It is just weird having him lay down to change his diapers now that we have a *real* baby in the house - he just seems so BIG. We are also to the point where we are going to need his changing table/dresser for Isaac pretty soon -- he is really growing. We have been using the bassinet & changing table thing that goes on top of our play yard, but he is almost too long for them already!

I don't know how many inches he is, but using the home-scale method of weighing myself with and without him, he was 12.5 pounds yesterday, at 6 weeks. I will have to post a new slideshow soon, if anyone is interested.

My husband is officially back to work full-time on the railroad as of today, after only working maybe 4-5 trips in the last 6 weeks. So, now I get a taste of real, true, railroad life with 3 kids. I am trying so hard to stay optimistic about it! Wish me luck! :
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I found that (to start at least) Aiden has done better with being completely "nekkid butt;" underware were just treated like a diaper with a quicker request to be changed for quite a while...then again, maybe that was part of the whole learning process?

As long as you don't mind cleaning up the messes, I'd just try to stay alert & remind him.
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Jenelle -- of course we want to see pics! Good luck with your dh going back to work. I'm trying not to think about all that, lol.
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Jenelle- I am doing weight watchers too! I have lost 7lbs in four weeks.. I am one lb away from my pre pregnancy weight.Of course it looks nothing like it did pre-baby but you have to start somehwere

As for the potty iris had to be "nakey butt" for the first month and a half. I don't know if I mentioned this here or not but going on the potty has really put an end to the constipation problems. She still only goes every other day but she doesn't cry or scream. i think she just makes me really huge BMs and there just wasn't room in the diaper to go comfortably. She will actually say "I don't need an enema I poop all day!:
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We are so far from toilet learning its almost funny. I'm not really to concerned though, two in diapers can't be that bad. Can it?

I've been having contractions for a few hours every night for the past 3 days. I'm 36 weeks along now and feeling weary of being so big. I've got everything we need to be ready to have the baby here at home. Just waiting now.
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Shalena-I think two is pretty young to be potty trained plus you might be busy

Keep us posted ....
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2 in diapers isn't too bad, Shalena! I did it once, I'll probably be doing it a bit again.
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Janelle, sounds tough with hubby gone. I would not like that at all. LOL I bet you'll get in the swing of things quickly though. When I had Violet my hubby was on call, and went out on jobs the next day instead of asking someone to take over since we just had a baby! : At least it's only once a month though, and he is home at night.

I was doing ww last fall and lost 25 pounds, then gained it back over winter and got pregnant. LOL I've already told hubby that I am going to find a meeting the day after I have this little one. It is a great program.

Shalena, I think it's odd for my kiddo to be wanting to use thepotty already, my other three were three before showing much interest. But I have had 2 in dipes twice and it wasn't bad at all, even with cloth diapering, just did launry more often.
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The only reason I think Rozzie potty trained this early is because for probably the past 4 months she has been completely nude unless we leave the house. She just hates clothes and I hated making her wear them. So she peed on herself alot and finally got sick of doing it. That or she would ask for a dipe, pee in it and take it off, pretty soon she realized that just going in the potty was faster, easier, and less messy.

Good luck Shalena, you are getting so close.

Here is the 31 week baby belly. No new stretchies though, it just seems to be filling in the ones from Rozzie. I broke my toe today so now I am waddling and limping, just lovely.

Nannymom- How long has Iris been in gymnastics. I would love to find a program for Rozzie but every place around here makes us wait until she is 3. She is just rambunctious I think it would help. Actually I am putting her in ballet for sure at 3 because she is so pigeon toed and it's suppossed to help, then the karate place here will take her at 4. I really wish I lived near my sister though because her kids karate instructor is willing to bend his rules (they wait until 3) and take on Rozzie because when she was visiting she sat in on a class and did really well for as young as she is. She LOVES push kicks, how odd.
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Hi everyone! I've been absent for awhile -- just busy with, I don't know what, crafty projects, baking projects, toddler antics. Plus my usual MDC time is at night when Sadie and dh are asleep, but Sadie's been teething pretty hard and I've been trying to head off sleep depravation at the pass by actually going to bed at a reasonable hour. Except right now of course.

Not much new going on here. Unlike most of you, we are nowhere near potty learning. She's got a potty and we've talked about it, read books about it, practiced it, etc. We've tried letting her run around naked lately, but just seem to be wiping up lots and lots of pee. Ah well, it'll click at some point.

Anyone else just not bothering with nightweaning? I thought I was going to try with Sadie near the beginning of the year, but it always seems like something comes up, i.e. she got injured, she's sick, she's teething. And frankly I'm just too tired to think about it at 2am.

Shalena - excited for you!

Shauna - bummer about your toe.
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I think nightweaning is pretty tough before about three(depending on the kid of course). I just finally got my 4+ yr old to nightwean(I am stoked!), he was very needy at night, and it seems like he finally just grew out of it. Violet still nurses once or twice(or sometimes all night) a night, I'm ok with it, especially now since Sam usually doesn't night nurse anymore.
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